Agenda / Comments

Time for season 4 in Miami. Most of the previous experts are gone. Dr. Rachel DeAlto, relationship expert/sex expert/life coach, and Calvin Roberson, marriage counselor/pastor are joining sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. 33,000 people applied to the show this year. That is crazy. Did they not see the bad results from the last 2 seasons?

Final 6

Derick – 35 – Account Executive
Derick was in the Navy for 4 years. He is a silly person. Derick was raised by a single mother and he is looking for that stable family influence.
Heather – 32 – Flight Attendant
Heather gets dumped most of the time. She is not sure what she is doing wrong. I’m guessing it is all her travel. She is looking for someone to do things with.
Lillian – 24 – Realtor
Lillian is originally from Nicaragua. Apparently, she came to the US and went to medical school.
Nick – 32 – Vacation Rental Manager
He likes to take care of people. Recently his aunt and uncle were in a car wreck and his aunt died. Their long marriage was an inspiration to him.
Sonia – 33 – Social Worker
Parents are Costa Rican. She is looking for her husband to be her best friend. I don’t know if this is the process for that.
Tom – 29 – Yacht Designer
He lives in a bus basically. He’s going to have to find someone that will live in a bus.

The Couples up to the Wedding

They get 2 weeks’ notice on their marriage and the ring sizes. Below are observations on why they were put together and things that happened leading up to the wedding.
Heather & Derick
Heather has a fear of rejection and her parentmafs4-1 heather+dericks are still married after 30+ years. She is happy in everything else. Derick likes to make the most out of things. He grew up without a father and he wants to be a good husband. Both quiet, educated and attractive. They both have and like to travel. She wants someone to depend on and he is a good person.
Derick says his mom is his best friend. That’s not going to be a problem I’m sure. Heather is telling her parents she is going to marry a stranger by video chat. Everyone is supportive. Heather is fidgeting and freaking out waiting to walk down the aisle.
Lillian & Tom
Lillian is affectionate. When shemafs4-1 lillian+tom left home her parents divorced and she slowly heard less and less from her father. Tom doesn’t think women understand and accept him. The both rescue animals. Physically they think they will be compatible.
Lillian’s friend and sister are being told. They are happy for her. Tom’s brother is surprised and emotional to be the best man. Apparently they think Lillian is not materialistic. That is good with him living in a bus. Pearls in a wedding is bad luck in Nicaragua so none on the dress. You knew that he would give her a necklace with pearls on them. That with having to have her brother-in-law walk her down the aisle. She feels bad that she can’t wear it.
Sonia & Nick
Her parents got divorced aftemafs4-1 sonia+nickr 20+ years so she was surprised it was still possible after that amount of time. She wants to have a successful marriage. High in family values, education, ambitious are similar.
Nick’s mother is shocked, but she is supporting him. Sonia had dinner with her father to tell him. He’s supportive too. How boring. Nick got Scotch and she got champagne and a basket of things. Nick’s mother is already picking at Sonia’s choice of words in her note. Sonia referred to the scotch as whiskey which I found out is the same thing. Maybe she didn’t know that either. Uh oh, they are putting an outgoing person with someone not so much. I see a Sam/Neil thing.