Left to right: Lance, Daizha, D’Andre, Alexa.

Varshay is getting annoyed with Natalie talking to David on her time. Spanish David left his last girlfriend because he was going to Spain to play football. He didn’t want a long distance relationship. Varshay said she is crazy and she will do what she has to do to get David. So she slept with him.
Date #1: Natalie & Lance (Lavallette, New Jersey)
He always ends up with the crazy girls. He used to be a guido. That’s what he said not me. They are wearing some kind of weird bouncy shoes and drinking beer. They like to go to the movies alone.
Date #1: David & Daizha (Atlanta, Georgia)
Dancing dress up date. They live in the same areas so that is good. He doesn’t have to pick her now.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Natalie has been drinking and wants to spend hammock time with David. Varshay is not happy to have all these other women around. He is already kissing Daizha. Varshay is trying to convince others to go with her to interrupt Natalie and Lance. David is laughing and Natalie is not amused. Natalie is crying in the hammock and Spanish David tried to comfort her. But she just wants David and feels “alone” without him.
Date #2: Natalie & D’Andre (Chicago, Illinois)
She said this is the biggest penis that she has seen. Bows and arrows with Truth or Dare is there date which Natalie is winning at.
Date #2: David & Alexa (Brigantine, NJ)
She is a barber/hairdresser/makeup artist. David likes to cook and they are cooking something random. She said she is Italian and knows nothing about cooking. Of course they are making pasta. They decided to just jump into the water instead. She recently lost some weight.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
David talks to Daizha and Varshay about the situation. They are not interested. Alexa fell asleep early. Spanish David has to go home and back to work. Natalie is so annoyed. The whole situation scares him. Now she wants David but he isn’t there for her to talk to.
The Decision:
I don’t think anybody is happy today. David didn’t want to keep anyone. Varshay has something to say. I just heard blah blah blah. Natalie actually dismissed D’Andre because he hasn’t had long term relationships. She asked Spanish David if he wants to be her keeper. Poor Lance, if he stays it was because Spanish David left. He has a fear of commitment. Oh no one is staying. It’s just David and Natalie.