Left to right: Rocsi, David, Connor, Natalie, Malcolm, Sarah, Zakk, Mary Jane.

Left to right: Rocsi, David, Connor, Natalie, Malcolm, Sarah, Zakk, Mary Jane.


Natalie talks to Michelle about David. They agreed to stay out of each other’s way. Connor likes Natalie and Natalie is worried about the last 2 weeks in the house.



Date #1: Natalie & Malcolm (Brooklyn, New York)

He did pushups to circulate his blood to “help him out”. They are doing some kind of photoshoot. She said it’s not possible for them to move forward like with David and Connor.


Date #1: David & Mary Jane (Yonkers, NY)

She talks about marijuana and alcohol at the very beginning. Drinking is never a problem for her. During parasailing, David’s privates were getting caught in the harness. I’m sure that never happens. She didn’t like that he doesn’t know what chakras were.


Bora Bora House (After Date 1)

Michelle called Mary Jane a witch. That is not cool. Connor doesn’t like Malcolm already. They are in the pool with Natalie and Michelle on their shoulders fighting. Kind of boring. Michelle says she always gets her man. She is with David in the hammock.



Date #2: Natalie & Zakk (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Natalie is so happy that Zakk is there. He is still so into her.


Date #2: David & Sarah (Las Vegas, Nevada)

David is shocked to see Sarah. He seems to be happy with Sarah. He gave her the lowdown on the house relationships he has.


Bora Bora House (After Date 2)

Michelle thinks that Natalie is pretending to be nice to Sarah. Uh oh, Zakk is challenging Connor to do different flips. How sad. David is conflicted about all the relationships. He went off with Sarah and Michelle freaking out. She knocked on the door to interrupt to use the bathroom. They just moved to a different area, but Michelle was still watching. Zakk told Connor that he slept with Natalie. Natalie confronted him and Zakk said he didn’t say it that way. Michelle is fake crying and even David is doubting it. She actually said on TV that sometimes she cries to get what she wants.



The Decision:

Natalie made a big mistake picking Zakk. Michelle said she is a full time model so he should pick her of course.   Uh oh, Sarah is picked. Michelle is shocked but not worried about her future.