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The honeymoon is over. It’s time to figure out how and where to live. Plus, they talk about their finances.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-7snThey both are happy to be on the trend of being friends. After the honeymoon, they got to their separate apartments. Sonia is afraid of dogs. So she is not looking forward to staying at Nick’s place and seeing them. She wants to know what they are thinking. She told a story on how her friend as a child was scratched up in the face by a large dog. I think that is enough to be afraid. Nick is so into his dogs and not really paying attention to her. They decided to find a new place together. Wow, he has properties and she has $40k+ in debt.


Lillian & Tom

mafs4-7ltSo every room they go to they have to kiss. She likes the bus but I doubt she wants to live in it. They make about the same amount. Lillian’s light and hot water went out in the bus. He decided that they need to live in a new place together. Lillian is cooking for Tom and she is nervous. She is making him wash his feet before going to bed with her. Yes, post-nuptial agreement. That is exactly what he should do and asking it while in the bus he lives in.


Heather & Derek

mafs4-7hdEveryone is happier than Heather and Derek. He’s not happy that she got drunk at the last dinner. Both of them are done with the marriage at this point. Oh great, emergency meeting with the pastor. Heather is not happy and Derek said she should leave then and do them both a favor. She needs to go home by herself to decide if she wants to stay married to him. The show cut them out for the rest of the episode while others were looking for a place to live.