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Sonia & Nick

mafs4-9snSonia wants to sit and talk out the fight with Nick but neither of them know what to say. She apologized for walking away. He admitted his communication problems. The next day, Nick planned a dinner date wine tasting. It seems that is something he likes to do. One of the dogs is in a crate in the room while they sleep. He stills pay attention to the dog. Dr. Rachel visits and talks to them separately. It’s all about increasing their intimacy. Their homework is a truth or dare game and a class. It was actually a tantric massage session but she didn’t want to scare them. This massage session is entertaining.


Lillian & Tom

mafs4-9ltLillian left the house without telling him. He called, sent texts, and nothing. He thinks she is still upset about their conversation about kids. She needs to get surgery on her shoulder for a recent injury. She all upset. Lillian is staying in bed and Dr. Rachel comes to visit. Tom has to tell her he will be there for her through all this. As a gift, Dr. Rachel gave them body paint. As if this couple needs that kind of thing. One of their exercises is to sit with their foreheads touching for 7 min? Again, do they need that?


Heather & Derek

Of course, Heather wants a divorce. That’s all of that. Why are they still talking to them?



Last episode ended by David and Natalie picking the returners as their keepers. They decide to hang out in the hammock together. Zakk is upset with the relationship between Natalie with David. Zakk doesn’t want Natalie to sleep with anyone else. Sarah is not trying to chase David.
Date #1: Natalie & Spanish David (New York, New York by way of South America)
Spanish David is back. He apologized. Now, he realized what he had left. Natalie likes what he was saying.
Date #1: David & Nicole (Orefield, Pennsylvania)
Nicole is back. When talking to Sarah about who he would bring back, he said Nicole. I didn’t remember who she was. She rolled her eyes when she heard Sarah was back too. Nicole is still mad for some reason.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Zakk hates Spanish David already. Nicole called Natalie fake in the interview because she wanted to hug her. Nicole is just trying to win David over the other girls. Sarah wasn’t pleased to see her. Zakk and Spanish David talking is so funny. Spanish David asked where Zakk went to school and he didn’t. Zakk being a firefighter got praise from him but he mentioned he works in finance. Sarah is not impressed with the drunkenness of Nicole. Natalie actually asked Zakk how he would feel about Spanish David spending the night to talk with her. He whined and Natalie remember how much of a little kid he is. She said she didn’t have to do this type of thing with Spanish David and David. Zakk is crying in his room. Nicole wants to spend the night with David. He refused and ended the night by talking to Sarah.
Date #2: Natalie & David
Their first and last date were with each other. Jet skiing naked date and into a hammock on the water. He wrote a song for her? She has tears in her eyes and they kiss of course. Natalie doesn’t want to lose David either way.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Natalie and David come back holding hands. They didn’t give any details about what they did. Zakk is again on the defensive. Spanish David can’t guarantee he won’t run away again. David and Natalie really like each other and end the time together.
The Decision:
Rocsi asks David to talk about each woman. Nicole gets all defensive saying she knows what she is worth etc. She is leaving on her own. David is still being nice to her. I wouldn’t. David picked Natalie. She said she was surprised. Sarah is still classy. Natalie picked David. That was the best choice for her.

Left to right: Rocsi, David, Connor, Natalie, Malcolm, Sarah, Zakk, Mary Jane.

Left to right: Rocsi, David, Connor, Natalie, Malcolm, Sarah, Zakk, Mary Jane.


Natalie talks to Michelle about David. They agreed to stay out of each other’s way. Connor likes Natalie and Natalie is worried about the last 2 weeks in the house.



Date #1: Natalie & Malcolm (Brooklyn, New York)

He did pushups to circulate his blood to “help him out”. They are doing some kind of photoshoot. She said it’s not possible for them to move forward like with David and Connor.


Date #1: David & Mary Jane (Yonkers, NY)

She talks about marijuana and alcohol at the very beginning. Drinking is never a problem for her. During parasailing, David’s privates were getting caught in the harness. I’m sure that never happens. She didn’t like that he doesn’t know what chakras were.


Bora Bora House (After Date 1)

Michelle called Mary Jane a witch. That is not cool. Connor doesn’t like Malcolm already. They are in the pool with Natalie and Michelle on their shoulders fighting. Kind of boring. Michelle says she always gets her man. She is with David in the hammock.



Date #2: Natalie & Zakk (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Natalie is so happy that Zakk is there. He is still so into her.


Date #2: David & Sarah (Las Vegas, Nevada)

David is shocked to see Sarah. He seems to be happy with Sarah. He gave her the lowdown on the house relationships he has.


Bora Bora House (After Date 2)

Michelle thinks that Natalie is pretending to be nice to Sarah. Uh oh, Zakk is challenging Connor to do different flips. How sad. David is conflicted about all the relationships. He went off with Sarah and Michelle freaking out. She knocked on the door to interrupt to use the bathroom. They just moved to a different area, but Michelle was still watching. Zakk told Connor that he slept with Natalie. Natalie confronted him and Zakk said he didn’t say it that way. Michelle is fake crying and even David is doubting it. She actually said on TV that sometimes she cries to get what she wants.



The Decision:

Natalie made a big mistake picking Zakk. Michelle said she is a full time model so he should pick her of course.   Uh oh, Sarah is picked. Michelle is shocked but not worried about her future.

Sonia & Nick

mafs4-8snPoor Sonia leaves her bed in the middle of the night because the dogs are bothering her. She doesn’t think Nick is communicating with her. Dr. Pepper meets with them. Sonia thinks that the marriage (rating a 5) is just ok so far. She has to tell him about her feelings. Duh. He rates the marriage as an 8 or 9. He says the dogs will not be on the bed anymore. We’ll see. Nick’s mom is coming over to cook Italian food. She gives a little insight into Nick. The boyfriend told Nick he needs to talk to Sonia constantly. Nick needs his mom to get him to talk. They are doing their touching homework in a hammock. He said he’s not in love with her and it is concerns her that he said something so serious. This will probably be a theme for them.


Lillian & Tom

mafs4-8ltLillian’s sister wants her to babysit for her. That leads to a conversation with Tom about kids. He isn’t sure if he wants kids and he definitely doesn’t want to think about after being together for 2 weeks. Dr. Pepper has to talk to them about the child issues. Tom doesn’t like the word dealbreaker. Eww, I wouldn’t want to babysit some random kid. Now the sister is there. She laughed about the bus. Tom referred to children as little terrorists, but he likes Lillian’s niece (I guess it is his niece as well now).


Heather & Derek

Each of them talk to a friend about their marriage problems. Heather isn’t even communicating with Derek. The show is stretching this out. I don’t really care if they stay married or not. Get rid of them both. Since their story was so useless, no picture for them.

juice and sodas

Here is the update for the Foodie Challenge for the month of August. I decided to do the drinks challenge this month as shown above.
1. Attend at least one local food festival. (2 – April, 2 – May)
2. Try 3 food trucks.
3. Celebrate Pi Day on 3/14 with pie from a local bakery. (March)
4. Sample 10 new to you dishes from our list of 100 things to eat. (1 – January, 1 – February, 1 – May, 2 – July)
5. Take a cooking class and learn to make a new dish.
6. Buy produce at a local farmer’s market. (1 – May)
7. Take a food tour. (January)
8. Try 5 new to you restaurants. Not sure where to start? Let Huntsville Eats help you find something tasty. (3 – February, 1 – April, 3 – May, 1 – June, 2 – July)
9. Try one of our local dives.
10. Eat something you’ve never had before. If you usually stick to meat and potatoes, branch out to Greek, Indian, Vietnamese, or Thai. If you are a more adventurous sort, try tongue, alligator, or kimchi. (kimchi – January, crawfish – April, potstickers – July)
11. Try drinks at a local juice bar and/or local specialized soda.

I tried some cold pressed juice at The Juicery that I really liked. It is expensive so it’s not something I would do every day.  It was $9 for 500 mL of juice. Since it isn’t pasteurized it is only good for about 4 days. I got to sample 3 juices before I bought one.   I also tried Pure Sodaworks soda but I didn’t like it.

12. Give the gift of local food. Or a gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant.

Left to right: Nick, Martha, Michael, Helen.

Left to right: Nick, Martha, Michael, Helen.

Natalie is worried about the leechness of Michelle. David told Natalie that she is his keeper. He decided that this was the time to kiss her. Their relationship has progressed.
Date #1: Natalie & Nick (Tampa, Florida)
Eww, Natalie can see him walking “tugging” on his penis. That is the word she used. We can’t see because of the blurriness. She shook his hand with her left hand because she didn’t want to touch his hand after what she just saw. They are naked. There are so many germs around that place. He admitted that he manipulated himself so it didn’t look so small in the interview. He danced for her and now he has sand all over him. Nick said girls get boring over time. He is not interested in boring Natalie.
Date #1: David & Martha (Fayetteville, North Carolina)
People think she has a masculine feel to her and that puts off some men. She talked about how sweaty she is from nervousness. David thought it was too soon to say those types of things. She’s just being honest. Martha is 6ft and she told David he is not 6ft4. This is great. She accused him of padding his stats in height and probably in basketball. Somehow they got in a little yellow submarine. She was able to name several of the fish to him. David was impressed.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Eww more tugging. Natalie enjoyed that he shook Michelle’s hand. David said he plans to travel some after his time is over here. Natalie said he will have to visit her. Michelle tried to say he has a lot of girls to visit but Natalie said nope just me. Connor is concerned about the connection between David and Natalie. Michelle is all over David in his room.
Date #2: Natalie & Michael (Little Ferry, New Jersey)
This guy walks up with some beers I guess and a black wool hat on (still while naked). He said physically these are the cards he was dealt and he has to deal with it. She is not liking his laugh. Their date is painting. She has painted him in an accurate manner. He did her portrait as well. He is a writer.
Date #2: David & Helen (Orange, California)
I like her. She came in with a stereotypical Asian accent as a joke. Helen as already talked about her private area in the interview portion. More inappropriate jokes. They are making donuts. He is trying to ask her about her life and she was still telling jokes.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Martha is rapping to David come up with Helen. Helen and her jokes continued. She actually said she is a data validation specialist I think. Everyone was shocked. Back to the jokes. Martha thinks they may have a friendship. He is starting to wonder if Michelle is only physical. At least, that is what he said. Michael thinks that if he saw Natalie on the street he would assume that she is out of his league. She said she isn’t really into the muscle bound guys. More of Natalie and David time. Michelle is very aware. David wanted to know more about Michelle but she is not giving much information.
The Decision:

Nick was fine with not being picked since there are millions of girls out there for him. Connor stays again. David was about to say who he was going to keep when Natalie interrupted with a “let’s be real. Michelle, I see right through you.”. Michelle doesn’t think Natalie knows their relationship. Of course, he kept Michelle.

Agenda / Comments

The honeymoon is over. It’s time to figure out how and where to live. Plus, they talk about their finances.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-7snThey both are happy to be on the trend of being friends. After the honeymoon, they got to their separate apartments. Sonia is afraid of dogs. So she is not looking forward to staying at Nick’s place and seeing them. She wants to know what they are thinking. She told a story on how her friend as a child was scratched up in the face by a large dog. I think that is enough to be afraid. Nick is so into his dogs and not really paying attention to her. They decided to find a new place together. Wow, he has properties and she has $40k+ in debt.


Lillian & Tom

mafs4-7ltSo every room they go to they have to kiss. She likes the bus but I doubt she wants to live in it. They make about the same amount. Lillian’s light and hot water went out in the bus. He decided that they need to live in a new place together. Lillian is cooking for Tom and she is nervous. She is making him wash his feet before going to bed with her. Yes, post-nuptial agreement. That is exactly what he should do and asking it while in the bus he lives in.


Heather & Derek

mafs4-7hdEveryone is happier than Heather and Derek. He’s not happy that she got drunk at the last dinner. Both of them are done with the marriage at this point. Oh great, emergency meeting with the pastor. Heather is not happy and Derek said she should leave then and do them both a favor. She needs to go home by herself to decide if she wants to stay married to him. The show cut them out for the rest of the episode while others were looking for a place to live.

Agenda / Comments
It’s the end of their honeymoons.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-6snSonia doesn’t know if Nick is attracted to her. She also wants to get to know him more. What makes you feel fulfilled? That is one of the questions asked. Nick has been in 3 serious relationships and he feels he learn from each one. ATV racing and she won so she gets a dinner.







Lillian & Tom

mafs4-6ltThey continue to be all over each other. Horseback riding in the water is a thing. Still no mention of the bus. That is the most interesting part about them. Tom hopes that his marriage lasts a lifetime.





Heather & Derek

mafs4-6hdAll of a sudden, they are doing surfing lessons like they were not crazy the day before. Uh oh, the surfing instructor held her hand to lead her somewhere. Derek noticed of course. Cave exploring and I’m guessing questions for them to answer. She left him at the bottom of the cave and he is not happy. No pillow talk because they just can’t stand each other. Six days in and they are calling Pastor Cal. At the last dinner, they drink a lot.


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