I had a wonderful post about how Arizona got themselves into this mess with the anti-gay bill (SB1062). I was about to post it about 2 min ago when I said to myself: let me check Twitter just in case something changed. Of course it has been vetoed already. Hey Gov. Jan Brewer, you ruined a post that took me 20 min to conceive and write. I even had a clever title picked out for it: Ask for an Anti-gay Law and Ye Shall Receive. How is that fair to me? I decide to do this post to let people know I tried. You know what? I’m going to include it anyway. Freedom of Speech right? Even if you are late and wrong.
I had been hearing all these reports about the Arizona Anti-Gay law which allows businesses to not serve gay people on the grounds that it interferes with their religious beliefs. A similar anti-gay bill was passed in the Kansas state House of Representatives but stopped by the state Senate. Now that the Arizona bill has passed the state House and Senate, the business community, John McCain (and his people), and state politicians want the Republican Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill to prevent it from becoming law.
I’m sorry, where were you all when it passed both houses? Apparently, Arizona is supposed to be hosting the Super Bowl in 2015. It seems that could be an issue if this becomes a law. Don’t forget the NFL is thinking about making the used of the N-word on the field a 15 yard penalty. That could easily be expanded to gay slurs; plus the potentially first openly gay player this coming season. I hope that the bill is signed into law so the people who supported it can own it. It would be great to see how national and/or international companies handle being in Arizona. Maybe all the gay people will move out of Arizona (which is what they probably want anyway).
Oh wait, they just realized this would cause them to lose money. I guess they assumed gay people didn’t have money. I would think a good amount of people, especially minorities, would be wary of businesses that invoked this law. It probably would not put them out of business but all you hear about is how consumers are not consuming. How could anyone want to take that chance? I have never been to Arizona so I don’t know what their demographics or industries are. But, all of a sudden people are worried this could cause them a problem and they are begging the Governor to bail them out.
I say sign the bill since it was passed by the politicians of the state that claim to represent the citizens of Arizona. If the citizens don’t feel represented, then they should vote those people out.