Hook is back and Regina is not happy. Emma doesn’t want her to become evil again so asks her to sit out. All of sudden, Rumple tethered all the magic to the crystal he got from Hades. Henry seeing what magic has done takes it and Violet on a journey to NY City to destroy magic. As the Author, he was able to make the crystal appear to him just by writing in the book.
The people are worried that magic is gone. Zelena was able to open a portal to let people like Merida return home. While trying to close it, she, Snow, David, and Hook were sucked into the portal. They need to figure out where they are and what they need to get back. They see a man who says magic is dangerous and that he can’t help them. A guy comes from nowhere and blasts them with some kind of magic.
Regina and Emma look for Henry in Boston using GPS on his phone. He left his phone on a bus going to Boston but they are actually in New York. Henry went to New York because Neil, his father, was working on a way to destroy magic incase Rumple found him. He only told Henry of his plans. Henry believes he was close. Even Emma doesn’t know about Neil’s work.
Emma and Regina go to Neil’s old place. I’m guessing Neil owned that place because it would have been rented out by now. Regina finds an old letter from Robin. She realizes it is her fate to be trapped in between good and evil suffering. Emma uses the computer to find out Henry was headed to the library. Rumple is hiding at the door listening.
The mini crew are in a dungeon being held by a man who hates Rumple. He thinks they are working for him. The guy they first saw is now offering to help them by taking their magic wand to fix it in the place where magic is held. They have no choice but to trust him. He used to be a doctor before he was kept prisoner by the man. He asks that if he succeeds that they take him with them.
Henry finds a load of story books that have stories and characters that he never heard of before. The pictures look like the place that the mini crew is in. Violet notices a cup that looks like the holy grail. They think it will help end magic like the other one started magic. As they try to leave with it, Rumple appears. He knocks them out with magic and takes the crystal but doesn’t know that the new grail is in Henry’s backpack.
Oh my goodness, it’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is the guy who threatened the mini crew. Dr. Jekyll tried to help them. Mr. Hyde wants to get to Storybrooke too. When Jekyll awoke he got the key to the cage but “the new warden” took the magic wand. Hyde was able to use the wand to summon Pandora’s box (which contains Belle). Rumple saved the crystal before he went for the box. Hyde thinks he can get Rumple to do what he wants now that he has Belle.