Sonia & Nick

mafs4-9snSonia wants to sit and talk out the fight with Nick but neither of them know what to say. She apologized for walking away. He admitted his communication problems. The next day, Nick planned a dinner date wine tasting. It seems that is something he likes to do. One of the dogs is in a crate in the room while they sleep. He stills pay attention to the dog. Dr. Rachel visits and talks to them separately. It’s all about increasing their intimacy. Their homework is a truth or dare game and a class. It was actually a tantric massage session but she didn’t want to scare them. This massage session is entertaining.


Lillian & Tom

mafs4-9ltLillian left the house without telling him. He called, sent texts, and nothing. He thinks she is still upset about their conversation about kids. She needs to get surgery on her shoulder for a recent injury. She all upset. Lillian is staying in bed and Dr. Rachel comes to visit. Tom has to tell her he will be there for her through all this. As a gift, Dr. Rachel gave them body paint. As if this couple needs that kind of thing. One of their exercises is to sit with their foreheads touching for 7 min? Again, do they need that?


Heather & Derek

Of course, Heather wants a divorce. That’s all of that. Why are they still talking to them?