Sonia & Nick

mafs4-8snPoor Sonia leaves her bed in the middle of the night because the dogs are bothering her. She doesn’t think Nick is communicating with her. Dr. Pepper meets with them. Sonia thinks that the marriage (rating a 5) is just ok so far. She has to tell him about her feelings. Duh. He rates the marriage as an 8 or 9. He says the dogs will not be on the bed anymore. We’ll see. Nick’s mom is coming over to cook Italian food. She gives a little insight into Nick. The boyfriend told Nick he needs to talk to Sonia constantly. Nick needs his mom to get him to talk. They are doing their touching homework in a hammock. He said he’s not in love with her and it is concerns her that he said something so serious. This will probably be a theme for them.


Lillian & Tom

mafs4-8ltLillian’s sister wants her to babysit for her. That leads to a conversation with Tom about kids. He isn’t sure if he wants kids and he definitely doesn’t want to think about after being together for 2 weeks. Dr. Pepper has to talk to them about the child issues. Tom doesn’t like the word dealbreaker. Eww, I wouldn’t want to babysit some random kid. Now the sister is there. She laughed about the bus. Tom referred to children as little terrorists, but he likes Lillian’s niece (I guess it is his niece as well now).


Heather & Derek

Each of them talk to a friend about their marriage problems. Heather isn’t even communicating with Derek. The show is stretching this out. I don’t really care if they stay married or not. Get rid of them both. Since their story was so useless, no picture for them.