Discovery channel just needs to randomly throw out specials for me between the seasons.  At the end they showed what is to come in the next season but I’m not sure when that begins.  The theme of this episode was that Merlin is anti-Santa.  To save the Lancaster Amish from false prophets, he actually went to an Amish school to tell all the kids that Santa Claus is really Satan.  He gives you gifts to get you to follow him.  It was an amazing scene because some of the kids were crying.  One girl gave the best “Really? Whatever you say moron” look I’ve ever seen a kid do on TV.
Apparently there was a Christmas truce that they were not going to feud during the holidays.  Poor Esther, she wants her family to be together for Christmas like before her father died.  She went to pick up John and Freeman from wherever they are being exiled to.  John told her that he hopes she rots in hell.  That isn’t very godly.
On a better note, Levi gave Esther a live goat for Christmas.  She said if a guy gives you a goat that means he is serious about you.  Isn’t that crazy? It peed on the floor.  It gets better.  The goat is pregnant which means the guy is thinking about more than a relationship, he is thinking about your future. Esther said Amish women dream of getting a goat as a present but rarely do. She said it is the best gift she ever had.
Levi is making holiday money by selling “Amish Christmas trees”.  He finds out that someone is selling trees for cheaper in his territory so he and Alvin go take care of that operation.  I like how when Alvin went undercover and asked the man selling trees why they were so cheap.  The man said the Amish are not that bright so it’s easy to cheat them.  Oh little did he know.  Levi even goes as far as make Alvin dress like Santa and charge $20 for kids to take their picture with them.  I don’t get why parents do those Santa pictures.  Who knows what kind of perverts those fake Santa people are?  Jolin was also set out by Levi to hunt bears for meat as gifts for the Amish people.  I didn’t realize people ate bear meat.  Although Jolin keeps mentioning in his interview how he was the one that did the real work, he was happy to give the meat to people and see the look of gratitude on their faces.
Even though Amish don’t usually give gifts for Christmas, Wayne plans on getting a toy carved out of wood for his nephew.  Of course the guy asks him for a favor.  The guy had an English person order a custom table but didn’t pay for it.  Now Wayne is going to the customer’s house to collect.  It ended up costing the man the price of the table and truck tracks all over his lawn.
Oh geeze.  Merlin has a new sidekick named Mary.  Mary is a large Amish woman.  She is probably in the morbidly obese category.  How can you be Amish (working the fields and such) and be super overweight?  She is super crazy just like Merlin.  She said she has angered her community but she likes to be feared.  Mary is Swartzentruber Amish which is supposed to be very strict which is just want Merlin needs.  This woman seems to be violent as well.  She talked about cutting off parts of Levi, with a blunt knife, and feeding them to pigs.  See her in the video below.

Merlin is just going around messing with non-religious Christmas people (i.e. people dressed as Santa) and events.  He even crashed the Christmas party that Levi set up for Amish and English.  They calmly argued about Santa, Alan, and Esther’s kiss up to Levi at the expense of her family.  Calmly I’m sure because there are little kids in the room.  Discovery got a kid to say something to Levi about how when his father was crushed by a horse and Levi made everything better.  Blah.  Merlin called it a sign from God to leave.
If I remember correctly, last year the new season started in February or March.  So we may still have a few months until we get a steady stream of Amish Mafia.  It should be interesting because of all the news about Esther being beat up by her wannabe rapper English boyfriend.  Read some details by TMZ.