Toya Bush-Harris
Husband: Dr. Eugene Harris III – Emergency room Physician
Children: Ashton and Avery
Toya meets with her friend Genise who is a doctor’s wife.  Genise met Dr. Heavenly at a function and didn’t like her personal questions.  Toya is afraid that Heavenly will become the mean girl of the group.
Lisa Nicole Cloud
Husband: Dr. Darren – Emergency room Physician
Children: DJ and Amira
We see the nanny and Lisa talks about how great it is to have help.
Quad Webb-Lunceford
Husband: Dr. Gregory Lunceford – Psychiatrist
Children: none
Quad wishes her brother followed her lead with school and a career.  She set rules about cleanliness but it is not being followed.  The girlfriend is not good in the kitchen.  Greg wants to have a family and feels he wasn’t part of the decision to have Quad’s family move in.  I don’t know how you cannot tell you husband that your family is moving in for months.  She wants him to be more available and says he will.  I still don’t think that will make the baby appear any time soon.
Simone (Dr. Simone) Whitmore – OB/GYN Physician
Husband: Cecil
Children: Miles and Michael
Dr. Simone is thinking about connecting again with her alcoholic father.  I know that’s what people like to do.
Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone meet at Dr. Jackie’s office to talk about Lisa Nicole’s party.  Dr. Simone plans to talk to Quad in person.
Quad and Dr. Simone have a meal together.  The plan Quad has is to make sure she is taken care of in case she becomes a single mother.  Simone suggests that Quad talks to Dr. Gregory to get on the same page.
Mariah broke her ankle and is wheeling around.  For some reason, Lisa Nicole is visiting her at her home.  Mariah has no problem with Lisa having a baby.  Of course, she is having a party.
Toya and Dr. Heavenly talk about the invitation from Mariah and Toya hints at the problems Genise has with Heavenly.
Mariah’s New Beginnings Party
Simone is on called so can’t make it.  In the car on the way to the party, Toya and Heavenly talk about Genise.  It seems the party theme is to wear blue.  Heavenly didn’t wear blue.  It starts already.  Toya snoring during Mariah’s speech, Quad talking about the food and seating arrangement.  Then Genise and Heavenly argue over their first meeting.  Quad tried to tell Heavenly about her tone problem but it got turned around on Quad.  At the last minute, leading into next week, Lisa Nicole has something to say.