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Election Day 2014

It’s Election Day in America. Make sure you vote otherwise you have nothing to complain about. It’s funny that I had very little mailings outside the last week.


I had a wonderful post about how Arizona got themselves into this mess with the anti-gay bill (SB1062). I was about to post it about 2 min ago when I said to myself: let me check Twitter just in case something changed. Of course it has been vetoed already. Hey Gov. Jan Brewer, you ruined a post that took me 20 min to conceive and write. I even had a clever title picked out for it: Ask for an Anti-gay Law and Ye Shall Receive. How is that fair to me? I decide to do this post to let people know I tried. You know what? I’m going to include it anyway. Freedom of Speech right? Even if you are late and wrong.
I had been hearing all these reports about the Arizona Anti-Gay law which allows businesses to not serve gay people on the grounds that it interferes with their religious beliefs. A similar anti-gay bill was passed in the Kansas state House of Representatives but stopped by the state Senate. Now that the Arizona bill has passed the state House and Senate, the business community, John McCain (and his people), and state politicians want the Republican Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill to prevent it from becoming law.
I’m sorry, where were you all when it passed both houses? Apparently, Arizona is supposed to be hosting the Super Bowl in 2015. It seems that could be an issue if this becomes a law. Don’t forget the NFL is thinking about making the used of the N-word on the field a 15 yard penalty. That could easily be expanded to gay slurs; plus the potentially first openly gay player this coming season. I hope that the bill is signed into law so the people who supported it can own it. It would be great to see how national and/or international companies handle being in Arizona. Maybe all the gay people will move out of Arizona (which is what they probably want anyway).
Oh wait, they just realized this would cause them to lose money. I guess they assumed gay people didn’t have money. I would think a good amount of people, especially minorities, would be wary of businesses that invoked this law. It probably would not put them out of business but all you hear about is how consumers are not consuming. How could anyone want to take that chance? I have never been to Arizona so I don’t know what their demographics or industries are. But, all of a sudden people are worried this could cause them a problem and they are begging the Governor to bail them out.
I say sign the bill since it was passed by the politicians of the state that claim to represent the citizens of Arizona. If the citizens don’t feel represented, then they should vote those people out.

It looks like the Senate brokered a deal between the Reid and McConnell camps to end the shutdown and debt ceiling debates (for now).  Details are laid out in this article.   By for now I mean January 15th (another potential shutdown) and February 7th (another debt ceiling debate).  I think it is unbelievable that they will celebrate this as a victory of diplomacy to essentially move the issues to the end of the list of priorities.  I do this too when I’m cleaning my apartment, although, it doesn’t affect the world economy.  I love that the House is not voting until 11pm Eastern Time.  Let’s stretch it out to the last possible moment literally.  I’m writing this at 5:35pm Central (6:30pm Eastern) so 4.5 hours until the vote.  Can’t they vote earlier?  What other pressing issues are there for them to do besides voting?  I guess they need to sit around and talk about how they should vote instead of making individual decisions on the facts of the bill.   


As I was looking for more information on this issue I stumbled upon this  article that says that the government shutdown reduced the US economy by $24 billion.   I don’t know how they expect people to making large purchases when the government can’t even stay open.  What faith would they have in the economy making an upwards turn?  I don’t have steady employment and I can’t imagine buying a house.  I have the potential to earn more than the average person because of my degrees but even if I had the best job ever I wouldn’t consider buying a house.  People seem to me (from the outside looking in) to be at the mercy of the value of their home that can change whenever.  That doesn’t seem like the thing I want to deal with.  Even when people lose their jobs and find a new job in another location they are still chained to their house until they can sell it.  As a renter, I can say yeah I’m moving next month without any issues.  Anyway, everyone seems to think this deal will go through the House with Boehner playing cheerleader.  We will wait and see.  Maybe when you wake up in the morning the government will be open again.

That’s right.  It is almost the end of the US government fiscal year.  And you know what that means? Time for the threat of a government shutdown.  This is the time that all government workers watch the clock on Monday to see if they have work tomorrow (or the near future).  It really doesn’t matter to the House or the Senate because they won’t be affected.  Why you ask?  Because America, Congress is rich.  Even if the shutdown affected their jobs, which it won’t, going without pay would not break their bank or send them into cycle of debt.  People seem to forget that normal everyday people work for the government as well.  These government workers include military and civilians.  The majority of those people are not rich and their jobs have been compromised for years with every budget reduction.  I think all people can relate to their employers making decisions that make their jobs more difficult.  Imagine if not only do you hear rumblings at work about it but on the news and the internet.  You couldn’t escape it because it is always there.  Congress has complete control over these people’s lives through salary, taxes, and laws (let’s face it there are not laws anymore only bills that gets defeated in one house or another).  Maybe when people talk about those lazy government workers they should think about these things.  I would also like to leave you with this thought.  All the other countries have government workers on the military and scientific research side that they are investing to improve their countries’ standing in the world.  How do you think that will affect the future America with their underfunded researchers and their worn out military?

Happy Brazilian Hookers

All day I saw “happy prostitute ads” as trending on Yahoo, but I had to wait till I got home (and not on a work computer) to see what that meant. You can read all about in this BBC article called Brazil drops ‘happy prostitute’ Aids campaign. It seems that the Brazilian government is promoting condom use with prostitution. My favorite thing in this article is the picture caption that reads: Demand for prostitutes is expected to rise during next year’s football World Cup. I like how they are planning for that as part of the World Cup events. Their government actually seems responsible even in a super Catholic country.

Catching Up on the News

I have been so busy the last couple weeks I haven’t had the chance to really talk about news stories.  So here are a few I meant to comment on.

First, a 16 yr old gets a restraining order against her parents because she said they were trying to force her to get an abortion.  You can read about it here.  This was almost too ridiculous to believe. I read that the parents took away her car, her phone, and made her quit school to start working to support herself and the child. I don’t see anything wrong with all that. Why should the parents support her mistake? I know people say oh 16 years old is so young and she’s just a child. Well it is time to grow up now. She and her boyfriend want the child so bad they need to figure out how they are going to support it. We have all seen the Teen Mom girls in the news having more kids, doing drugs, getting arrested, and getting married to random guys. I’m sure some teen moms make it work well but if you are going to sue your parents then I doubt you are very smart. The best part is that the girl got an anti-abortion group to help her get a restraining order against her parents to protect the unborn child from them. Don’t worry, the girl can still live at home and eat her parent’s food during this. It’s just in effect until the baby is born. Please. If I was the parents, I would kick her out and she can live with her boyfriend and his parents. I’d say you want to sue me? Fine, you are cut off since you are such an adult and want to make adult decisions. Don’t let us stand in your way. I loved the reason the group gave for getting involved. They said it’s the girls CHOICE to keep the child not the parent’s. Now you know, if it was the other way around where the parents wanted the girl to keep it and she wanted the abortion, the group would be supporting the parents. You know they don’t believe in choice unless the choice is to keep it. That realization made me laugh.

On to another hypocritical institution, the Catholic Church, the pope decides that it’s time for him to go because he may become too sickly or something like that. I don’t know I didn’t really read about it much because I don’t care about those people. I just want to say this is so funny. I thought popes were chosen by God. How can the pope go against God and abort his popeship…popedom…papalcy or whatever it is called? He can’t be upset over what the church was doing to children because he knew that going in. Maybe it is because there are a string of scandals coming that he doesn’t want to be a part of. With all their scandals you would think they would just shut up and try to do good things. Like be more meek than a tyrannical?

Next is the issue that people seem to disagree with me about which is immigration. I like this story where North Carolina wants to give illegal immigrants a driver’s license with a pink stripe on it that says “No Lawful Status”.  On one hand, I think it’s good to single them out so people know they are here illegally and are in no way citizens. On the other hand, if you know who they are to give them an ID why not ship them out? The girl who came here as a teen with her family was being interviewed in the article said she was afraid for her safety in showing that kind of card. Well if anything happens to her because of it she can blame her parents. It’s not my fault she was put in this situation. North Carolina just wants to keep tabs on illegals I’m guessing without having to get rid of them yet. And when I say yet I mean yet. If there was a cheap way to deport these people I’m sure they would do it tomorrow. Really, if the girl and others in North Carolina has a problem with it they can go to another state. I don’t see why other states wouldn’t do this if it works. I think they need more deterrents for illegal immigrants. This could be a first start. I doubt most illegals will get a card but I’m sure it will force them into the shadows. Either way, I don’t think there should be any outrage. If you don’t like the laws/policies in the state you live in, then move or vote out the people that made the decisions.

The Immigration Issue

I didn’t get to see the speech by President Obama about immigration reform. Generally, I’m annoyed by the whole issue. Admittedly, I am a card carrying liberal, however, I think people are too soft on this subject. I don’t see the need for the “path to citizenship”. Why are you rewarding people who break the law by entering the country illegal with a “fast track” to citizenship? People who download music and movies illegally are being sued to make a silly point that rich companies need their money. So how is that fair? How is sneaking into the country better than downloading Metallica songs?

Some say we need to better protect our borders, but it’s just too hard to do. Think how good it would be to give cops and military some overtime to work the borders. They already know how to capture people. There can even be a little deportation train running several times a day to Mexico (which is who the illegal immigrants are focused on) or a plane to go to other countries. That way you know you dropped them off somewhere and you can get their fingerprints as they get off the plane/train.

And of course the issue for Obama is that the children of these people are being punished unfairly. That’s ridiculous. The people knew what situation they were putting their children into. Sure, they want to give their kids “a better life” but then you have to take the consequences from the way you go about doing that. Obviously the politicians are looking for Hispanics to vote for them so they can’t say any of what I just said. They just give up and say oh well they are here what else can we do? I know what you can do. In the real world, you deport people who you catch that are here illegally. In the world of politics, Hispanics are the up and coming ethnic group with votes that can go either way.

So, the “fiscal cliff” was averted.  Who knows if it has really solved anything?  On to the next thing which is the debt ceiling.  I just happen to know people that work for the federal government.  When congress starts arguing over this, they will completely ignore the fact that real people work for the government.  Republicans say the government is too big but who is going to employ all those people when they shrink it?  It is like they are saying:   we know no one is finding jobs right now so let’s fire all the government workers anyway.  Last time this debt ceiling debate was going on (only a year ago), federal employees were preparing to shut down all machines just in case congress didn’t make a deal and they couldn’t go back in the building for an unknown amount of time.  How are people supposed to plan, budget, or put real effort into their jobs if they don’t know if they will be allowed in their office tomorrow?  The best part about it is the people making the decision aren’t part of those federal employees.  Not one senator or congressman will have to worry about losing their job until they are voted out.  They have the best job in the world it seems.  They can do nothing, get paid, and make the laws to keep them rich.  I saw on the news that this outgoing congress was the least productive in forever.  If anyone else had that kind of moniker then they would be fired, but that is not the case for congress.

However, two stories made me laugh this week.  First, the story that the re-elected Speaker of the House, John Boehner, said to the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was “Go F yourself”.  I only hope that it was true.  How professional of people who control the country to act towards each other.  The second one was Governor Chris Christie (Republican from New Jersey) blasting Boehner for delaying the vote in the House on the Hurricane Sandy aid.  Like Boehner didn’t have enough problems with looking completely ineffective in the “Cliff” talks, but now he has one of his own people attack him for ignoring suffering Americans.  I even heard on TV that people are concerned that the Republican Party doesn’t care about people in the northeast because they are basically Democrats.  So what does Boehner do?  He schedules a vote right away.  You know he had to schedule it before the vote to re-elect him as Speaker.

It is all just really annoying.  I wish that I could ignore it but it is important since they are running the country. I’m sure most people feel the same way.

This Fiscal Cliff Mess

President Obama just spoke to basically say to the congress:  Do your job just like everyone else is expected to do!  It’s so true.  My boss says you need to do this by this date, and then I do it.   The fiscal cliff isn’t even something that needed to be done.  Congress made this up so they could be forced to do their job in the future.  Now, they don’t want to act and make a decision.  It’s the House’s job to initiate budget bills and such so that’s why Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House and Leader in the Republican Party, had all the pressure on him to do something.  But, of course, he has no real power to do anything that all of his people will agree with and support.  Then, this week he said why doesn’t the senate do something about it?  You know why Boehner?  Because it’s your job!

On CSPAN, the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to say the same thing.  Why doesn’t the Senate Majority Leader put together a bill that the House can pass?  That’s the question he asked.   Harry Reid, the Senate Leader and Democrat, says we have things ready but you won’t deal with us.  It’s almost a joke all this back and forth.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the budget mess to come.  Once the House and Senate fail to agree and they fail to put the bill on the floor that the President just mentioned in his mini-speech, they still need to deal with the debt ceiling which is another battle over money.  After that, there is the federal budget to negotiate in March.  Each one is just another cage for the politicians to get into to fight over.  Maybe the UFC can do a pay-per-view to settle these things or even American Idol could to a text in vote to decide how their congressmen cast their votes.

I love how Republicans get in trouble for sayings that everyone should know they believe. Is it news to you or anyone else that the GOP thinks this way? They are against abortion in the cases of rape and incest so they need a reason to justify why. He should have just said babies aren’t born unless Jesus says it’s ok. These people just make me mad. Crazy people.


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