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I saw this today on Esther’s Facebook page. I haven’t seen the After Show yet but I’m guessing it is a response to that.

I have been trying to respectfully let the issues go with Discovery and Hot Snakes Media, but I am so sick and tired of them continuing to air footage of me that was shot back in the summer of 2013 already (Two Years Ago) and that footage was outside where their Lancaster office was. In January they had made a request with an offer that they wanted John and I to come back and shoot with them for continuity reasons for their final season, (which isn’t their final season either, its just another plot) and we refused. Which I guess it made them mad that we refused to cooperate with them simply for their own benefit. They needed to rewrite their entire Final Season due to four of us no longer filming with them. I have not filmed anything with them since 2013. So whatever footage anyone sees of me now just know its two year old footage and they simply put it into this season because they had to come up with some kind of logical excuse as to why we are all of a sudden no longer on the show. Since they know actually telling the truth would ruin their credibility as a production company.

I had helped them Produce Amish Mafia, Breaking Amish (the original series) create story notes for both, get them wardrobe attire, did casting along with another girl for Breaking Amish LA, I cast over half of the Breaking Amish cast members, and Amish Mafia cast. And the only IBM credit they gave me was for Producing Breaking Amish, they said they couldn’t give me credit for any of the other work I did because then it would cause the show/shows to look fake. I really wasn’t going to put them out there like that but I am infuriated that they cant leave me off their show, and continue to take Advantage and air some bs that was filmed two years ago.

All I know is that it proved to be a boring season without her, John, Jolin, and Alvin. Plus, I’m always Team Esther.


So the whole crew (including Freeman) is going around town attacking people who are helping Amish people get/do English things. For example, English people selling cars and drinks to these Amish kids. It’s like a rampage. At one point the private investigator is there and has a conversation with them. Can I mention that these guys are walking around in suits, no coats, in the snow (see photo)? I’m surprised they are showing so much on camera. They keep talking about how the English community is infecting theirs but they need to keep their Amish kids in check as well. English people that help the Amish are called Shepherds. As these attacks happen, Caleb is becoming more and more out of control. I guess my question is after they finish with this rampage, are they going to give up their cellphones and cars? My phone and car are not nearly as nice as theirs.

Amish Mafia Group Photo

From Left to Right: Alvin, Levi, Caleb, John, Freeman, Jolin

Andrew, after being ousted from the community, goes to Wayne’s farm and steals his peacocks. How silly is that? You know Wayne is going to come for you. Eventually, Wayne found where Ruck and Andrew were staying and got some peacocks back. No idea what happened to them. Of course the producer asked and Wayne said if you don’t shut up the same thing will happen to you. You won’t see them for a very long time.
Wayne was given the choice by the Bishop (not shown) of staying in charge of Amish Aid in Ohio or being with his girlfriend, Karrie. I’m disappointed he asked her to marry him. Is his job and standing in the community really worth this girl? I doubt it. Because Wayne is a little person the show interviewed a psychologist and a sexologist about the issues for a little and normal sized person getting together. The sex doctor said there is special furniture out there to help little with a range of positions. I had no interest in hearing any of that. Why did they feel the need to include that in the show?
It looks like with John’s extensive criminal history he is going to jail for 90 days.
Finally the black Amish guy is out of jail. Alan always goes in or out of jail at the start and end of these seasons. I can’t believe he is being approached by Constable Paul Castline to get information on Levi.
Castline asks Levi to come with him and have a conversation. Why Levi got in the car I have no idea but he came out with his lawyer. Levi goes to Esther to tell her that if something happens to him that he wants John to take over Amish Aid. Who else could he choose out of that bunch? Too bad Esther can’t run it with her brothers as enforcers. The producer asks Esther isn’t this what you always wanted and she said not like this. That is BS. I would say duh that is what is supposed to happen. Oh the lawyer advised Levi to quit the show because of all the attention Levi and his crew are getting. I guess it makes sense but as a fan of the show I’m not happy.
The Confrontation
Esther, Levi, Caleb, John, and Jolin are waiting for the camera people on the 2nd floor of a house/barn (not sure which it is). They say they are done with the show and that cameras need to be turned off. Threats are made, mostly by Esther and Caleb, and eventually the production team leaves. Later on, the lawyer serves Discovery channel with a cease and desist order to stop production on the show, Amish Mafia. I don’t like the sound of that.

The aftermath of Esther finding Levi in that hotel room is just crazy. Esther used Levi and Levi used Esther so I guess they are even? She seems overly upset. She says Levi has changed with the money he has gotten. It’s sad that she may have thought Levi was different than other Amish (or English) men. I like how at the end she said if a guy is going to cheat on her she might as well be English so she can have some fun. Anyone who has seen news articles about her in clubs and such knows what kind of fun she means.
All of a sudden, Esther was missing. John and the show’s producers were unable to find her. Esther calls Levi to tell him about her being beaten up. You can go to Discovery channel’s website to see the clips where Esther talks about her attacks.  Basically she had bones broken in her face, teeth missing, and a black eye. She tells Levi that she has a car, an apartment, and lots of English friends. The weird thing is that they blame all this on the English world. I know that in early episodes they talked about how Amish men abuse their wives and there is not much the women can do to stop it. It all seems the same to me. Then, John shows up and says they both need to change their lives and get away from the English influences. Levi and John have a sit down saying because of this they have to forget the past and focus on Esther. All the guys (including Alvin) are called together to see Esther and prepare to avenge her. They are railing against the English tempting the Amish people.
John is out during a full moon in the darkness as someone walks towards him. Who else but Freeman? You know they had to bring him in for Esther’s hour of need. Wow, he speaks! After seeing Esther, he actually reacts and interacts with people. You can see the video of it below. That is not the voice I imagined for Freeman. It’s a good voice though.

Alvin and Caleb were summoned to meet Levi when he returned from his trip. Alvin is in so much trouble that he is told to go. Go for now or forever, who knows. Caleb has to argue as well for no reason. The private eye is watching Levi and the Constable shows up soon after. Levi pulls Castline over to yell at him.
Levi called all his people (minus Alvin) because there are Amish girls stripping for English guys somewhere in the community. This makes me laugh. Why is this a problem? All those guys have probably been to a strip club. It is not like these guys are forcing the women to do it, they just pay them like any other stripper. Levi should be talking to the women and their families if they want to stop it. I thought these religious communities kept people in line under threat of shame. Shame them into stopping then. Jolin finds the place and goes in undercover. He leaves to get Big Steve and John to bust up the club. There were even spotlights hanging up in the barn. How clever is that?
Caleb was paid to drag a car out of a snow covered ditch with a couple horses. Do horses like doing that? He gets cornered by the Constable for some reason. Caleb has no interest in being a rat. The Constable said he know Levi is planning something big but he doesn’t know what. The show ends with all the guys preparing weapons and bombs.
Karrie’s conversion is being voted on by the community. In attendance at this meeting are Mary, Ruck, Andrew, Karrie (briefly), Wayne, and others. I’m sure you can imagine what would happen. Don’t worry; I’m going to tell you. Karrie walks in wearing a white bonnet and a pink outfit. I don’t know how many of these Amish women are wearing pink like that. Everyone has to agree but Andrew stands up to say Wayne has been screwing her. Wayne has this great look that he gets when he is angry and outraged at the same time. Now Ruck stands up to agree. Everything is on hold since they do not agree. Wayne said he is going to “bring the wrath of hell down upon” them. Perfect.
Wayne is watching Andrew’s house to get dirt on him. Andrew is dropped off late at night by a taxi. By asking the taxi driver, Wayne finds out where Andrew is hanging out and with whom. Yep, you guessed it; he is hanging out in bars with English women. Next step for Wayne? Get photos, hang them up around the community, and deliver one to the Bishop. Looks like Andrew has been “cast out” of the community. So my question is, can Amish people handle photographs but just not be in them or take them? Wow, the Bishop told Andrew he can’t contact his family again. I don’t see the punishment there. If he gets sent away that means that he can keep getting drunk at the bars with no issues.

Merlin is crazy. He just walks into Amish Country: Indiana expecting to talk to The Bear. So The Bear is an old guy in a wheelchair. Seriously? He is playing some kind of country music. Ha, Merlin wants to work with him to get Levi. For some reason, Merlin tells The Bear that he can heal him in exchange for his help with Levi. These people have followed Merlin out to the woods so he can heal The Bear as if he can do that. Surprise, it did not work and The Bear is not happy. Merlin looks to be in serious trouble and he tried to talk his way out.
A woman comes to Joey (Jolin) to say her kid is sickly and she bought this blue light from a hardware store that is supposed to cure him but it is not working. It seems like there is this liver disease that Amish people tend to get called Crigler–Najjar syndrome. Because this is so serious and can cause death, electricity is allowed to be used for this “blue light” therapy. The crew goes up to the hardware store to get a refund on the lamp. They just leave when the owner says no. Jolin has to go in and take care of things himself. Taking care of these things means busting up the fake lights and the store. The lights are just painted blue so they are not even real. Money returned, fake lights broken, problem solved.
Another woman brings some substance to Joey and says a pigeon brought it to her son’s room. When I first heard it I thought, wait what? Pigeons are trained to deliver messages and drugs around the Amish community. That is genius. How do they know where to go? At the woman’s house, Jolin searches the kid’s room and finds the drugs. He tells the kid to call his supplier and they wait for the pigeon. Jolin and the crew go to the drug dealer’s hideout to find drugs and pigeons everywhere. They just destroy to whole thing.
Caleb & Big Steve
They see a fake Amish person giving buggy rides to tourists. This is hilarious to see them stop the buggy and try to talk to this guy in Dutch. He has no idea what they are saying to him. The passengers are laughing but I would be more concerned. Big Steve asked the guy if he has sex with his horses (in Dutch) and they guy said yes. When Caleb translated the tourists really didn’t like that. They commandeered the buggy and chase the guy off. Big Steve took over the tour but the show had to interview some of the people. I don’t care about them or what they have to say.
A woman approaches Wayne at his farm because someone is stealing their newspapers out of the machine. I guess I didn’t think the Amish would have newspapers. Of course it is an English person stealing the newspapers. I don’t understand the motive behind this. Wayne jumps out the truck to chase him down and 25 minutes later returns with a stack of papers.
John said he is not giving any more information to the Constable unless something happens with his case. Castline tries to tell John about rumors about Esther saying he knows things. At that point, John severs all dealings with Constable Castline as he should. This guy does not seem trustworthy.
Levi is skipping town for a bit to escape the private investigator. Alvin is put in charge. He calls Esther to tell her he is going to Missouri and if she needs anything to call Alvin. Producers follow Levi to a house where he picks up an English girl.
Esther goes to Alvin to get money to pay John’s lawyer. Not only does Alvin not have money for her but says she has to wait until Levi gets back from Atlantic City (New Jersey). Oops, that’s not where Levi told her he was going. And we all know that Alvin is not quick enough on his feet to out talk Esther. She is off to find Levi.
She went to the hotel that Levi always stays at when he is in AC (about 120 miles SE of Lancaster). You it was a penthouse suite. If you don’t know about AC; it has casinos, beaches, and an extensive boardwalk with shops (food, souvenirs, candy, etc.). I suppose it is like a little Las Vegas in New Jersey. I love how the desk attendant asks her for ID and she said I’m Amish it is against my religion to have ID but if you tell me the room number I’ll just go and knock on the door. The guy tells her the room number. How unsafe. When Esther get in that room what does she find, a girl and Levi in a robe. Who wears robes anymore? Lots of cursing on Esther’s end and she is hitting the girl and Levi. It is a great scene; watch it below.

John is pulling out the “mine name means something around here” card. Somehow he thinks being an informant to the Constable is going to take Levi down enough for him to be in charge. Does anyone think John can run anything? I don’t. Confronting Levi about your lack of work and respect won’t cut it either. John meets with the lawyer but the lawyer has no idea that he has been cooperating. That is definitely not what John thought. He imagined that his case would be dropped with all the work he had been doing. I guess not.
Levi was rejected by the Bishop to marry Esther (oh no!) so he goes to the Elder he caught with a prostitute in season 1. You knew this was coming. I don’t know how this guy can even try to refuse Levi. He wants him to use his influence with the Bishop to get Levi what he wants.
Levi is dressed in his best to present Esther with the Zeugnis. Next step is dinner with the family meaning Esther, John, and their mother (see photo). The mother is asking about his work and travel. Since her husband used to run Amish Aid she knows all about that stuff. Plus, she wants to know when her son, John, will get a better job within the organization. Levi has to say yes if he wants this marriage to happen.
Dinner at the Schmuckers

Levi calls John and Big Steve to organize a beer gathering with men in the community. Time for John to tell the law about Levi’s beer plans. The Constable is so snippy like he is too busy to get information from John. Constable Castline is enroute to bust Levi for bootlegging when an Amish man, in the middle of a field, sets fire to some hay as a signal that someone is coming. That is genius. By time Castline gets there, all the men are gone and there is nothing to be seen. Levi is going to catch on that John is the rat.
Joey (aka Jolin) is being sent to Wisconsin to help organize the Amish over there because their Amish Aid guy ran off with their money. I wonder how much that happens. I don’t know how this is going to go with him being Mennonite but as long as he has Levi’s support he should be respected. The people take Joey to this messed up barn. Did they not see the truck he drove in with? He is not going to accept a place like that.
Caleb & Flip
Limo parties now? Flip gets people liquored up before they pay to get in the limo. By people I mean Amish youngsters. Caleb, being the perve that he is, takes a girl to the back of the barn saying he will meet up with them later. The limo party got highjacked. It looks as though the people who had their shed burned down are coming to burn down their limo. This comes with a message for Levi to stay out of Indiana by order of “The Bear”. Who is the Bear? I wonder who owned that limo.
Flip is at the phone booth calling Levi to tell him about what happened and that the “The Bear” is not happy with Levi. Oh, it’s Levi’s limo. Interviews about The Bear commence. Wayne said he is a legend and the most feared Amish man in the world. That can’t be good for Levi. These legends sound like Davy Crockett or Paul Bunyan stories. Very uninteresting. Flip was told to send Caleb home and Levi said Flip is on his own. That can’t be good for Flip. So what does Flip do? He calls Merlin.
Merlin is always “all in”. He can’t just be a follower of God; he has to be a prophet. He can’t just be a prophet now; he has to be a witch doctor. Is that really necessary for Amish people to have a witch doctor? Why does Ruck know people associated with Amish witchcraft? Apparently part of it is as a healing technique but you know Merlin just wants it for the power it will bring him. He feels like he can perform miracles, great.
Merlin is sending Andrew to out Karrie as Wayne’s girlfriend to the Bishop. The Bishop said Andrew is gossiping like a woman and he doesn’t really believe. Now that he has Andrew on Wayne, he can seek out the Bear in Indiana. Once he gets there and starts asking about The Bear no one will talk to him about it.
Ruck Davey seems to be in a religious cloud if he thinks taking Wayne’s truck was the right thing to do. I’m pretty sure that Wayne did all the dirty work for Merlin so they should know he’s not playing around. Wayne stole Ruck’s trailer and put some pigs in it. I’m sure that is step one in his destruction otherwise I will be very disappointed.
This confuses me about Wayne tearing up this arcade. Is the guy supposed to turn people away? Why not stop the Amish kids from going in there? Wayne needs to get his community to reign in their kids not attack the business owner for letting Amish kids play there. He gets a talking to after church about what Andrew said. He is planning to put Karrie in hiding so he doesn’t lose his position. The Bishop said he will be watching Wayne; that is never good for business.

Jolin got information that Amish kids may be doing things in an Amish phone booth. I love that they have those and we, English, don’t have them anymore. One day, we will have some new high tech phone system and all the Amish will have are cellphones. Two guys go into the booth Jolin is staking out and after a few minutes goes in after them. He is not happy about what he finds in there. Using information he received from them, Jolin found a meth lab in his area and he is blowing it up by shooting a propane tank next to it.
A woman came to Merlin because her husband, Andrew, has been hanging out at Hooters. Amazing, that is the bar/brothel/restaurant he finds himself at. Merlin is so righteous in front of others but his life is not so pure. After being confronted by Merlin, Andrew accepts help to leave that kind of life behind. Merlin found a way to get Andrew nominated as one of the next Preachers in the community. Preachers are just below the Bishop so you know that is important and a good ally for Merlin. They put a paper in a bible, mix up a bunch of bibles, stack the bibles, and the person who gets the bible with the paper in it is chosen (by God) to be the next Preacher. It’s like the lottery. I don’t think Andrew wanted to be a preacher either but at least his wife is happy with him again.
Under the control of Merlin, Ruck Davey steals Wayne’s truck, knocks down his shed, and allows the truck to roll into a pond.
Karrie agrees to join the church and Wayne stands on a log to kiss her. I don’t find that strange but I do find it odd that she just goes to the woods to find him. Wayne has to convince the bishop to allow Karrie to convert and that they are just friends. This girl is so dumb. She said her family has known Merlin for years and she didn’t become Amish before but now that Wayne tells her to she will. He has to be her sponsor, but if she doesn’t go through with it or the community doesn’t accept her then he could still lose out.
Caleb & Flip
The day after the field party is disrupted by the cops, Caleb gets the call to meet Levi. Levi is not happy and Alvin just watches. I would like to follow Alvin around for a week just to see what that is like. Caleb is being sent to Indiana to help one of Levi’s guys out there named Flip. That area is famous for their field parties.
Flip is running his operation alone with the area occupying several other crews wanting to take over. He is shown riding some kind of motorcycle and talking about how he likes to fight. A guy making moonshine is selling to Flip’s competition, so they want to punish him. Caleb and Flip are collecting methane from cows in bags to blow up the moonshiner’s trailer. Before they blow it up, they steal as much alcohol as they can.
Big Steve
While in a buggy, Big Steve is chasing down another Amish man in a buggy because he is late in paying Levi. The guy was taken down and told to pay or else.
John is sent to a construction site to be the new foreman but another guy says he is the foreman. It seems like Levi is still trying to mess with John. Constable Paul Castline and John are meeting in some secret place. The Constable is so pushy for no reason. I bet in real life he beats people up for information.
The Stalker with the camera is back again following Levi and the crew. He said he is a private investigator hired to follow Levi. I can’t begin to guess who could have hired that guy. So many people don’t like Levi. I would love it to be Alan. Levi gets pulled over by Castline for a talking to for fun I guess.
Since Levi was basically put in his place at the Leaders’ meeting, he realized how respected Esther’s father still is by the leaders. Now, he thinks he should marry Esther. She knows it can help her family but is concerned about Levi’s ability to get the Zeugnis. A Zeugnis is a contract issued by the church saying that the man will take care of his wife and the wife will raise their children Amish as well as be submissive to the husband. On his way to the bishop to ask permission to marry Esther, Levi has to pick up his buggy since driving his car would be inappropriate. He does not look happy when he comes out of the house.
Finally, Mary is on the show. I was wondering why she was in the Christmas special. She owns a bundling business. You can see all about it in this clip below. Esther is planning to do this as preparation for marriage.

Jolin & Alvin
Last episode, Jolin and Alvin were stopped for speeding. The cop barely searches the car. It looked like the cop car had a Pennsylvania license plate. I originally assumed that the cops were sent by Paul and the Kentucky crew but I guess not.
Big Steve
Levi thought it would be a good idea to send Big Steve to Iowa on a plane (see photo below). To see him trying to maneuver in the Philadelphia airport is funny. I feel so bad for the woman sitting next to him. Big Steve tells the black people next to him that Lebanon Levi is sending him to Iowa to do a job. It would be stranger I guess if there were no black people on a plane flying out of Philadelphia even if the destination is Iowa. He takes a cab to the house the girl is staying in, breaks down the door, gets her to the cab, and they speed away. That was easy.
Big Steve on a Plane
Wayne & Merlin
Producers track Wayne down to some English woman’s house. He is seriously telling this woman that she needs to convert so she doesn’t lose him. She said she would think about it. I don’t know why so many people let others tell them what to do. As if Wayne was the best thing that ever happened to her; I doubt that. I suppose since Wayne will lose his job and standing the community if anyone found out about his English girlfriend he has the right to be pushy about it. To convert you need permission from the bishop, confess to the Amish church, learn Dutch, and live the lifestyle for a year.
Merlin has connections to Wayne’s girlfriend’s (Karrie) family so he is trying to get “closer to her” as a way to mess with Wayne. Karrie is being taken on a buggy ride and Merlin is using her ignorance of Amish culture to his advantage. Peacock feathers are given to people like they are flowers. Caleb raises them so he has easy access to them. Merlin is giving Karrie one and she has no idea the meaning. Merlin had the nerve to say if God wants him to sleep with Wayne’s girlfriend in order to save the Amish community then that is a sacrifice he is willing to make.
Oh, so this is the same girlfriend that Merlin took out to dinner behinds Wayne’s back before. I guess I thought it would be a different girl. You would think the guys would have multiple girlfriends at a time. Wayne just saw the peacock feather in his girlfriend’s house and he is livid. As if she knew what any of that meant; she just thought it was a nice gift. Dating English people is a cause to be shunned but it seems like everyone on this show does it.
Caleb was stopped by a woman in a buggy saying 2 English kids were throwing mud at her while driving her buggy. Kids are so annoying. A news clip is shown about a drive by shooting targeting an Amish buggy where the horse died at the scene. How weird. One of the bratty kids were caught, put in a net, and hung up in a barn.
Levi wants to meet up with Caleb. He wanted things kept quiet in collecting from the community but Caleb is not sorry because he is getting the money. Next party for Caleb to plan: a field party. There are so many people at this field party. It’s just like a frat party in the middle of the woods. People falling over drunk and vomiting, but all of a sudden, the police show up and people scatter.
John and the lawyer to the Amish, come out of court. Another meeting with the lawyer and, uh oh, potential jail time unless he cooperates.
He goes to Esther to tell her to get him back in with Levi. Now, he is threating to tell Levi about her double life. Well I know about her double life from newspaper articles so he has to know as well. Home video is shown of Esther dressed to go out dancing. This gives her extra motivation to get John a job with Levi. Also she has another good reason because John needs to make money to help support the family. Initially Levi says no, however in a second meeting, Levi agrees to let John work for him but starting at the bottom.
Constable Paul Castline
Castline heard about a meeting with Amish men coming in from out of time to meet with Levi but he has an informant to get more details. Oops, the potential informant is John but he’s taking some convincing. John sent him away. Police came to the field party because of a tip from John. All John wants to do is stay out of jail so working with Castline is the way he is trying to do it.
The film crew noticed some guy following them around with a camera. After being confronted the man sped away. Levi confronts the guy with the camera later in the episode.
This Leaders’ meeting has all the leaders of Amish Aid around the country in Lancaster. Levi and Wayne are both there with it being Wayne’s first meeting. For some reason Paul, from Kentucky, is not there. Apparently the producers “convinced” someone to wear a microphone in the meeting. The Chairman is not happy with Levi doing this show with cameras. He said showing them living like English people has caused their business to decrease and an increase of police surveillance all over the country.
This was the best part:
Chairman: If Mr. Schmucker were still alive and running Lancaster, he would never do anything like this. He would never have thought about going on television. He never would have let the Amish people see him doing anything other than do Amish things. Those were the days when it was much better for us.
Levi: You have no right to say what you are saying to me. I am doing nothing but helping my community.
Chairman: Enough, Levi. I am keeping an eye on you and I am warning you to no longer do this.
Levi walks out complaining about being compared to Mr. Schmucker, who if you remember is Esther and John’s father.

Discovery channel always catches me off guard on when these shows come back on TV. I was slightly underwhelmed by this episode, but I understand it has to be a type of recap/introduction to new characters show. I was surprised to not see Mary who was in the Christmas special. In general, I’m trying to find a way to cut down the commentary because it just seems really long. Is there such a thing as too much detail?
Caleb (He Lives)
The show starts out with Levi butchering a pig and talking about how the community is starting to trust him again. If you remember last time, the bishop was telling people that Levi is vain so businesses stopped paying him. Now, most people are paying. The concept of a double life is mentioned in regards to Caleb messing around with the bishop’s daughter. Levi says for leading the bishop’s daughter astray, Caleb is suffering. Wait, Caleb’s still lives? Of course he is. So many internet rumors saying he was dead like Discovery would ever be involved remotely with that. Anonymous Amish people are taped telling the rumors they heard about what happened to Caleb like him being beaten badly outside of town. We find Caleb standing in the shadows of what looks like a butcher shop in a barn with pigs hanging from the ceiling. All the fake drama of people coming out of a dark barn at night but Caleb looks fine to me (see video below).

Next, we see a little bit of Caleb cleaning up animal waste time. LOL, his shovel broke. That’s definitely not good. Caleb gets a reprieve from Levi to go out and collect money quietly. You know it’s not going to be that easy. No one wants to pay and a guy said to him aren’t you “Levi’s sh*t shoveler”? Caleb responds by getting in the guy’s manure spreader (it’s a machine) and sprays the guy and his roadside fruit stand. Gross.
Wayne is settling into his role as the boss of Ohio since the bishop gave him the power to collect Amish Aid. First issue: English kids driving their ATVs on an Amish man’s field. He observes them and later ties the ATVs to his truck to destroy them. Seems fair to me; you can’t just ruin people’s property.
Wayne has a logging type business and is leaving early today. Before leaving he cleans up, shaves, and puts on a nice colorful shirt. That can mean only one thing, women. Producers followed him, without his knowledge to some woman’s house.
Merlin, Alan, and Ruck Davey
Merlin’s family owns an aluminum siding business? Why didn’t I know that before? People are saying Merlin is crazier now than ever. I’m surprised that could be true. They film him yelling/saying bible verses and going to visit Alan Beiler in the Perry County Prison. He assures Alan that the Kentucky guys will be ready to go after the Leaders Meeting. The Leaders Meeting is a gathering of all the heads of Amish Aid that occurs every few years where they discuss issues/concerns. It would be too risky, says Merlin, to cause problems at this time.
Merlin is gathering a crew, Ruck Davey, a radical religious man that wears a robe like Jesus would (Ruck meaning dress) and has some kind of problem with Wayne. Oh, Davey is one of those people who whip themselves for religious reasons. I have no idea what it is called and I’m not about type in “religious whipping” in a search engine right now. Wayne had an amazing quote about him: He’s out there in left field and there is nobody playing ball. Uh oh, Ruck found a bible on his door step and Merlin is going to help him get unshunned. Caleb said the guy was shunned for a long time because he beat a guy really badly with a bible for chewing gum in church. At first the show made it seem like being shunned is a horrible thing but it seems like everyone gets shunned and then unshunned on this show. Is there a 3 strikes and you are out rule?
Merlin visits the bishop to basically bribe him to unshun Ruck. Apparently the bishop owes his business money for work performed and having unpaid bills is not a good example for a bishop to set. There is this weird thing called a Red Rose ritual. This is where the church offers you a rose as forgiveness for a debt, money or otherwise. Merlin wants one plus the unshunning of Ruck and the bishop’s debt will be forgiven. That is crazy. Esther said it is like winning the lottery with the church and everyone in the community knows what it means. You know Merlin walked out with a rose right?
Jolin & Alvin
Joey (aka Jolin) is back and bearded. It looks odd but I’m sure he likes it. His update is that Paradise (the part of Levi’s territory that he runs) is doing fine while the video shows women all over him. Levi meets with Jolin and Alvin to discuss the situation with the Kentucky Amish coming for them. They are being sent to Kentucky to take care of them before they even get to Lancaster.
Great, we are back in Kentucky Amish country. There are so many dogs just hanging out. Jolin and Alvin are looking for the Kentucky Amish mafia that is supposed to be hiding out in a barn. They eventually find a guy. He runs, they chase, and they come back with information. It was slightly disturbing that Joey is tucking in his shirt. Why is it untucked?
Alvin and Jolin are praying before they attack Paul and his Kentucky people. Jolin says if you have to ask why they pray then you won’t understand. My question is: are they praying for protection or forgiveness for what they are about to do? All the guys ran out of the barn when they hear Jolin shoot and then Alvin burns the place down. Alvin really likes fire because I don’t know how many times he has done that on the show.
Later, Paul and the boys set up a 2 buggy road block to trap Jolin and Alvin. Joey drove through those things like they were not even there as expected. On their way out of town, Joey and Alvin got stopped by the police. That is never a good thing. I bet Paul has some kind of deal with the police.
Constable Paul Castline
This is a new element to the show; the involvement of law enforcement. A man named
Paul Castline Jr., who is a “Lancaster County Law Enforcement Official”, looks to be suiting up for a SWAT team mission. According to the link, he is a constable which is not the same as a police officer. He has stun guns, real guns, and handcuffs. They had to show him shooting huge guns at a shooting range to let us know he means business. Castline is zeroing in on Lebanon Levi and his gang. Castline is not buying the caring nature of Levi. Levi is all around the community making appearances and doing charity. He thinks it is odd that they are filming what they do. At an event, the lawyer says to Levi that he has been hearing things about him and his crew. Castline is listing the crimes committed by the Amish and how they are no different than everyone else. Also in the above news story, they mention some legal issues Castline had in relation to his job.
Esther & John
Esther got a new house supplied by Levi. She was being followed by some English guys so John, her brother, came back to protect her. As a result he gets arrested for disorderly conduct. This Stephen Breit guy seems to be the lawyer to the Amish. He is always around. John shows up at Esther’s new house and expects to stay. She knows Levi won’t like it but what can she do?
Big Steve
Big Steve is being sent to Iowa to get a girl who is on Rumspringa and is being kept there by an English boyfriend. Levi said the mother of the girl asked for their help. It will be Big Steve’s first time on a plane and he said he will put his sledgehammer in his bag so he will be fine.

Discovery channel just needs to randomly throw out specials for me between the seasons.  At the end they showed what is to come in the next season but I’m not sure when that begins.  The theme of this episode was that Merlin is anti-Santa.  To save the Lancaster Amish from false prophets, he actually went to an Amish school to tell all the kids that Santa Claus is really Satan.  He gives you gifts to get you to follow him.  It was an amazing scene because some of the kids were crying.  One girl gave the best “Really? Whatever you say moron” look I’ve ever seen a kid do on TV.
Apparently there was a Christmas truce that they were not going to feud during the holidays.  Poor Esther, she wants her family to be together for Christmas like before her father died.  She went to pick up John and Freeman from wherever they are being exiled to.  John told her that he hopes she rots in hell.  That isn’t very godly.
On a better note, Levi gave Esther a live goat for Christmas.  She said if a guy gives you a goat that means he is serious about you.  Isn’t that crazy? It peed on the floor.  It gets better.  The goat is pregnant which means the guy is thinking about more than a relationship, he is thinking about your future. Esther said Amish women dream of getting a goat as a present but rarely do. She said it is the best gift she ever had.
Levi is making holiday money by selling “Amish Christmas trees”.  He finds out that someone is selling trees for cheaper in his territory so he and Alvin go take care of that operation.  I like how when Alvin went undercover and asked the man selling trees why they were so cheap.  The man said the Amish are not that bright so it’s easy to cheat them.  Oh little did he know.  Levi even goes as far as make Alvin dress like Santa and charge $20 for kids to take their picture with them.  I don’t get why parents do those Santa pictures.  Who knows what kind of perverts those fake Santa people are?  Jolin was also set out by Levi to hunt bears for meat as gifts for the Amish people.  I didn’t realize people ate bear meat.  Although Jolin keeps mentioning in his interview how he was the one that did the real work, he was happy to give the meat to people and see the look of gratitude on their faces.
Even though Amish don’t usually give gifts for Christmas, Wayne plans on getting a toy carved out of wood for his nephew.  Of course the guy asks him for a favor.  The guy had an English person order a custom table but didn’t pay for it.  Now Wayne is going to the customer’s house to collect.  It ended up costing the man the price of the table and truck tracks all over his lawn.
Oh geeze.  Merlin has a new sidekick named Mary.  Mary is a large Amish woman.  She is probably in the morbidly obese category.  How can you be Amish (working the fields and such) and be super overweight?  She is super crazy just like Merlin.  She said she has angered her community but she likes to be feared.  Mary is Swartzentruber Amish which is supposed to be very strict which is just want Merlin needs.  This woman seems to be violent as well.  She talked about cutting off parts of Levi, with a blunt knife, and feeding them to pigs.  See her in the video below.

Merlin is just going around messing with non-religious Christmas people (i.e. people dressed as Santa) and events.  He even crashed the Christmas party that Levi set up for Amish and English.  They calmly argued about Santa, Alan, and Esther’s kiss up to Levi at the expense of her family.  Calmly I’m sure because there are little kids in the room.  Discovery got a kid to say something to Levi about how when his father was crushed by a horse and Levi made everything better.  Blah.  Merlin called it a sign from God to leave.
If I remember correctly, last year the new season started in February or March.  So we may still have a few months until we get a steady stream of Amish Mafia.  It should be interesting because of all the news about Esther being beat up by her wannabe rapper English boyfriend.  Read some details by TMZ.

The 3 biggest news stories that came out of this are:


1)      There will be a season 3!  At least they showed a “sneak preview” of the next season.  Not that they said when it would be out or anything.

2)      No one has heard from Caleb.  So I guess they want us to think he is dead or near dead.  I think Caleb was told not to talk to Discovery Channel.  I’m sure they didn’t kill him.  Who would do that when there is video evidence of you luring the victim in a barn while carrying a baseball bat?

3)      Flip.  As in the newest Amish guy to join Levi’s gang.  He likes to throw what look like frat style parties.  I reserve judgment on him at the moment.


The special starts out with history of the Amish saying that the Lancaster settlement was established in the 1720s and 1730s with a German Christian separatist named Jakob Ammann.  It looks like with this last season the Amish Mafia heavies had some issues with the media.  First, Merlin and Levi said that they were being followed, photographed, and threatened.  What?!  Cameras were actually in the car with them at the time.  People need to be respectful to Levi.  I don’t care what they do to Merlin.  There was a funny part about this because you could really see the difference between Levi and Merlin here.  Levi said he was going to do something to take care of this guy real soon.  Super religious Merlin said he didn’t know if this was a test from God but he will pray and hope he protects him.  ABC’s Nightline did a story on them and Merlin thought that the tone was set to make Levi the good guy and him antagonistic.


Perception from that news report and social media still portray Amish Mafia as fake and staged.  Whatever.  It’s a reality show.  I like to think an Amish mafia could exist.  I mean every other culture in the world has crime and corruption so why not the Amish?  Have you seen the Borgia TV shows?  That is about a pope and his family (mostly his offspring, FYI priests shouldn’t have offspring) back in the 1460s.  But anyway back to Amish Mafia.  Discovery Channel let the cast say how they felt about how they were being portrayed.  Merlin thinks Levi is being glorified.  He said Levi is a tax cheat.  Levi said the cameras slow him down.  Esther said she was happy they didn’t make her look like a slut this time.


Then, they bring out questions from the “fans”.  Again with the “Are you really Amish questions”.  I’m tired of that myself.  There is a Fisher book and their names are in it meaning they were born Amish.  People are saying real Amish wouldn’t act the way they do.  The Amish Mafia cast members are trying to say there is no difference between them and English people.  They have all the same vices and thoughts.  Even when they talked about BUI (as in DUI but with a buggy) and said the horse can find its way home but they can’t read stop signs.    I find that really odd that a horse could do that.  Do they really know where to turn left or right?    Someone else said that Jolin (whom I call Joey) isn’t a real fighter and they could beat Joey up.  Joey said lots of people could beat him on a keyboard.  That’s right.  Why oh why do people doubt Joey?  Joey’s a fighta.


Esther vs. the World

Poor Esther said John going in and out of legal trouble isn’t helping her family.  She thinks she can take care of the problems and restore her family’s name.  Merlin said he can’t believe what Esther did and she thinks she wants to be in charge.  Levi thinks Esther needs him and Esther thinks Levi can’t resist her charms.  I don’t know what will become of Esther in the long run.  If only she would leave the Amish community.  She could be a politician or some position of power.


Wayne vs. Merlin

Merlin said he never lost his job to Wayne and that Wayne needs him more than he needs Wayne.  Wayne said Merlin is losing focus and that he is gaining control of the community.  Apparently, according to Wayne, Merlin was trying to “hook up” with Wayne’s girlfriend by taking her out to dinner while Wayne was working.  As an explanation, Merlin said he knew her all his life and that is crazy.  The thing is.  This girl isn’t even Amish.  Blasphemy.  Two weeks after Merlin broke up with his girlfriend (remember the one he was all about in a past episode saying she is perfect); she said Wayne started text messaging her to take her out on a date.  Does every Amish person under the age of 40 have a cell phone?  That’s what I want to know.  Wayne was asked about that and he just smiled.  I took that as I sure did do that.  They both said they will never work together again.  Maybe they can have a field fight.  I’d like to see it.  Pay-per-view Live from Amish Country.


Alan vs. Everyone

Of course they have a jail house phone interview with Alan.  Levi and Esther said they didn’t go to the police to get Alan arrested but Discovery said have “undercover video” of both of them going to the police station.  Snitches get stitches.  That’s what Alan said.  But didn’t he snitch on Levi too?  Joey had a good comment when asked about what he did with the chickens he stole from Alan.  He said that he is eating pretty well.


Amish Mafia Analyzed

I’m so glad they brought in a psychologist and psychiatrist to discuss things I already know the answers to.  What I didn’t know was the difference between the two.  I looked it up and they basically do the same things except a psychiatrist is an actual medical doctor.  Therefore, they can prescribe medicines and actual treatments for mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.


The psychologist said when people intermarry with common ancestors; weaker genes can become more prevalent.  Duh! That’s the kind of question I want to ask the elders.  What are you doing to get more diversity?  The woman brings up bipolar disorders and then they go straight to Merlin and when he went away.  Does that mean Merlin is bipolar?  She was also asked about what the symptoms of a sociopath is.  As she is explaining they are showing clips of the cast members I guess inferring that they are all sociopaths.


The psychiatrist said that treatment by religious text won’t help people with severe mental problems. Duh!  Some of the cast members said the church sends people there to keep them controlled.  That makes sense really.  On a completely unrelated point, the next question was about cults.  Hmm, she said there may be a cult like environment with some of these people because they know they are doing wrong but they have a need to follow “the leader”.  Do they?  Is that the excuse for all people in gangs?  I’m sure Discovery added this in so it looks like they care about the people on the show.  It’s the same reason they have doctors on shows like Hoarders and Intervention.  We show you how horrible their lives are for your own entertainment but wait we are helping them as well so you can’t say we are exploiting them.  As a side note, I wonder what the ratio of children born that is normal versus ones with mental issues in the Amish community with all the similar genes.


Where’s Caleb?

Oh I love it.  The producers sat down with Caleb days before the “incident” and asked him what it means to him to have Levi’s trust.  He said it means a lot to him.  In that business you can’t trust many people because they tend to stab you in the back.  They asked him what would happen if people found out about him and the bishop’s daughter and he said the worst thing would be that he would lose his job working for Levi.  Lol see foreshadow.  Discovery tried to say they were not able to contact him since then and they are worried.  Are they?  File a missing persons report then.


Lebanon Levi

Levi said the church was upset that he didn’t have enough Amish people working for him so now he’s got another guy, Flip.  His real first name is Allen but I’m sure that was too confusing with the other Alan (The Black Amish) already on the show.


They are talking about all the people that are after Levi.

–          Esther said that Levi used to be humble and now with all this power and money he is going too far.

–          Joey was asked if he thought Levi looked at him differently now that he came back.  Joey responded with “if Levi doesn’t look at me differently, he should.”

–          Alan is threatening to get even with Levi when he gets out of jail.

–          Merlin has the armed Kentucky Amish ready to fight Levi for him.

Producers pose all this to Levi and do you know what Levi says?  “You think they’re gonna to shoot me?  No.”  LOL that’s why I like Levi.


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