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TV is going to pick up again soon so I thought I would let you know what I’ll be watching. Below is a list of shows and the ones with * next to them are ones that I reviewed in the past and probably will again if I have good access.
At the moment, I have nothing to review. So, I decided to do a summary of the 1st half of current season of Revenge. I’ll do posts for each main character leading up to the new episodes in Jan.
Jan. 1st

Little Women: LA (Lifetime), Big Women: Big Love (Lifetime, new show)

Jan. 2nd

Gold Rush (Discovery)

Jan. 4th

Revenge (ABC), Family Guy (FOX)

Jan. 5th

Love & Hip Hop (Vh1), Scorpion (CBS), Gotham* (FOX)

Jan. 6th

Forever (ABC), Dance Moms (Lifetime)

Jan. 7th

Mob Wives (Vh1), Empire (FOX, new show)

Jan. 8th

Archer (FX)

Jan. 20th
Friday Night Tykes* (Esquire)

Jan. 29th

How to Get Away with Murder* (ABC), Scandal (ABC)

Feb. 25th

Catfish: The TV Show (MTV)

Mar. 1st

Once Upon a Time* (ABC)

May 14th

Wayward Pines (FOX, new show)


New Show: Forever

I watched the first 2 episodes of this show and really liked it. Forever airs Tuesdays on ABC. It is about a man who dies and comes back to life. He has no idea why this happens to him but he remembers the first time he died. Basically, he was protecting a slave on a slave ship, the man being a doctor wanted to prevent the slave from being thrown overboard for a minor illness, the doctor gets shot, and is thrown overboard. Now, every time he dies he wakes up naked in the water. The show is set in current times. He is a medical examiner so he works with death all the time. The big mystery is why is this happening to him. However, each episode has a crime that he is helping to solve. You know how those ME/cop shows go. This time the twist is he can’t die. I’m putting this in the maybe category on whether I can review this show. His story would be interesting but talking about the minor cases could be boring. Of course, the cases could give the audience insight into his condition. I’m still thinking about it. Whether I review it or not, I will be watching it.




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