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It’s the end of their honeymoons.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-6snSonia doesn’t know if Nick is attracted to her. She also wants to get to know him more. What makes you feel fulfilled? That is one of the questions asked. Nick has been in 3 serious relationships and he feels he learn from each one. ATV racing and she won so she gets a dinner.







Lillian & Tom

mafs4-6ltThey continue to be all over each other. Horseback riding in the water is a thing. Still no mention of the bus. That is the most interesting part about them. Tom hopes that his marriage lasts a lifetime.





Heather & Derek

mafs4-6hdAll of a sudden, they are doing surfing lessons like they were not crazy the day before. Uh oh, the surfing instructor held her hand to lead her somewhere. Derek noticed of course. Cave exploring and I’m guessing questions for them to answer. She left him at the bottom of the cave and he is not happy. No pillow talk because they just can’t stand each other. Six days in and they are calling Pastor Cal. At the last dinner, they drink a lot.