Last episode ended by David and Natalie picking the returners as their keepers. They decide to hang out in the hammock together. Zakk is upset with the relationship between Natalie with David. Zakk doesn’t want Natalie to sleep with anyone else. Sarah is not trying to chase David.
Date #1: Natalie & Spanish David (New York, New York by way of South America)
Spanish David is back. He apologized. Now, he realized what he had left. Natalie likes what he was saying.
Date #1: David & Nicole (Orefield, Pennsylvania)
Nicole is back. When talking to Sarah about who he would bring back, he said Nicole. I didn’t remember who she was. She rolled her eyes when she heard Sarah was back too. Nicole is still mad for some reason.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Zakk hates Spanish David already. Nicole called Natalie fake in the interview because she wanted to hug her. Nicole is just trying to win David over the other girls. Sarah wasn’t pleased to see her. Zakk and Spanish David talking is so funny. Spanish David asked where Zakk went to school and he didn’t. Zakk being a firefighter got praise from him but he mentioned he works in finance. Sarah is not impressed with the drunkenness of Nicole. Natalie actually asked Zakk how he would feel about Spanish David spending the night to talk with her. He whined and Natalie remember how much of a little kid he is. She said she didn’t have to do this type of thing with Spanish David and David. Zakk is crying in his room. Nicole wants to spend the night with David. He refused and ended the night by talking to Sarah.
Date #2: Natalie & David
Their first and last date were with each other. Jet skiing naked date and into a hammock on the water. He wrote a song for her? She has tears in her eyes and they kiss of course. Natalie doesn’t want to lose David either way.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Natalie and David come back holding hands. They didn’t give any details about what they did. Zakk is again on the defensive. Spanish David can’t guarantee he won’t run away again. David and Natalie really like each other and end the time together.
The Decision:
Rocsi asks David to talk about each woman. Nicole gets all defensive saying she knows what she is worth etc. She is leaving on her own. David is still being nice to her. I wouldn’t. David picked Natalie. She said she was surprised. Sarah is still classy. Natalie picked David. That was the best choice for her.