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Last episode ended by David and Natalie picking the returners as their keepers. They decide to hang out in the hammock together. Zakk is upset with the relationship between Natalie with David. Zakk doesn’t want Natalie to sleep with anyone else. Sarah is not trying to chase David.
Date #1: Natalie & Spanish David (New York, New York by way of South America)
Spanish David is back. He apologized. Now, he realized what he had left. Natalie likes what he was saying.
Date #1: David & Nicole (Orefield, Pennsylvania)
Nicole is back. When talking to Sarah about who he would bring back, he said Nicole. I didn’t remember who she was. She rolled her eyes when she heard Sarah was back too. Nicole is still mad for some reason.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Zakk hates Spanish David already. Nicole called Natalie fake in the interview because she wanted to hug her. Nicole is just trying to win David over the other girls. Sarah wasn’t pleased to see her. Zakk and Spanish David talking is so funny. Spanish David asked where Zakk went to school and he didn’t. Zakk being a firefighter got praise from him but he mentioned he works in finance. Sarah is not impressed with the drunkenness of Nicole. Natalie actually asked Zakk how he would feel about Spanish David spending the night to talk with her. He whined and Natalie remember how much of a little kid he is. She said she didn’t have to do this type of thing with Spanish David and David. Zakk is crying in his room. Nicole wants to spend the night with David. He refused and ended the night by talking to Sarah.
Date #2: Natalie & David
Their first and last date were with each other. Jet skiing naked date and into a hammock on the water. He wrote a song for her? She has tears in her eyes and they kiss of course. Natalie doesn’t want to lose David either way.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Natalie and David come back holding hands. They didn’t give any details about what they did. Zakk is again on the defensive. Spanish David can’t guarantee he won’t run away again. David and Natalie really like each other and end the time together.
The Decision:
Rocsi asks David to talk about each woman. Nicole gets all defensive saying she knows what she is worth etc. She is leaving on her own. David is still being nice to her. I wouldn’t. David picked Natalie. She said she was surprised. Sarah is still classy. Natalie picked David. That was the best choice for her.

Left to right: Rocsi, David, Connor, Natalie, Malcolm, Sarah, Zakk, Mary Jane.

Left to right: Rocsi, David, Connor, Natalie, Malcolm, Sarah, Zakk, Mary Jane.


Natalie talks to Michelle about David. They agreed to stay out of each other’s way. Connor likes Natalie and Natalie is worried about the last 2 weeks in the house.



Date #1: Natalie & Malcolm (Brooklyn, New York)

He did pushups to circulate his blood to “help him out”. They are doing some kind of photoshoot. She said it’s not possible for them to move forward like with David and Connor.


Date #1: David & Mary Jane (Yonkers, NY)

She talks about marijuana and alcohol at the very beginning. Drinking is never a problem for her. During parasailing, David’s privates were getting caught in the harness. I’m sure that never happens. She didn’t like that he doesn’t know what chakras were.


Bora Bora House (After Date 1)

Michelle called Mary Jane a witch. That is not cool. Connor doesn’t like Malcolm already. They are in the pool with Natalie and Michelle on their shoulders fighting. Kind of boring. Michelle says she always gets her man. She is with David in the hammock.



Date #2: Natalie & Zakk (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Natalie is so happy that Zakk is there. He is still so into her.


Date #2: David & Sarah (Las Vegas, Nevada)

David is shocked to see Sarah. He seems to be happy with Sarah. He gave her the lowdown on the house relationships he has.


Bora Bora House (After Date 2)

Michelle thinks that Natalie is pretending to be nice to Sarah. Uh oh, Zakk is challenging Connor to do different flips. How sad. David is conflicted about all the relationships. He went off with Sarah and Michelle freaking out. She knocked on the door to interrupt to use the bathroom. They just moved to a different area, but Michelle was still watching. Zakk told Connor that he slept with Natalie. Natalie confronted him and Zakk said he didn’t say it that way. Michelle is fake crying and even David is doubting it. She actually said on TV that sometimes she cries to get what she wants.



The Decision:

Natalie made a big mistake picking Zakk. Michelle said she is a full time model so he should pick her of course.   Uh oh, Sarah is picked. Michelle is shocked but not worried about her future.

Left to right: Nick, Martha, Michael, Helen.

Left to right: Nick, Martha, Michael, Helen.

Natalie is worried about the leechness of Michelle. David told Natalie that she is his keeper. He decided that this was the time to kiss her. Their relationship has progressed.
Date #1: Natalie & Nick (Tampa, Florida)
Eww, Natalie can see him walking “tugging” on his penis. That is the word she used. We can’t see because of the blurriness. She shook his hand with her left hand because she didn’t want to touch his hand after what she just saw. They are naked. There are so many germs around that place. He admitted that he manipulated himself so it didn’t look so small in the interview. He danced for her and now he has sand all over him. Nick said girls get boring over time. He is not interested in boring Natalie.
Date #1: David & Martha (Fayetteville, North Carolina)
People think she has a masculine feel to her and that puts off some men. She talked about how sweaty she is from nervousness. David thought it was too soon to say those types of things. She’s just being honest. Martha is 6ft and she told David he is not 6ft4. This is great. She accused him of padding his stats in height and probably in basketball. Somehow they got in a little yellow submarine. She was able to name several of the fish to him. David was impressed.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Eww more tugging. Natalie enjoyed that he shook Michelle’s hand. David said he plans to travel some after his time is over here. Natalie said he will have to visit her. Michelle tried to say he has a lot of girls to visit but Natalie said nope just me. Connor is concerned about the connection between David and Natalie. Michelle is all over David in his room.
Date #2: Natalie & Michael (Little Ferry, New Jersey)
This guy walks up with some beers I guess and a black wool hat on (still while naked). He said physically these are the cards he was dealt and he has to deal with it. She is not liking his laugh. Their date is painting. She has painted him in an accurate manner. He did her portrait as well. He is a writer.
Date #2: David & Helen (Orange, California)
I like her. She came in with a stereotypical Asian accent as a joke. Helen as already talked about her private area in the interview portion. More inappropriate jokes. They are making donuts. He is trying to ask her about her life and she was still telling jokes.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Martha is rapping to David come up with Helen. Helen and her jokes continued. She actually said she is a data validation specialist I think. Everyone was shocked. Back to the jokes. Martha thinks they may have a friendship. He is starting to wonder if Michelle is only physical. At least, that is what he said. Michael thinks that if he saw Natalie on the street he would assume that she is out of his league. She said she isn’t really into the muscle bound guys. More of Natalie and David time. Michelle is very aware. David wanted to know more about Michelle but she is not giving much information.
The Decision:

Nick was fine with not being picked since there are millions of girls out there for him. Connor stays again. David was about to say who he was going to keep when Natalie interrupted with a “let’s be real. Michelle, I see right through you.”. Michelle doesn’t think Natalie knows their relationship. Of course, he kept Michelle.

Left to right: Norman, Michelle, Connor, and Chinet.

Left to right: Norman, Michelle, Connor, and Chinet.

The couples jump in the water. Natalie started playing around with David. Noelle doesn’t like it but she sees what he would like about her. Tommy and Noelle both confront them about the connection between David and Natalie. Natalie said spending the night with Tommy was like 50 Shades of Grey.
Date #1: Natalie & Connor (Merritt Island, Florida)
He did a flip and we find out he is a stunt man. Connor talks about all the injuries he has had. Stunt people always do that. Their date is just jumping in the water. Another flip for Connor and she is too scared too. He had to talk Natalie through it. He lost trust in his last girlfriend.
Date #1: David & Chinet (Atlanta, Georgia)
Chinet said she goes after what she wants. She will see him in Atlanta. Slingshots turned into throwing water balloons at each other. She got him in the crotch and he is on all fours on the ground. David really likes her.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Chinet made sure to stand right in between Noelle and Chinet more than once. Now they are physically competing for his attention. Tommy is watching Natalie the whole time when she is “alone” with Connor. He is getting jealous. Natalie commented on Connor’s gentleness in contrast to Tommy.
Date #2: Natalie & Norman (Fairburn Georgia)
Norman is trying to find his naked princess. He is a truck driver with braces on his teeth. He needs a girl to smell good. He said he tells women everything from the beginning. He is telling her about the tattoo he has in memory of the little girl he raised for a couple years that turned out not to be his. They are at a playground. OMG he found out on Maury that the kid wasn’t his. The braces are because he got hit in the mouth with a gun. He’s a bit of a mess.
Date #2: David & Michelle (Miramar, Florida)
Michelle talks about how pretty she is and people don’t usually like people like her. She prefers to date black guys so she is happy with David. Did I mention she is a model? I think she will a few more times. He told her she was pretty 5 times in the first 5 minutes. Zip lining into the water. The positions they were doing going on the zipline together were almost X-rated.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
The girls are not happy to see Michelle. Michelle said this is her house now. Tommy doesn’t seem to care that he was being rough with Natalie. David and Michelle are in the shower together. David ignored all the other girls. In the morning, he is talking to Natalie. She asked him if Michelle was just all over him or did she seem to want to get to know who he was. He didn’t think of that. Duh.
The Decision:
Norman said he is fine with not being chosen. He would like to be the godfather to their baby. Weird. She picked Connor because she called Tommy a freak. David dropped Noelle and she cried. David picked Michelle and Chinet was visibly annoyed.

Left to right: Tommy, Jen, Sam, Noelle.

Left to right: Tommy, Jen, Sam, Noelle.

Natalie and David got rid of everyone. Now David wants to try to fix things with Natalie. They made up and David carried her to the hammock.
Date #1: Natalie & Sam (Detroit, Michigan)
Marketing, music producer, and football coach is what Sam says he does. Their date is windsurfing. Of course, Natalie did it better. Oh I hate people like this guy. They always talk about spirits and journeys.
Date #1: David & Noelle (Turnersville, New Jersey)
She wants to be the cream in David’s coffee. She is a dancer too. Is naked aerial yoga safe? Noelle wants a funny, romantic, and mature man.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Uh oh, Natalie thinks Noelle is like her. Both dancers and have brown hair. Natalie wants David to make a move on her. He doesn’t.
Date #2: Natalie & Tommy (Bellingham, Washington)
He was nervous about hugging Natalie. He has a clothing company and is going on a naked dating show. He has been told that he looks like several famous people. I don’t know if I see it. Eww, do I want to make sushi outside and naked? He has a flower in his hair for some reason. She is putting the sushi on Tommy. They ended up in a food fight. She really likes Tommy.
Date #2: David & Jen (Brooklyn, New York)
Jen is very nervous. She is a copywriter for a PR firm. She also has a cat. Swimming with stingrays. I think it would be fun but I don’t know if the naked part is a good idea. David is freaking out with the stingrays moving over him. They are now talking and laughing so that is good.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Sam thinks him being older is a benefit. Are Noelle and Jen talking about how they physically differ? Noelle told him that that Jen is not his type. Natalie and Tommy make out in the pool. Jen asked if David wanted to kiss her. Of course he does.
The Decision:
There was no way Natalie was going to pick Sam. Sam is talking about haters. Jen is going to miss the flopping genitalia when she leaves. Noelle is happy to be staying.


Left to right: Lance, Daizha, D’Andre, Alexa.

Varshay is getting annoyed with Natalie talking to David on her time. Spanish David left his last girlfriend because he was going to Spain to play football. He didn’t want a long distance relationship. Varshay said she is crazy and she will do what she has to do to get David. So she slept with him.
Date #1: Natalie & Lance (Lavallette, New Jersey)
He always ends up with the crazy girls. He used to be a guido. That’s what he said not me. They are wearing some kind of weird bouncy shoes and drinking beer. They like to go to the movies alone.
Date #1: David & Daizha (Atlanta, Georgia)
Dancing dress up date. They live in the same areas so that is good. He doesn’t have to pick her now.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Natalie has been drinking and wants to spend hammock time with David. Varshay is not happy to have all these other women around. He is already kissing Daizha. Varshay is trying to convince others to go with her to interrupt Natalie and Lance. David is laughing and Natalie is not amused. Natalie is crying in the hammock and Spanish David tried to comfort her. But she just wants David and feels “alone” without him.
Date #2: Natalie & D’Andre (Chicago, Illinois)
She said this is the biggest penis that she has seen. Bows and arrows with Truth or Dare is there date which Natalie is winning at.
Date #2: David & Alexa (Brigantine, NJ)
She is a barber/hairdresser/makeup artist. David likes to cook and they are cooking something random. She said she is Italian and knows nothing about cooking. Of course they are making pasta. They decided to just jump into the water instead. She recently lost some weight.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
David talks to Daizha and Varshay about the situation. They are not interested. Alexa fell asleep early. Spanish David has to go home and back to work. Natalie is so annoyed. The whole situation scares him. Now she wants David but he isn’t there for her to talk to.
The Decision:
I don’t think anybody is happy today. David didn’t want to keep anyone. Varshay has something to say. I just heard blah blah blah. Natalie actually dismissed D’Andre because he hasn’t had long term relationships. She asked Spanish David if he wants to be her keeper. Poor Lance, if he stays it was because Spanish David left. He has a fear of commitment. Oh no one is staying. It’s just David and Natalie.

Left to right: David, Ashley, Drew, Jaclyn, Joel, Varshay.

Left to right: David, Ashley, Drew, Jaclyn, Joel, Varshay.

David and Natalie went off with their perspective keepers. Spanish David is surprised he liked her as much as he does. She told him this is his week to figure out what he wants. Ashley is making David laugh so that is good.
Date #1: Natalie & Joel (Hialeah, Florida)
This guy came in dancing. He referred to himself as Dominicano Latino. He doesn’t know there is already a Spanish David. Oh, he is an exotic dancer. She likes him though. The date is playing croquet naked. The mallet is attached to the middle of a belt, so they have to use their hips to “thrust” to hit the ball. I think this is going too far. Of course the stripper has to play this game. What? A stripper cheated on his last girlfriend and he’s not really sorry about it? Natalie’s face was great. Why would she keep this guy?
Date #1: David & Jaclyn (Salt Lake City, Utah)
This girl is wearing shoes with some kind of heel on it. On the beach. Naked. She talked about, in the interview, that she doesn’t like meeting guys in bars so she doesn’t try to date. Then she asked Dave if that was short for David. She blames his good looks for her acting stupid. Jaclyn is a massage therapist. Exotic dancer and a massage therapist in the house this week. Riding a tandem bike naked seems gross. She doesn’t like confrontation so she is worried about being at the house.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Joel doesn’t stop dancing. David goes off with Ashley to talk about their lack of a romantic connection. Natalie is happy with Spanish David. David saw them kissing and he is worried about losing connection with her. Natalie wants to wait to be romantic with David until further into the process.
Date #2: Natalie & Drew (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
He is so nervous. She did find out he likes to ski. They walked on a tight rope. She did it with him holding her hand. He is shaking all over the place. It’s funny.
Date #2: David & Varshay (Raleigh, North Carolina)
She starts off in her interview saying she is never wrong. David gets all these comments right away about how men are dishonest. He called her a man skeptic. Beer pong on a large scale. The giant cups are filled with cold / ice water. Varshay likes competitive men. David is losing. Afterwards, they sit in a pool. David said she needs to give men a chance.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Joel thinks he is going to win. Varshay thinks she will win. Jaclyn gives David a massage as a way to show him she cares. Joel is doing what I can only describe as a violent lap dance for Natalie. Everyone is watching in amazement. The stubbornness of Varshay seems to be a plus for David.
The Decision:
Spanish David wins again. Ashley is fine with David thinking of her has a friend; she misses her dog. Varshay had to say something in her defense. He did pick her.


Left to right: David, Alexis, JT, Ashley.

It’s just Natalie, Sarah, and David. David is worried about how to split the time. Natalie already suggested that if he spend the night with Sarah that they (he and Sarah) should just talk. David doesn’t like to sleep alone. Natalie was bored without a keeper.
Date #1: Natalie & David (New York, New York by way of South America)
David is telling Trump jokes. He likes to just say things in a joking way that are not always a joke. I know exactly what he means. Team Spanish David. The date is swimming naked with sharks? The guy is 24 years old too, like Natalie. They are doing videos as young people do. It looks like he has a tattoo on his butt. She really likes Spanish David.
Date #1: David & Alexis (Cincinnati, Ohio)
He is excited that she is a Bengals fan. He is ready to marry her. She was very nervous that she didn’t hear much of what he said. Naked martial arts. Gross. David is realizing that she is not very bright.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Sarah is not about to chase David all the time. Natalie wants to learn more about Spanish David. Ok, he likes her scars. He said he was jumped and that’s why he had something weird with his tooth. David is happy to hear that Sarah cares.
Date #2: Natalie & JT (Bronx, New York)
He comes out loud talking about how pretty Natalie. He says he’s a charmer but shy. The date is exercising and he is a personal trainer. Geeze he’s a rapper and she said she is too. They did some rapping. She really likes the way he looks.
Date #2: David & Ashley (Greenwood, Indiana)
She wants to study diseases. The date is painting. Painting body parts and pressing them against a canvas. She painted his pelvis pink and drew in the penis on the canvas in pink. They both like their mothers. David told her about his mother’s MS and sang her mother Happy Birthday.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
The look Spanish David gave JT was amazing. It was like all his hopes and dreams died in that moment. Sarah had to walk by to see that David kissing Ashley. Spanish David kissed Natalie in the pool.
The Decision:
I was a little surprised that Natalie picked Spanish David. JT has words to say during his private interview. Poor Sarah. I think she is just normal and not attention seeking. I don’t know why she came on the show. I think David cried for a second.


Left to right: Tweed, Ona, Bob, Kendra.

Natalie apologized to Sam for crying over Zakk. Sam looks out into space when he should be talking to Natalie. David and Sarah lay on a couch type thing together.
Date #1: Natalie & Tweed (Charleston, South Carolina)
Tweed is 36 (I think) with a tramp stamp. He said he is proud of his penis. Of course, he was a golf pro so their date is golfing. They even had those dumb golf hats on. He got the tattoo when impaired. Not a good thing.
Date #1: David & Ona (Virginia Beach, Florida)
She made him turn around so she could check him for bumps. She is a germaphobe. Men have to spray themselves with peroxide on their private areas for her. Ona is on a mission to have kids. I think she is looking for David to be her husband a few hours after meeting. He is thinking about if he should run away. I think he should. She is crazy.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Sarah told Ona about bugs and lizards in the beds and she freaks out. Ona must not have realized they were on an island. Oh geeze, Sam says he is a vampire now. I’m leaving Team Sam.
Date #2: Natalie & Bob (Dulzura, California)
He is 69 years old and has been married twice. They had a water gun fight with not water. I guess it is interesting.
Date #2: David & Kendra (Danielson, Connecticut)
He is 31 and she is 24. She has Bret Michael’s name tattooed on her side. She is obsessed with him and has met him 13 times. More of a diving date, like most dates. She is looking for a more adventurous relationship. They made some kind of necklace.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Tweed is all about Kendra right in front Natalie. Kendra doesn’t like Natalie. They decide to play volleyball boys against girls. Now Kendra and Ona are talking about Natalie out loud. Kendra is already obsessed with David and feels disrespected by Natalie. Uh oh, Kendra gets in Natalie’s face and Natalie pushes her away. David had to break it up. That is so sad and funny at the same time. Kendra called Natalie out for being naked on Dating Naked. David didn’t like how Kendra acted.
The Decision:
If Sarah wasn’t picked, then the world would be a mess. Natalie picked to keep no one which was the right choice.

Left to right: Darius, Sarah, Sam, Georgie.

Left to right: Darius, Sarah, Sam, Georgie.

David thinks he and Nicole have a real connection. Nicole feels like she is queen now. Zakk is trying so hard to make sure Natalie likes him. They ended up sleeping together.
Date #1: Natalie & Darius (Texarkana, Texas)
Darius forgot what he was saying in his interview. He asked her an ice breaker question. He just said women are like ovens, they need a man to warm them up. That’s weird. They are paddling in giant inflatable shoes. He is trying to help her out of the shoes. It is not a flattering position for her. In the process, she pulled a muscle. He actually brought her food in bed. He wasn’t listening to what she was saying since he’s enjoying his burger too much.
Date #1: David & Georgie (London, England)
Georgie came out with cat ears on. The date is some kind of hula hoop horseshoes. She is an art muse. She has an annoying laugh and just wants to be liked.
Bora Bora House (After Date 1)
Darius brought the people in the room to see injured Natalie. Zakk got her a little trinket. Nicole interrupted the conversation between David and Georgie. She is basically begging David to come to her room to protect her from geckos. Now, they are in bed together.
Date #2: Natalie & Sam (New York, New York)
Sam said he was band nerd and doesn’t know how to talk to girls much. He’s a project manager that has traveled the world. They are on some kind of underwater gliding. I don’t know what Zakk does for a living but it would be hard to beat Sam. (I looked it up. Zakk is a firefighter/lead singer. Still Sam wins.) I’m on team Sam at this moment. He just got out of an 8-year relationship and they were married. Now he is divorced. Sadly, he likes musical theatre.
Date #2: David & Sarah (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Sarah is a Miami Heat Wade girl. She is probably not so happy right now that Wade just left to go “home” to Chicago. He really likes the way she looks. The date is dressing up in the opposite sex clothes but not too many clothes. They can’t wear too much being on a naked dating show. She is an esthetician focusing on eyebrows.
Bora Bora House (After Date 2)
Nicole is on high alert. Zakk came in with 2 beers for him and Natalie. David is learning acrobatic yoga with Sarah. Nicole told David that she doesn’t like the other girls. She is already cursing about girls getting in her way. Natalie is starting to see how clingy Zakk is and would be in the future. At the end of the night, David and Natalie talk. They still like each other.
The Decision:
Ha, Sarah is the keeper. Nicole thinks because they slept together he would keep her. That’s not the real world. Natalie is crying at the decision before she picks Sam. Zakk has to give some silly talk and then he cried.


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