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I saw this today on Esther’s Facebook page. I haven’t seen the After Show yet but I’m guessing it is a response to that.

I have been trying to respectfully let the issues go with Discovery and Hot Snakes Media, but I am so sick and tired of them continuing to air footage of me that was shot back in the summer of 2013 already (Two Years Ago) and that footage was outside where their Lancaster office was. In January they had made a request with an offer that they wanted John and I to come back and shoot with them for continuity reasons for their final season, (which isn’t their final season either, its just another plot) and we refused. Which I guess it made them mad that we refused to cooperate with them simply for their own benefit. They needed to rewrite their entire Final Season due to four of us no longer filming with them. I have not filmed anything with them since 2013. So whatever footage anyone sees of me now just know its two year old footage and they simply put it into this season because they had to come up with some kind of logical excuse as to why we are all of a sudden no longer on the show. Since they know actually telling the truth would ruin their credibility as a production company.

I had helped them Produce Amish Mafia, Breaking Amish (the original series) create story notes for both, get them wardrobe attire, did casting along with another girl for Breaking Amish LA, I cast over half of the Breaking Amish cast members, and Amish Mafia cast. And the only IBM credit they gave me was for Producing Breaking Amish, they said they couldn’t give me credit for any of the other work I did because then it would cause the show/shows to look fake. I really wasn’t going to put them out there like that but I am infuriated that they cant leave me off their show, and continue to take Advantage and air some bs that was filmed two years ago.

All I know is that it proved to be a boring season without her, John, Jolin, and Alvin. Plus, I’m always Team Esther.


I’m disappointed the season wasn’t more exciting. The last episode is set 2 months after the previous one. I’m not reviewing the After Show special.
Constable Paul Castline
The officer has still not taken down Levi no matter what angle he takes. He was able to tell Caleb about a potential secret family that Levi has nearby.
Devil Doug
Devil Doug was MIA at the beginning of the episode 2 months after Alan blew up his house. He thinks it was Levi and is driving a tractor trailer to earn money to get revenge. While Doug was missing, Zach was still trying to find ways to attack the Amish.
The Black Amish Man is helping the community now that Levi has become distracted. He blew up the car of a man suspected of luring young Amish girls and fondling them. Alan hopes that the community will start to trust him and respect his father again.
Caleb’s plan was to get out of the mafia business. He spent more than he could on a prized bull which later was stolen. Suspiciously, Levi had a BBQ with beef and a cow was shown hanging (skinned) in his barn. At that point, Caleb was done because he thought the producers of the show caused this. Later, he brought them back because someone called him about a sick horse. The horse could not go to the bathroom so Caleb stuck his arm up there and pulled out “a bag of drugs”. Oh, the horse was purchased from Levi. Caleb went to Constable Castline about it but since he got rid of the drugs it was no used to him. But, the information he got from Castline about Levi was taken straight to the bishop. It was mentioned that the Amish have a history transporting drugs. There was a case where a motorcycle gang worked with Amish people to do this.
Merlin is worked up about the resentencing of Sam Mullet who led a separatist Amish group that cut men’s beards. He is afraid Mullet will use information about Merlin to get out of prison. Merlin’s plan was to take Mary and Dena to Mullet’s compound in Bergholz, Ohio. If Amish people say it is in a backwater part of town than it must be desolate. After arriving there, they start knocking on doors to find someone to talk to about Sam and the case. A daughter and grandson were found and agreed to talk on camera. Johnny Mast (grandson) is 24 years old and lived in Mullet’s house for 2 years at age 18. He saw multiple women also living in the house and he knows of a child born to one of the women potentially from Mullet. Linda Schrock (daughter) saw her son dragged from a buggy as punishment by his arms. The beard cuttings were because her sister’s husband took his kids away and contacted police about issues they had. Sam’s family cut the beards of people who helped the husband. Her role was keeping her mother-in-law preventing her from getting help. Merlin was at the resentencing where Mullet’s sentence was slightly reduced.
Mary decided to go to an English doctor about her weight. She claims her father died young from the same affliction she has. Her fear was that Merlin would object and shun her. Merlin was on her side knowing that she has tried to deal with the problem in Amish ways but it is life threatening. He shared his admiration for her and they got married.
Caleb told the bishop that Levi may have a baby with an English woman. The bishop, Caleb, and the cameras went to Levi’s red house. Amish don’t have red houses. Apparently, if you are the bishop you can go in anyone’s house. Levi was there to let them in. There was electricity and a room filled with child stuff. Levi told the bishop he had a child and if God didn’t okay it, the child would not exist. The bishop asked if he was married and was the woman Amish. No was the answer to both of those. Levi was stripped of Amish Aid and shunned. I like that Levi didn’t take it. He said you’ll come back asking for my help some day. I guess you have to end Amish Mafia with Levi getting shunned. If they continue it would have to be people fight for control of Lancaster.


A lot of weirdness happened in this episode. Blood moons (moons with reddish color) effecting the mental state of Amish women so much so that they have to be taken out of society? The Mennonites took away all the items they lent or sold the Amish so they had to heat the apple orchards with fire (see photo). People were just standing near trees with torches to prevent frost from forming. Heaven and Hell test are performed over someone’s grave to see where they will end up. If the shovel hits a rock they are going to Hell. Why do you need to know if someone is going to Hell or Heaven?
After talking about the blood moon, the story went to Susanna. She said she gave him something special and he dropped her after finding out she had a tattoo. Now she is putting on heavy make up to make him respect her? Did she just go to his house? Banging on his door, Susanna asked if he still cared for her. He said yes because what else could he say in that situation.
Merlin is a convicted felon? He tried to use it as an excuse to why he didn’t blow up Levi’s car. We did hear the secret footage of him telling Mary that he did.
Governor’s Election
Levi and Merlin continued to campaign to oust the current governor. Doug wanted him to win because it would hurt Levi’s reputation. The governor lost his office and Levi won. This sent Doug into a rage. Alan chose that moment to confront him about using the n-word around him. That was just an excuse for him to get really mad at Doug. Apparently, Alan’s family (gf/wife and collective kids) don’t know that works for Doug doing criminal things. The girlfriend/wife told him she couldn’t deal with him being arrested again in a previous episode. Alan may or may not have blown up Doug’s house.

Merlin was confronted by a protester against the Amish Mafia show. Mary and he decided to go to New York City to a protester’s meeting. They wanted to tell the people what life was actually like as an Amish person. Mary says she and lots of other girls she knows have been abused but told by their society to keep quiet about it or even blamed for it. They want to tell these people that they know nothing about being Amish. Merlin thinks all they are protesting about is the loss of money with the Amish being seen as they really are instead of an idyllic tourist attraction. When they got to the meeting, the police were called to removed Mary and Merlin. This was Mary’s first time on an airplane.
Levi is still dealing with the Mennonites. He also has the Amish people coming to him. A woman says her son may have an English girlfriend and asked Levi to find out. When he went to the place, he found a kid running from him but then his car blew up. No idea what happened there. A man came to Levi saying that he was intimidated into selling his truck to Doug at his Purity Sale. Purity Sales are when young Amish people sell all their English items before being allowed to join the church. Levi sent his goon to steal the truck back. Levi was approached by a protester too.
Devil Doug
Doug is angry at Levi for blowing up his car and is taking it out on Caleb and Alan. He sent Zach to speak with them in his place from now on. Alan is annoyed because Doug has still done nothing to clear his father’s name. Doug is focused on buying the farm that he thinks still has the Book of Menno. Levi goes to the auction to make Doug think he still wants it. Doug paid $1.5 million for it, tore it up, and realized someone had dug something up previously.
Constable Paul Castline
The constable felt the need to “warn” Levi’s lawyer by pulling him over. Next thing he knows there is a civil suit against him from some woman. I don’t know the role of a constable but it seems scary that he can just follow you around for no reason.

Levi wanted the Ordnung changed to let Amish business owners use electricity. Usually Amish get it through Mennonites for a fee. He wants to cut out their dependence on Mennonites with all the violence. The bishop agreed but still wants the Book of Menno found. A Mennonite business man contacts Doug to complain that this rule change could cost him money. Levi instructs Brent to go to prison to speak to the only other person who may know where the Book is hidden. Brent was lent to Levi by the church. He is branded on his hand with a T for being a thief. Of course we can’t know anything about who he is going to see or what they said. Brent was able to deliver the Book to Levi but he is still going to buy the land at auction.
To make some money, Merlin brought in Dena, from Ohio, to sell make up door to door to Amish women. This is something she does even though women are forbidden from wearing it. Merlin met her at demon camp when they were young. He wouldn’t discuss why he was at a camp where the Amish send people who may be possessed. Levi found out from an informant working with Merlin. Levi hid out in a house and when Dena came he took her money. Merlin found the Judas in his group and branded him.
Dena showed us the underwear handed down to the women. I think she had a pair of her great –great grandmother’s underwear. Her and her mother’s underwear is much smaller.
Constable Paul Castline
Paul thinks Levi is seeing an English girl. He went to Merlin for information, but Merlin turned around asking for evidence of this woman to get Levi shunned. Neither of them what to help the other.
Alan took Doug around to see what the Amish do at night. They followed a Deacon picking up Amish Aid in the middle of the night and using it to get a “window whore”. People keep a light on to let people know they are available. I’m pretty sure that the guy told Levi that he was robbed. To send a message, someone blew up Doug’s car.

The Bishop informed Levi that hiding place of The Book of Menno Simons was in danger.  Caleb described the book as their Constitution. Apparently, it was buried on the grounds of a farm by Alvin years ago and the landowner is in financial trouble. Levi goes to the owner to find out that he owes the bank $800,000 and the farm will be put up for auction soon. Of course, he didn’t know where Alvin buried the book. Levi decided to go to Florida where Alvin is now. Alvin joined the church and is forbidden from working with Levi. While in Florida, Levi tracked down Alvin and saw him coming out of the courthouse. He decided he may not be trustworthy now so he plans to just buy the farm. The land owner didn’t want Levi to know he was selling stuff to get the money. Caleb showed up to buy some horses but the guy thought Caleb was still working for Levi so he mentioned the book to him. Caleb told Doug and they plan to be at the auction. Levi tried to purchase it before the auction but the bank rep said that is not how it works. Not liking to be told no, Levi finds the bank rep’s house and pours manure on his car. I don’t think that is fair since he has nothing to do with it.
Susanna beach
Levi used the Florida trip as an excuse to take Susanna away. It was the same place he took Esther. He kept talking about how good and pure Susanna was especially in comparison to Esther. At the beach, Susanna took off her traditional dress to reveal a bikini, a piercing, and tattoos. It seems that is a no no among the Amish. Levi said he couldn’t be seen with a girl who marked herself that way. He told her to go away and he got her a bus ticket home.
Devil Doug
To retaliate against Levi for blowing up his weapons shed, Doug started targeting Levi’s business with the help of Alan and Caleb. They damaged buggies, dandelion wine bottles, and construction equipment. Alan is waiting for Doug to help restore his father’s reputation and confronts him about it. Doug doesn’t want Alan to think he can push or hurry him. It looks like there will be conflict there.
Merlin hijacked a Mennonite tour group and left them in the country somewhere. Mary and Merlin are worried about money. He asked Levi about giving him part of Amish Aid but Levi was not having that.
Constable Paul Castline
He is still chasing Levi’s people around. This time he found Big Steve who also got in trouble with the church for working with Levi. He was at some Amish work camp.

To address the violence, an emergency Leaders Meeting was held. The Bishop asked for Levi and Merlin to work together to save the community from the Mennonites and Government. Governor Corbett is campaigning against Amish Mafia and Levi for the way the Amish are portrayed. Levi and Merlin went to one of his events in Lancaster but were asked to stay out of the way. Their partnership was blessed because they successfully completed the Shaze Feih. It is a trust exercise where one person is blindfolded and the other verbally leads them down a narrow path surrounded by manure and fire. The path represents heaven and the fire is hell. If each completes it, it is a symbol of a spiritual bond that some think is stronger than marriage.
Levi is in charge of dealing with the Governor. He’s traveling around the community to encourage the Amish to vote against the Governor. Amish people don’t usual vote because they feel God will choose the right leader. But, this leader is going after them directly so Levi wants them to send a message. Levi finally knows that Caleb is working for the Mennonites.
Merlin is focused on gathering information about Devil Doug to hit him where it will hurt him the most. He enlists Mary to seduce one of Doug’s men so they can get information. It worked. Mary lured a man to a barn and tied him to a chair. Merlin arrived to give him a goat cleansing. Honey and oats were put on his lap in a goat pen. The practice is used to cleanse the person of their sins. They say the goat’s sand papery tongue remove’s the sin. I’m not sure why they need honey and oats. I think it’s funny that Mary is seducing random men to do God’s work.
Devil Doug
Doug bought Caleb some new buggies to replace the damaged ones. Of course he gets a cut of the business. Some of his guys destroyed the Harvest Festival as a message to Levi and the other Amish. In retaliation, Levi blew up his weapons shed.
Constable Paul Castline
He is just trying to follow Levi around to figure out what he is doing. Unless there is some grand plan for him, I don’t see why he needs to be on the show. How is he paid to do this? I don’t know the day to day of a Constable. Paul followed Levi to a house that Levi went into briefly.
Lots of Bible verses were shown in the show with talk about how the Amish and Mennonites dress differently. I feel like I’ve heard that before so no reason to spell it all out again here. Basically, Amish people dress more plainly with dark colors.

Devil Doug
Devil Doug is determined to take Lancaster County from Levi and the Amish with the help of Alan. Alan was raised there and all he wants in return is to restore his father’s name in the community (and money of course). Alan’s association with Levi damaged his family’s reputation and business. Together they attacked the Amish past time (volleyball) and stopped the Mennonite run taxi service for the Amish. Devil Doug even convinced Caleb to don a white shirt and join his crew. To prove himself, Caleb used a small cannon to shoot a hole in a silo filled with corn, which is a huge cash crop to the Amish. So far we learned that Doug’s family business (lawn mowers) was destroyed by Levi. His main guy, Zach, was injured in a street race 6 years ago but he still gets lots of women. They saw a buggy parked in 2 spaces with one being handicapped. The horse was removed and the buggy was hit out of the way by their car.
The bishop called Levi 9 times in one hour. He wanted Levi to come back and stop the Mennonites. Levi said goodbye to Susanna and traveled home. On the way, he saw a road sign for Lancaster County that was spray painted with “home of the Mennonites” on it. Once home, Levi was met by 2 men who were left stranded in the middle of nowhere by a taxi on their way to work. Levi tried to get a hold of Caleb but he has no idea that he has defected.
Merlin started a group in Lancaster with writings about the True Believer. He has attempted to speak to the governor about his views on the Amish. Now, Merlin claims Jesus came to him in a dram and he looked Amish. It looks like he will also be fighting against the Mennonites. Maybe Merlin and Levi will have to join forces.
Constable Paul Castline
I don’t know why he is still around. He’s trying to figure who is doing damage around the community. I doubt he will be successful. Showing him doing target practice as a quasi-cop doesn’t impress me.

It’s too bad this will be the final season of Amish Mafia. I know we thought last season would be the last with the way it ended. However, I am disappointed by who was missing from the show. It looks like no Esther, John, Jolin, Alvin, or Wayne. Esther’s plotting was part of the fun of the show.
The new conflict will be Lebanon Levi versus the Mennonites. Levi only has Caleb working for him now. There has been a rash of violent crimes along with Mennonites attacking/robbing Amish people. Levi decided to continue the show because the Pennsylvania governor called for the show to be stopped. He blames it for the crimes. Levi thinks he is only worried about Amish tourism and not Amish well-being.
Levi has been under attack by the media and his lawyer is unable to contact John and Jolin. John has been in jail and maybe talking to others about Levi. The lawyer suggests that Levi lay low for a while. Levi has no choice but to leave Caleb to do the collections but not “in charge”. His hide out is a house where local Amish send their “defective children”. I saw a couple little people. A girl, Susanna, who is from the Charity Church, is visiting her brother there as she does weekly. They say the Charity Church is separate from the Amish but takes in shunned Amish and Mennonites. Merlin thought they talked about good and bad spirits too much. I think there will be some relationship between Levi and Susanna. She knew Levi by his reputation (all good stuff). Susanna thought the Amish were not pure because they party like crazy before marriage and don’t value family.
Levi at the defect house
Alan is out of prison and the Amish community. He had a child with his girlfriend, who already had 3 kids, and live in a new house. He owns a new business restoring furniture with throwing parties on the side. In this episode, Alan took the cameras, at night, outside the house he and about 30 other children were abused in. When he told his parents as a child it led to other kids coming forward. The fact that the Amish kept things like that covered up is why he has left them and started working for the Mennonites, which he claims to be. I thought he was Amish but whatever. We are shown a Mennonite Mud Party which is just what you think it is. Young people running/sliding around in mud while drinking, doing drugs, etc.
Caleb is left with the tasks of collecting for Amish Aid, tracking down the Black bumper Mennonites, and running his own buggy ride business. The Black bumper Mennonites (BBM) beat and robbed an Amish man who came to Levi for help. Caleb said BBM have completely black cars with the chrome spray painted black so he found some cars like that and smashed them up. They in turn damaged all his buggies for his business. A man came to see Levi for a family problem but refused to tell Caleb anything because he’s not Levi. His growing frustration with how he is treated in the Amish community being non-Amish made him accept an invitation from Alan to go to the Mud Party to talk. While there, a man called Devil Dave gave a speech about how this was Mennonite territory not Amish.
Merlin said his issues with The Bear left him beaten but Mary was there to nurse him back to health. They seem to be living together. His new problem is that imprisoned Amish leader Samuel Mullet’s conviction was overturned and he may be willing to talk about Merlin to get a lighter sentence. Merlin was outspoken against Mullet so he knows revenge is coming. However, while in the corn field, God told him to go to Lancaster and save the Amish people there. He and Mary are on their way there.
Constable Paul Castline
Is trying to find out the cause of the increase in violence around the Amish, but isn’t having much luck finding people.

Yesterday, my blog surpassed my highest views for 1 day. My record was 411 on February 25, 2014. Now, it is 441 views. All my views previously were from Amish Mafia but now it is Dating Naked. After this reality show season, I’m going to have to find other things to review. I tend not to review scripted shows but I guess I could start. I’m considering Once Upon A Time, Revenge, or Scandal, which are all shows I got into late. I would have to do catch up reviews of past seasons for those though.


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