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I love how people are saying how similar the couples are when they just knew them just as long as they have known each other. I still don’t understand this post-wedding brunch. You just saw them last night. Dr. Rachel DeAlto meets with couples before they go on the honeymoon with some homework. Pillow talk questions.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-4snNick is happy with Sonia. Sonia didn’t want to be carried into the room like the other brides. He seemed a little disappointed. He mentioned in the interview that maybe it was because of the tightness of the dress. Honeymoon = Dominican Republic and her family is from Costa Rica. I assume that makes it less interesting to her but she seems happy. As a new wife, Sonia volunteered to iron his shirt. Uh oh, she called him metro because he has experience ironing for his past job in a restaurant. She quickly came back with how he is manly. Dr. DeAlto asks them to look at each other and say “you are my husband/wife”. Both of them struggled with it. She is very emotional and she has been hurt in the past. Dr. DeAlto is afraid Sonia will become overwhelmed and shut down. Nick wonders (and asks her) how she can love horses and be afraid of dogs.


Lillian & Tom

mafs4-4ltBoth the couple and their family think they are perfect for each other. Jamaica for the honeymoon. Lillian feels that it is a fairy tale so far. They are basically on top of each other. Wow, he is plotting how to tell her about him living in a bus. He knows it is a problem otherwise he would say it in a proud way. I wouldn’t want to live in a bus. It doesn’t seem as safe as a locked door.



Heather & Derek

Heathermafs4-4hd likes him but isn’t feeling the initial chemistry with him. Puerto Rico for the honeymoon. At least Derek has the opportunity to travel being married to a flight attendant. Heather feels good and safe with Derek so far. Heather has been there before but never with a significant other. They seem to have fun joking together. She doesn’t want to start picking at little things yet. He likes to gamble. Uh oh smoking. Her superpower would be the ability to speak every language. He wants to use the force. Dr. Pepper said she told them she didn’t mind occasional smoking. More things in the wait and see folder.