Toya Bush-Harris
Husband: Dr. Eugene Harris III – Emergency room Physician
Children: Ashton and Avery
Dr. Eugene wants to move back to their old (cheaper) house.  But Toya said they left because there was a robbery next door.
Lisa Nicole Cloud
Husband: Dr. Darren – Emergency room Physician
Children: DJ and Amira
Dr. Darren lied to Lisa’s face saying that he wants a baby.  We know what he said to the other husbands at their party.  On the way to get checked, Darren is telling her the risks.
Simone (Dr. Simone) Whitmore – OB/GYN Physician
Husband: Cecil
Children: Miles and Michael
Dr. Simone’s cousin came to visit.  Her uncle hasn’t heard from her dad in weeks and she is worried.  Simone is crying with her husband.  He is telling her to think positive.
Jacqueline (Dr. Jackie) Walters – OB/GYN Physician
Husband: Curtis
Children: Kursten (step)
A patient has stopped her chemotherapy and Dr. Jackie is conflicted on what to say.  We know she had cancer but she is also a doctor.  Jackie hired Genise as a realtor for the city housing she is looking for.  Curtis is not wanting that.  He just wants more time with her.
Heavenly (Dr. Heavenly) Kimes – Dentist
Husband: Dr. Damon Kimes – Emergency room Physician
Children:  Damon Jr., Zachary, and Alaura
Dr. Heavenly asked her daughter if she is abrasive.  She said yes and showed her how she acts.  The plan is to improve.
Toya, Dr. Heavenly, and Quad go shopping.  Toya is not worried about tax bills.  Quad touched on Heavenly’s attitude.
Mariah and Toya meet for drinks/food.  Toya is going to be 40 soon and Mariah suggests this is a good time to change some of her spending habits.
Quad goes to Toya’s house to give her an “audit”.  She brought a gift basket of hot dogs and ramen noodles.
Dr. Simone is trying to get Dr. Jackie to compromise on housing.  Jackie doesn’t want to live in the suburbs where there is room for children that she is not going to have.  Simone tells her about her father missing.  She wants help getting people to come with her to Nashville to help look.
Mariah’s New Beginnings Party
Lisa has a problem with Toya bringing up her having a nanny.  Toya said everything we were thinking about Lisa having another kid.  Like her husband not wanting one and her husband’s questionable past with woman and/or men.  Jackie had to switch seats with Toya to calm things down.  Mariah did say she thought she and Toya were now in a good place.