Left to right: David, Alexis, JT, Ashley.

It’s just Natalie, Sarah, and David. David is worried about how to split the time. Natalie already suggested that if he spend the night with Sarah that they (he and Sarah) should just talk. David doesn’t like to sleep alone. Natalie was bored without a keeper.
Date #1: Natalie & David (New York, New York by way of South America)
David is telling Trump jokes. He likes to just say things in a joking way that are not always a joke. I know exactly what he means. Team Spanish David. The date is swimming naked with sharks? The guy is 24 years old too, like Natalie. They are doing videos as young people do. It looks like he has a tattoo on his butt. She really likes Spanish David.
Date #1: David & Alexis (Cincinnati, Ohio)
He is excited that she is a Bengals fan. He is ready to marry her. She was very nervous that she didn’t hear much of what he said. Naked martial arts. Gross. David is realizing that she is not very bright.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Sarah is not about to chase David all the time. Natalie wants to learn more about Spanish David. Ok, he likes her scars. He said he was jumped and that’s why he had something weird with his tooth. David is happy to hear that Sarah cares.
Date #2: Natalie & JT (Bronx, New York)
He comes out loud talking about how pretty Natalie. He says he’s a charmer but shy. The date is exercising and he is a personal trainer. Geeze he’s a rapper and she said she is too. They did some rapping. She really likes the way he looks.
Date #2: David & Ashley (Greenwood, Indiana)
She wants to study diseases. The date is painting. Painting body parts and pressing them against a canvas. She painted his pelvis pink and drew in the penis on the canvas in pink. They both like their mothers. David told her about his mother’s MS and sang her mother Happy Birthday.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
The look Spanish David gave JT was amazing. It was like all his hopes and dreams died in that moment. Sarah had to walk by to see that David kissing Ashley. Spanish David kissed Natalie in the pool.
The Decision:
I was a little surprised that Natalie picked Spanish David. JT has words to say during his private interview. Poor Sarah. I think she is just normal and not attention seeking. I don’t know why she came on the show. I think David cried for a second.