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It’s the end of their honeymoons.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-6snSonia doesn’t know if Nick is attracted to her. She also wants to get to know him more. What makes you feel fulfilled? That is one of the questions asked. Nick has been in 3 serious relationships and he feels he learn from each one. ATV racing and she won so she gets a dinner.







Lillian & Tom

mafs4-6ltThey continue to be all over each other. Horseback riding in the water is a thing. Still no mention of the bus. That is the most interesting part about them. Tom hopes that his marriage lasts a lifetime.





Heather & Derek

mafs4-6hdAll of a sudden, they are doing surfing lessons like they were not crazy the day before. Uh oh, the surfing instructor held her hand to lead her somewhere. Derek noticed of course. Cave exploring and I’m guessing questions for them to answer. She left him at the bottom of the cave and he is not happy. No pillow talk because they just can’t stand each other. Six days in and they are calling Pastor Cal. At the last dinner, they drink a lot.

Left to right: Norman, Michelle, Connor, and Chinet.

Left to right: Norman, Michelle, Connor, and Chinet.

The couples jump in the water. Natalie started playing around with David. Noelle doesn’t like it but she sees what he would like about her. Tommy and Noelle both confront them about the connection between David and Natalie. Natalie said spending the night with Tommy was like 50 Shades of Grey.
Date #1: Natalie & Connor (Merritt Island, Florida)
He did a flip and we find out he is a stunt man. Connor talks about all the injuries he has had. Stunt people always do that. Their date is just jumping in the water. Another flip for Connor and she is too scared too. He had to talk Natalie through it. He lost trust in his last girlfriend.
Date #1: David & Chinet (Atlanta, Georgia)
Chinet said she goes after what she wants. She will see him in Atlanta. Slingshots turned into throwing water balloons at each other. She got him in the crotch and he is on all fours on the ground. David really likes her.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Chinet made sure to stand right in between Noelle and Chinet more than once. Now they are physically competing for his attention. Tommy is watching Natalie the whole time when she is “alone” with Connor. He is getting jealous. Natalie commented on Connor’s gentleness in contrast to Tommy.
Date #2: Natalie & Norman (Fairburn Georgia)
Norman is trying to find his naked princess. He is a truck driver with braces on his teeth. He needs a girl to smell good. He said he tells women everything from the beginning. He is telling her about the tattoo he has in memory of the little girl he raised for a couple years that turned out not to be his. They are at a playground. OMG he found out on Maury that the kid wasn’t his. The braces are because he got hit in the mouth with a gun. He’s a bit of a mess.
Date #2: David & Michelle (Miramar, Florida)
Michelle talks about how pretty she is and people don’t usually like people like her. She prefers to date black guys so she is happy with David. Did I mention she is a model? I think she will a few more times. He told her she was pretty 5 times in the first 5 minutes. Zip lining into the water. The positions they were doing going on the zipline together were almost X-rated.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
The girls are not happy to see Michelle. Michelle said this is her house now. Tommy doesn’t seem to care that he was being rough with Natalie. David and Michelle are in the shower together. David ignored all the other girls. In the morning, he is talking to Natalie. She asked him if Michelle was just all over him or did she seem to want to get to know who he was. He didn’t think of that. Duh.
The Decision:
Norman said he is fine with not being chosen. He would like to be the godfather to their baby. Weird. She picked Connor because she called Tommy a freak. David dropped Noelle and she cried. David picked Michelle and Chinet was visibly annoyed.

Left to right: Tommy, Jen, Sam, Noelle.

Left to right: Tommy, Jen, Sam, Noelle.

Natalie and David got rid of everyone. Now David wants to try to fix things with Natalie. They made up and David carried her to the hammock.
Date #1: Natalie & Sam (Detroit, Michigan)
Marketing, music producer, and football coach is what Sam says he does. Their date is windsurfing. Of course, Natalie did it better. Oh I hate people like this guy. They always talk about spirits and journeys.
Date #1: David & Noelle (Turnersville, New Jersey)
She wants to be the cream in David’s coffee. She is a dancer too. Is naked aerial yoga safe? Noelle wants a funny, romantic, and mature man.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Uh oh, Natalie thinks Noelle is like her. Both dancers and have brown hair. Natalie wants David to make a move on her. He doesn’t.
Date #2: Natalie & Tommy (Bellingham, Washington)
He was nervous about hugging Natalie. He has a clothing company and is going on a naked dating show. He has been told that he looks like several famous people. I don’t know if I see it. Eww, do I want to make sushi outside and naked? He has a flower in his hair for some reason. She is putting the sushi on Tommy. They ended up in a food fight. She really likes Tommy.
Date #2: David & Jen (Brooklyn, New York)
Jen is very nervous. She is a copywriter for a PR firm. She also has a cat. Swimming with stingrays. I think it would be fun but I don’t know if the naked part is a good idea. David is freaking out with the stingrays moving over him. They are now talking and laughing so that is good.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Sam thinks him being older is a benefit. Are Noelle and Jen talking about how they physically differ? Noelle told him that that Jen is not his type. Natalie and Tommy make out in the pool. Jen asked if David wanted to kiss her. Of course he does.
The Decision:
There was no way Natalie was going to pick Sam. Sam is talking about haters. Jen is going to miss the flopping genitalia when she leaves. Noelle is happy to be staying.

Agenda / Comments

They are doing the Pillow Talk homework. It’s just more questions they have to talk about what they like about each other I’m guessing.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-5snSonia wants to wait on the consummation. They go paddle boarding and Sonia is happy to see him with his shirt off. She was afraid he couldn’t carry her when they got married. It’s horseback riding now. They are doing well. Nick seems happy in the quiet type of way. Wow the Pillow Talk turned into a slight back and forth slight conflict. The t-shirt Nick is wearing in the picture is great.



Lillian & Tom

Of course, they consummatemafs4-5ltd their marriage first. I’m not convinced it wasn’t the first night they met. They probably don’t go 2 minutes without touching. Tom tried to prep her to tell her about the bus. He said something about people being superficial by buying things. She got offended because she is a realtor and feels the need to look nice and have a nice car for her job. He had to back track and assure her he didn’t mean her.


Heather & Derek

Heather is concernemafs4-5hdd about his smoking and gambling. Dr. Pepper said when people date they pick at little things to sabotage their relationships. She is upset about his messiness. I think this will blow up nicely. She didn’t like that he didn’t want to put his stuff in a drawer. He likes to live out of the suitcase. Bike riding and Heather is riding so fast. He just wanted to spend time with her. Derek can’t believe how upset she is about him smoking. That is her fault. If she wanted to a nonsmoker she should have said that. Twitter seems to think he is smoking marijuana. That makes more sense with her being so concerned. He said she has been drinking all day each day. She thinks it is different. Derek is trying to be calm and talk out their issues. But, Heather said the same thing. He’s not going with that. Heather doesn’t know that she was the one that ruined the honeymoon. She called herself classy and having morals. If you look at the picture you will see the 187 in the background. Hopefully they won’t kill each other while the show is airing.


Left to right: Lance, Daizha, D’Andre, Alexa.

Varshay is getting annoyed with Natalie talking to David on her time. Spanish David left his last girlfriend because he was going to Spain to play football. He didn’t want a long distance relationship. Varshay said she is crazy and she will do what she has to do to get David. So she slept with him.
Date #1: Natalie & Lance (Lavallette, New Jersey)
He always ends up with the crazy girls. He used to be a guido. That’s what he said not me. They are wearing some kind of weird bouncy shoes and drinking beer. They like to go to the movies alone.
Date #1: David & Daizha (Atlanta, Georgia)
Dancing dress up date. They live in the same areas so that is good. He doesn’t have to pick her now.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Natalie has been drinking and wants to spend hammock time with David. Varshay is not happy to have all these other women around. He is already kissing Daizha. Varshay is trying to convince others to go with her to interrupt Natalie and Lance. David is laughing and Natalie is not amused. Natalie is crying in the hammock and Spanish David tried to comfort her. But she just wants David and feels “alone” without him.
Date #2: Natalie & D’Andre (Chicago, Illinois)
She said this is the biggest penis that she has seen. Bows and arrows with Truth or Dare is there date which Natalie is winning at.
Date #2: David & Alexa (Brigantine, NJ)
She is a barber/hairdresser/makeup artist. David likes to cook and they are cooking something random. She said she is Italian and knows nothing about cooking. Of course they are making pasta. They decided to just jump into the water instead. She recently lost some weight.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
David talks to Daizha and Varshay about the situation. They are not interested. Alexa fell asleep early. Spanish David has to go home and back to work. Natalie is so annoyed. The whole situation scares him. Now she wants David but he isn’t there for her to talk to.
The Decision:
I don’t think anybody is happy today. David didn’t want to keep anyone. Varshay has something to say. I just heard blah blah blah. Natalie actually dismissed D’Andre because he hasn’t had long term relationships. She asked Spanish David if he wants to be her keeper. Poor Lance, if he stays it was because Spanish David left. He has a fear of commitment. Oh no one is staying. It’s just David and Natalie.

Agenda / Comments

I love how people are saying how similar the couples are when they just knew them just as long as they have known each other. I still don’t understand this post-wedding brunch. You just saw them last night. Dr. Rachel DeAlto meets with couples before they go on the honeymoon with some homework. Pillow talk questions.


Sonia & Nick

mafs4-4snNick is happy with Sonia. Sonia didn’t want to be carried into the room like the other brides. He seemed a little disappointed. He mentioned in the interview that maybe it was because of the tightness of the dress. Honeymoon = Dominican Republic and her family is from Costa Rica. I assume that makes it less interesting to her but she seems happy. As a new wife, Sonia volunteered to iron his shirt. Uh oh, she called him metro because he has experience ironing for his past job in a restaurant. She quickly came back with how he is manly. Dr. DeAlto asks them to look at each other and say “you are my husband/wife”. Both of them struggled with it. She is very emotional and she has been hurt in the past. Dr. DeAlto is afraid Sonia will become overwhelmed and shut down. Nick wonders (and asks her) how she can love horses and be afraid of dogs.


Lillian & Tom

mafs4-4ltBoth the couple and their family think they are perfect for each other. Jamaica for the honeymoon. Lillian feels that it is a fairy tale so far. They are basically on top of each other. Wow, he is plotting how to tell her about him living in a bus. He knows it is a problem otherwise he would say it in a proud way. I wouldn’t want to live in a bus. It doesn’t seem as safe as a locked door.



Heather & Derek

Heathermafs4-4hd likes him but isn’t feeling the initial chemistry with him. Puerto Rico for the honeymoon. At least Derek has the opportunity to travel being married to a flight attendant. Heather feels good and safe with Derek so far. Heather has been there before but never with a significant other. They seem to have fun joking together. She doesn’t want to start picking at little things yet. He likes to gamble. Uh oh smoking. Her superpower would be the ability to speak every language. He wants to use the force. Dr. Pepper said she told them she didn’t mind occasional smoking. More things in the wait and see folder.

Left to right: David, Ashley, Drew, Jaclyn, Joel, Varshay.

Left to right: David, Ashley, Drew, Jaclyn, Joel, Varshay.

David and Natalie went off with their perspective keepers. Spanish David is surprised he liked her as much as he does. She told him this is his week to figure out what he wants. Ashley is making David laugh so that is good.
Date #1: Natalie & Joel (Hialeah, Florida)
This guy came in dancing. He referred to himself as Dominicano Latino. He doesn’t know there is already a Spanish David. Oh, he is an exotic dancer. She likes him though. The date is playing croquet naked. The mallet is attached to the middle of a belt, so they have to use their hips to “thrust” to hit the ball. I think this is going too far. Of course the stripper has to play this game. What? A stripper cheated on his last girlfriend and he’s not really sorry about it? Natalie’s face was great. Why would she keep this guy?
Date #1: David & Jaclyn (Salt Lake City, Utah)
This girl is wearing shoes with some kind of heel on it. On the beach. Naked. She talked about, in the interview, that she doesn’t like meeting guys in bars so she doesn’t try to date. Then she asked Dave if that was short for David. She blames his good looks for her acting stupid. Jaclyn is a massage therapist. Exotic dancer and a massage therapist in the house this week. Riding a tandem bike naked seems gross. She doesn’t like confrontation so she is worried about being at the house.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Joel doesn’t stop dancing. David goes off with Ashley to talk about their lack of a romantic connection. Natalie is happy with Spanish David. David saw them kissing and he is worried about losing connection with her. Natalie wants to wait to be romantic with David until further into the process.
Date #2: Natalie & Drew (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
He is so nervous. She did find out he likes to ski. They walked on a tight rope. She did it with him holding her hand. He is shaking all over the place. It’s funny.
Date #2: David & Varshay (Raleigh, North Carolina)
She starts off in her interview saying she is never wrong. David gets all these comments right away about how men are dishonest. He called her a man skeptic. Beer pong on a large scale. The giant cups are filled with cold / ice water. Varshay likes competitive men. David is losing. Afterwards, they sit in a pool. David said she needs to give men a chance.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Joel thinks he is going to win. Varshay thinks she will win. Jaclyn gives David a massage as a way to show him she cares. Joel is doing what I can only describe as a violent lap dance for Natalie. Everyone is watching in amazement. The stubbornness of Varshay seems to be a plus for David.
The Decision:
Spanish David wins again. Ashley is fine with David thinking of her has a friend; she misses her dog. Varshay had to say something in her defense. He did pick her.

Agenda / Comments

For some reason the show started early so I had to rewatch the first 15 min. The end of the episode showed what was to come and it looks like a lot of drama.


Lillian & Tom

Imafs4-3ltt’s raining so much before the wedding. This girl is so concerned about the rain. Tom’s father is not at the wedding because he was not part of the first 13 years of his life. Lillian and Tom are getting married under 2 umbrellas. The pearls are bad luck because they represent tears. They are already touchy. Both of them had fathers that left them at various stages in life. Wow, so her sister is mad she didn’t have a bigger part in the wedding. I’m sure the reception is the best time to mention that.


Heather & Derick

mafs4-3hdHer parents were married for decades after knowing each other for 3 months. They like the way each other looks so that is good. Heather is not happy with the photographer wanting them to kiss so much. I always think of flight attendants as fake friendly. She may be doing some of that at the wedding.




Sonia & Nick

mafs4-3snNick saw her and actually said I’ll take that. It took a while for Sonia to say yes. Sonia is too nervous to make conversation. Guess what, she is afraid of dogs and he has 2. Sonia mentioned to Nick’s mother that he didn’t compliment her. I think the mother is liking her already. It didn’t look that way leading up to the wedding. Nick thinks it’s too soon to be open about how pretty Sonia is… For some reason Nick told her friends that he loves her. As in love at first sight. Wow. This is a rollercoaster ride.

Here is the update for the Foodie Challenge for the months of June and July. The last 2 months have been busy. I traveled home for July 4th and I got a new job at my same employer this month. I did manage to work on the foodie challenge.
1. Attend at least one local food festival. (2 – April, 2 – May)
2. Try 3 food trucks.
3. Celebrate Pi Day on 3/14 with pie from a local bakery. (March)
4. Sample 10 new to you dishes from our list of 100 things to eat. (1 – January, 1 – February, 1 – May, 2 – July)

For July, I had firecracker shrimp (Grille 29) and chicken tenders (Tenders!).

5. Take a cooking class and learn to make a new dish.
6. Buy produce at a local farmer’s market. (1 – May)
7. Take a food tour. (January)
8. Try 5 new to you restaurants. Not sure where to start? Let Huntsville Eats help you find something tasty. (3 – February, 1 – April, 3 – May, 1 – June, 2 – July)

In the last 2 months I have tried a few new places in and out of Huntsville: Potstickers, Grille 29, Tenders!. All the food was good so I’ll go back to all of them for sure.

9. Try one of our local dives.
10. Eat something you’ve never had before. If you usually stick to meat and potatoes, branch out to Greek, Indian, Vietnamese, or Thai. If you are a more adventurous sort, try tongue, alligator, or kimchi. (kimchi – January, crawfish – April, potstickers – July)

I had tried these spinach and shrimp potstickers at a restaurant called Potstickers. It’s like a Chinese dumpling. It was really good. I almost didn’t get them but I’m glad I did.

11. Try drinks at a local juice bar and/or local specialized soda.
12. Give the gift of local food. Or a gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant.

Agenda / Comments

Time for season 4 in Miami. Most of the previous experts are gone. Dr. Rachel DeAlto, relationship expert/sex expert/life coach, and Calvin Roberson, marriage counselor/pastor are joining sociologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz. 33,000 people applied to the show this year. That is crazy. Did they not see the bad results from the last 2 seasons?

Final 6

Derick – 35 – Account Executive
Derick was in the Navy for 4 years. He is a silly person. Derick was raised by a single mother and he is looking for that stable family influence.
Heather – 32 – Flight Attendant
Heather gets dumped most of the time. She is not sure what she is doing wrong. I’m guessing it is all her travel. She is looking for someone to do things with.
Lillian – 24 – Realtor
Lillian is originally from Nicaragua. Apparently, she came to the US and went to medical school.
Nick – 32 – Vacation Rental Manager
He likes to take care of people. Recently his aunt and uncle were in a car wreck and his aunt died. Their long marriage was an inspiration to him.
Sonia – 33 – Social Worker
Parents are Costa Rican. She is looking for her husband to be her best friend. I don’t know if this is the process for that.
Tom – 29 – Yacht Designer
He lives in a bus basically. He’s going to have to find someone that will live in a bus.

The Couples up to the Wedding

They get 2 weeks’ notice on their marriage and the ring sizes. Below are observations on why they were put together and things that happened leading up to the wedding.
Heather & Derick
Heather has a fear of rejection and her parentmafs4-1 heather+dericks are still married after 30+ years. She is happy in everything else. Derick likes to make the most out of things. He grew up without a father and he wants to be a good husband. Both quiet, educated and attractive. They both have and like to travel. She wants someone to depend on and he is a good person.
Derick says his mom is his best friend. That’s not going to be a problem I’m sure. Heather is telling her parents she is going to marry a stranger by video chat. Everyone is supportive. Heather is fidgeting and freaking out waiting to walk down the aisle.
Lillian & Tom
Lillian is affectionate. When shemafs4-1 lillian+tom left home her parents divorced and she slowly heard less and less from her father. Tom doesn’t think women understand and accept him. The both rescue animals. Physically they think they will be compatible.
Lillian’s friend and sister are being told. They are happy for her. Tom’s brother is surprised and emotional to be the best man. Apparently they think Lillian is not materialistic. That is good with him living in a bus. Pearls in a wedding is bad luck in Nicaragua so none on the dress. You knew that he would give her a necklace with pearls on them. That with having to have her brother-in-law walk her down the aisle. She feels bad that she can’t wear it.
Sonia & Nick
Her parents got divorced aftemafs4-1 sonia+nickr 20+ years so she was surprised it was still possible after that amount of time. She wants to have a successful marriage. High in family values, education, ambitious are similar.
Nick’s mother is shocked, but she is supporting him. Sonia had dinner with her father to tell him. He’s supportive too. How boring. Nick got Scotch and she got champagne and a basket of things. Nick’s mother is already picking at Sonia’s choice of words in her note. Sonia referred to the scotch as whiskey which I found out is the same thing. Maybe she didn’t know that either. Uh oh, they are putting an outgoing person with someone not so much. I see a Sam/Neil thing.


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