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They are doing the Pillow Talk homework. It’s just more questions they have to talk about what they like about each other I’m guessing.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-5snSonia wants to wait on the consummation. They go paddle boarding and Sonia is happy to see him with his shirt off. She was afraid he couldn’t carry her when they got married. It’s horseback riding now. They are doing well. Nick seems happy in the quiet type of way. Wow the Pillow Talk turned into a slight back and forth slight conflict. The t-shirt Nick is wearing in the picture is great.



Lillian & Tom

Of course, they consummatemafs4-5ltd their marriage first. I’m not convinced it wasn’t the first night they met. They probably don’t go 2 minutes without touching. Tom tried to prep her to tell her about the bus. He said something about people being superficial by buying things. She got offended because she is a realtor and feels the need to look nice and have a nice car for her job. He had to back track and assure her he didn’t mean her.


Heather & Derek

Heather is concernemafs4-5hdd about his smoking and gambling. Dr. Pepper said when people date they pick at little things to sabotage their relationships. She is upset about his messiness. I think this will blow up nicely. She didn’t like that he didn’t want to put his stuff in a drawer. He likes to live out of the suitcase. Bike riding and Heather is riding so fast. He just wanted to spend time with her. Derek can’t believe how upset she is about him smoking. That is her fault. If she wanted to a nonsmoker she should have said that. Twitter seems to think he is smoking marijuana. That makes more sense with her being so concerned. He said she has been drinking all day each day. She thinks it is different. Derek is trying to be calm and talk out their issues. But, Heather said the same thing. He’s not going with that. Heather doesn’t know that she was the one that ruined the honeymoon. She called herself classy and having morals. If you look at the picture you will see the 187 in the background. Hopefully they won’t kill each other while the show is airing.