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I was thinking about trying some short podcasts of the reality shows I review instead of written blog posts and posting them through YouTube. I’m not sure the logistics behind that yet. I don’t know if people are more willing to listen to things than read. I would probably add pics of the show I’m talking about in the podcast/video. I wouldn’t be in the video because I don’t like that. I will do some checking to see how easy that would be. Always trying to think of new interesting things to do on my blog.
I had a record week with the uncensored Dating Naked picture of Jessie Nizewitz (girl suing the show for not completely blurring her). My highest day was 11,886 views in one day which is crazy. I know I’ll never beat that so it is a little disappointing. I just keep finding ways to increase my traffic. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for my blog, my job interviews had been picking up. I’ve had at least 5 phone interviews and 2 on-site interviews in the last month. So, I have been too busy to do other things. I had the on-sites in the last 2 weeks. That was filled with delays, flight cancellations, and being stuck at airports in random cities. All good though but lots of waiting for phone calls.


Hello Subscribers,
I’m debating whether to change the colors on my blog. I’m concerned the green/blue background is too difficult to read. I really like the colors so I would rather not change it but I am open to suggestions from people who (maybe) read my posts.


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