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Galvan seems to believe Butch enough to take him in. Tabitha likes him. Very soon, Galvan figured out what Butch was doing. He brought in Tabitha to unbrainwash him. It looks like Butch is leading Penguin into a trap. He told him that his mother is in a warehouse and he escaped the Galvans.
One of the new recruits turned Gordon in for using unnecessary force to get information. The Captain informs him that Selina and the Fire girl are together. When Gordon tried to sneak up on Selina, she pulled a gun on her. She’s got one too. Everyone has a gun now. Gordon promised Selina he would help protect Bridget but the Captain is not interested in her sob story.
Alfred is training Bruce to fight. Bruce was invited to Galvan’s for dinner.
Nygma overheard Kristin tell Leigh that she wishes he was a little more dangerous. Also she thinks he is hiding something from her. He cooked for her again. He was going to tell her something but Kristin wanted to go to his room. For some reason, Nygma told Kristin that he killed her abusive cop boyfriend. She freaked out and called him all sorts of names. When Nygma tried to quiet her down, he ended up suffocating her. Oops, Kristin seems to be dead. He is very upset. This may be the thing to set him over the edge. How is he going to explain this to the people at work?
Selina and Bridget robbed an underground sex trade sale of women. They wanted the money to get cop killer Bridget out of town. Bridget wanted to help the women but there was no time. On the way out of town, Bridget was kidnapped by her “brothers”. Bridget’s brother chained her to a radiator and threw little dynamite things at her. After agreeing to join the family again, Bridget burned them to death. She wants to avenge all the abused people. Selina tried to talk her out of it but in the end told her good luck. Bridget ended up freeing the captive girls. But in a run it with the police, she accidently set herself on fire. Selina held Leigh hostage until Gordon came home to tell her the news. She blames him. He tried to apologize. So, Bridget is not dead just badly burned. She is being transferred to a testing facility (i.e. human torture) which is a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. The Joker better be there as well.


The new captain is trying to bankrupt Penguin. The guys counting money for Penguin are in their underwear. It makes sense to keep them from stealing things. Now that they are on a roll, Gordon and the team hit a warehouse that was protected by the city council. One of the brothers in the city’s most well-known arsonist team was at the warehouse picking up supplies. They shot him which set off the explosive he was stealing. Shouldn’t the captain be at the office and not running around town with Gordon? Since Gordon is in charge of the police man’s union, Galvan tried to get Gordon to endorse him. Gordon wants to stay out of politics. Leigh said he should be flattered that he is so respected in the community.
He is not letting Penguin know where his mother is. They kidnapped a Wayne Enterprises employee to get information about the company and Bruce. Tabitha has a new job for Penguin…arson. Butch uses Selina to get an audience with the city’s top arsonists. It’s a few brothers whose sister, Bridget, used to hang out with Selina. The sister is a mess now. She’s obviously their slave/housekeeper. Now that the one brother is dead she is taking his place. They tried to tell her it’s the family business but apparently she’s not really their family. Since she didn’t want to be family they offered to put her out on the streets to earn money. She chose to stay family.
She actually completed the task of sneaking in the first of five buildings they were planning to blow up. Bridget rigged it up the explosives and opened the safe with that Wayne employee’s eye. The eye looked huge. I don’t know how big eyes are supposed to be. It may not be a human one that they used in the show. The safe had a large old knife in it that she took with her. On the way out her legs got burned. The girl made herself a fire resistant suit to protect herself from fire. Gordon found out all the buildings where owned by Wayne Enterprises. On the last trip out they were found by Gordon and Bullock. Her “brothers” drove off and she accidentally set one of the cops on fire when trying to get away. Selina was watching nearby and helped her escape. The cop died and now Gordon goes to Galvan for the promise of help. He will endorse him. Some evil monk wants Bruce dead.
Kristin and Nygma are now an actual couple. Nygma invited Gordon and Leigh to dinner. Leigh offered her house for fondue. I’ve never had fondue. Leigh has noticed the change in Nygma’s personality.
Penguin got the knife stolen from that safe. Butch brought in a woman from his neighborhood who is an expert in antiques. She told of a story of how 200+ years ago that knife was used to cut the hand off a man accused of assaulting a woman in the Wayne family. The man said they were in love but she said he forced himself on her. That man’s family was another powerful family in Gotham and they were all banished to Europe. An order of religious people, not sure if they are monks or priests, took them in since they worship the family’s patron saint. Their name was removed from Gotham history. The people changed their name and as you guessed their new name is Galavan. Penguin wants Galvan to believe his is so paranoid that he fired Butch as a traitor. Butch is to join Galavan’s group and find out where Penguin’s mother is being kept. To convince him, he cut off Butch’s hand.

Penguin is trying to get his people in order and find out who has been wreaking havoc on Gotham. Tabitha arrives to bring him to Theo. He asks him to kill the other mayoral candidates but when he refuses they reveal that they have Penguin’s mother held captive. She lives if they die. So Penguin takes shots at Theo, kills the one of the other 2 candidates, and sends Zsasz after the other. Gordon shows up at the scene and he realizes Penguin is involved. He tries to warn Penguin of the new day that is coming but he is too angry. Penguin reminds him that he knows things about him. Butch has still not been able to find Penguin’s mother.
A new captain is in the precinct. His first move was to fire a few cops with criminal histories. He wants Gordon has his second in command. Unit Alpha was created from 4 new recruits from the academy to work with Gordon.
Nygma’s “other self” told him that he save Kristin Kringle’s life so she owes him. He walked up to her, said they were going to dinner tonight, and she agreed. The dinner is at his house. They have a nice dinner. He briefly makes a mistake referring to her old cop boyfriend as dead and she hears him talking to himself. Things worked out and they kiss at the end of the night.
Bruce finally goes back to school. Cat tries to visit him but Alfred smacks her and tells her to go way. Bruce didn’t see of course. Alfred told him as part of his training he would have to run home. Theo manages a dinner alone with Bruce. He even introduces him to his ward, Silver. She just happens to be back from overseas to attend the same school as Bruce. It seems Bruce is part of Theo’s plan. Some man asked Theo if he had Bruce yet and he said no.


Barbara and Tabitha are an item now. Theo shared his intentions to help her destroy Jim Gordon when his plans to restore his family’s name in the city they built are fulfilled.
The Joker / Jerome
Jerome and Tabitha go to his father’s house. They manage to kill him just before Gordon and Bullock get there. That magic gas was hidden on Jerome’s father so it knocked out Bullock and disoriented Gordon. Gordon had just enough strength to try to strangle Jerome. Tabitha saved Gordon because you know they have plans for him.
They are still trying to find Essen’s killer. Bullock is back and wants to talk to Penguin about finding them but Jim doesn’t want Penguin involved. In the meantime, they are shaking down any street criminal they can find for information on The Maniax.
Benefit Dinner
Bruce was forced to go to a benefit dinner with Alfred. Gordon refused to go with Dr. Leigh. She had the chance to speak to Bruce. Selina was there picking pockets. Jerome and Tabitha tied up the magician and plan to take his place. Leigh is the MC at the event for some reason. It is a charity to help a children’s hospital so I guess she is the only doctor in town. Alfred is trying hard to pick her up. Jerome actually can do magic. He got Bruce to go on stage as his prop. It’s the separating people into pieces trick. Barbara is the assistant and her mask slipped enough for Leigh to see her face. She was able to call Jim to say Barbara was there and possible Jerome but during the call she was dragged away.
Jerome threw a knife at the deputy mayor. At that point, the audience realized this was not part of the act. The whole thing is being broadcast live. Bruce is able to escape with the help of Selina but he has to go back for Alfred. Selina is not about that but before she leaves, Bruce says he misses her. Theo is pretending to be the hero. Jim got inside just in time for Bruce to give himself up to Jerome to save Alfred. Theo came up from behind and killed Jerome. They keep killing the characters I like. Barbara did a magic trick of her own and disappeared. Now Theo is making friends with everyone. Alfred and Bruce feel they owe him a debt. Poor Alfred knows now the status of Leigh and Jim.
Detective Bullock visited Penguin to warn him about asking Gordon for a favor. He could only threaten him for a little bit since Penguin had his people there. Bullock did compliment him on his place.
Theo Galavan
Tabitha saw Barbara kiss Theo and I don’t think she is happy about it. The death of Jerome has inspired the youth of Gotham to turn violent.

Theo Galavan & The Maniax
Theo put the mayor’s head in a locked box (while still attached to his body) and forced him to say he was leaving town with a woman. He’s not. The Maniax is the name of this new group. The males of the group (minus Theo) throw people off the roof of the news building with letters on their chest spelling out the group’s name. It’s like they are cheerleaders. They wanted to be in the paper to announce themselves. Being bored, Tabitha and Barbara whip the mayor who still has his head in the box. Theo asks Barbara about Jim.
Jerome and one of the guys fight over who should be the leader of the group. Theo suggests they play Russian roulette to settling things. Jerome had no problem trying his luck with several shots in a row. Theo named him as the proven leader.
The next stint was to steal a fuel tank. They stopped a school bus full of cheerleaders, chained them up, and doused them (and the bus) in fuel. Of course the lighter didn’t work and soon Jim and the police showed up. One guy from the gang was left behind and Tabitha shot him in the head from the roof. Gordon managed to save the girls by driving it away. I don’t know why they didn’t take the keys to the bus with them.
Gordon is in charge of finding the gang. Bullock was not willing to return but gave him a clue on where to look for the gang. Barbara calls Jim from a cellphone in the police station. She just led him out of there so the others could attack the station. Now he’s getting beaten up in an alley. Dr. Leigh was hiding in her office. Nygma pushed Kristin Kringle down out of the way of gun fire. Commissioner Essen is taken hostage by Jerome and she not having any of his nonsense. As soon as the black and/or hispanic girl gets the job as Commissioner, she gets killed. I’m not happy about that. The Maniax put out a video to the media starring Jerome. He had blood on his face and made a dead cop’s mouth move like it was trying to talk. It has been 2 episodes and it’s the second one with making dead people “talk”.
Bruce was so excited to find a computer in his father’s hideout. Alfred smashed it saying he was protecting Bruce from whatever killed his father. That got Alfred fired. The next day, he left saying he needed to catch a train. What train? To where? Bruce found him in the train station. He agrees to take him back if he helps him in whatever journey his is on. Alfred agrees and even accepts that he has to fix the computer. Later, Alfred tracks down Lucious Fox in a bar. He confides in him and dares him to betray them. Lucious was helping his father with technical issues but had no knowledge of what was on the computer or any real details of his work there. He is trying to fix the computer. Bruce was informed about the massacre at that police station and he runs to see Gordon. He even hugged and apologized to Jim. I don’t feel like Batman should be hugging people.



There is a new headline attached to Gotham: Rise of the Villains. I guess that means we will see the villains start to take shape. A few people (Penguin, Nygma, etc.) started to show their evilness. I think it will be entertaining. I’m interested on what they will do with Selina (Cat) and Barbara.
We left Bruce when he and Alfred found what we assume is the bat cave. Now he just needs the combination to the door. Gordon visits him to say he has been fired and cannot fulfill his promise to find who murdered his parents. His only option to be a cop again is to do something against his morals. Bruce told him he is putting his personal views ahead of the greater good. For some reason, Alfred keeps calling Bruce a child. I think the actor is taller than he was. He is obsessed with opening this locked door to find out what his father has in there. Bruce, with help from Alfred, constructs a bomb to break into room. They found a letter that his father wrote to him when he was 12 years old. It urged him to seek happiness instead of truth unless he has a “true calling”. The entry code was Bruce. He didn’t try that?
She is in Arkham with Jerome (The Joker). He tries to get her to befriend someone he works for because she needs a friend. She showed how easy it was for her to find a friend. But he can get her things so she is interested. I wonder what he wants in return. Why would they make her uniform a skirt? It is actually stripped. Barbara gets the phone she wanted and uses it to call Gordon and Dr. Leigh. She wants Gordon to save her and Leigh to die.
He has been demoted to directing traffic. A fellow officer taunts him and Gordon minorly assaults him. That was all he needed to get fired by Commissioner Loeb. Bullock left and is working in a bar. Gordon went to Penguin for help with Loeb but the price of being his debt collector was just too much. After listening to Bruce, he decides to go collect the money for Penguin and kills the bad guy. Oops.
His evil side is trying to take over.  It is talking to him when he looks in the mirror.
He has Butch and Cat working for him. Penguin is becoming a boss. It’s nice of Penguin to go take care of Loeb himself with Zsasz. They decapitated his protective guard. Penguin is so good. Loeb was begging to do whatever Penguin wanted so he wouldn’t be killed. Loeb is forced to resign, Essen is promoted to replace him, and Gordon is reinstated.
Theo Galavan
Zordaan (the soul reaper) attacks people on the street, gets put in Arkham, and dies with blue gas coming from his mouth. It all started when Galavan, whom he called master, gave him a potion to drink. We next see Galavan speaking at Loeb’s farewell press conference. He is a scientist and new to the city. His remarks about Gotham are glowing. With Arkham gassed, prisoners were kidnapped by a Tabitha, Theo’s sister. The prisoners taken were Barbara and The Joker’s crew. Theo wants to have a band of crafty criminals to get revenge on Gotham for something. Barbara’s boyfriend refused and was hacked to death by Tabitha.

With the gang wars going on, Maroni blew up Falcone’s car. Falcone wasn’t in it but he was injured. It turns out the city has chosen Maroni over Falcone and left Falcone unguarded in Arkham. Gordon wanted to do the right thing by helping the most stable bad guy (Falcone) regain power. He went to Arkham to find Penguin and Butch about to kill Falcone who was strapped to a gurney. They were arrested by him which meant he was responsible for them. Maroni’s men were told where to find Falcone and were surprised to see Gordon standing guard. It was funny that they went back and told on Gordon. They brought back Commissioner Loeb who basically threw Gordon to the wolves. All Gordon could do is call Bullock for back-up who wanted no part of it but eventually showed up at the end of Gordon’s gun fight with Maroni’s men. They stole an ambulance to get everyone out and were able to escape Maroni who just showed up. They end up at Falcone’s safe house and you can read what happened under the Fish & Cat section.
Fish & Cat
At the start of the show, Fish sails in on a boat like a queen. Cat is mesmerized by her. When she gets off the boat, she approaches Cat.

Fish: Good morning child

Cat: We’re not children and it’s not morning

Fish: Soon it will be. The start of a new day.

It is 2 weeks later and the next thing we see is Cat and Fish at Falcone’s safe house with men and guns. That could have been the coolest storyline to have Cat basically trained by Fish. Fish takes everyone prisoner: Penguin, Falcone, Gordon, and Bullock. She decided not to kill Bullock. Poor Butch is all confused. He was brainwashed somehow and seeing Penguin in trouble makes him want to help but not go against Fish. Fish calls Maroni to offer the prisoners to him. Maroni promised to give her back her territory and keep her at her previous level. She wants to be partners and Maroni partially agreed as long as he was number 1 and she was number 2. Fish reluctantly accepted it until he kept calling her “babes” after she told him not to. The only thing she could do is shoot him in the head. After a few moments of shock, Maroni’s men started to shoot and everyone scattered. Falcone, Bullock, and Gordon fled. Falcone says he is ready to retire, but Cat finds them hiding in the street. They were brought back to Fish but a quickly interrupted by Penguin shooting at them. Fish runs out and Penguin follows her. They fought on top of the building when Butch arrives with a gun but is unsure who to point it at now. He ends up shooting both of them. Butch runs to apologize to Fish. She understands they did something to his mind so doesn’t blame him. Penguin comes up from behind to hit Butch. Fish and Penguin fight when Fish is pushed off the roof into the water below. Penguin gets up on the ledge (I wouldn’t with his leg/foot problems) and screams that he is the new King of Gotham.
Gordon & Falcone
At the end of the episode, Gordon and Falcone talk. Falcone is going to retire and leave the city to Gordon, a real lawman. A knife that Gordon’s father gave to Falcone was gifted back to Gordon. He said Gordon’s father was the most honest man he knew but he always carried a knife. Falcone was told by Gordon’s father that a knife can be your best friend when you have none. This is the start of Gordon taking over the city.
Barbara is still looking crazy after her time with the Ogre. Dr. Leigh was checking on her for physical injuries but encouraged her to get trauma therapy. Barbara said she was fine but when pressed she agreed as long as Dr. Leigh did it at Barbara’s home. Gordon and Dr. Leigh were not happy about it but it was for the good of Barbara. At her home, Barbara admitted that she knew about Leigh’s relationship with Gordon. She got Leigh to talk about it as part of an exchange for talking about what happened to her with the Ogre. Soon, Barbara admits that she killed her parents and that Jason (The Ogre) brought out her true self. Hearing that made Leigh nervous so, she tried to leave. Barbara chased her into the bathroom with a knife. When Barbara knocked down the door, they fought until Leigh knocked her out. Gordon came in with Bullock and Falcone. Bullock reminded him that he knew Barbara was trouble.
Ed Nygma was approached by Kristin Kringle. She noticed on the note left for her by the missing officer that the first letter of each line spells out Nygma’s name. He tried to play it off like he didn’t do it. She was annoyed and skeptical with him when she left. All of a sudden, Nygma started talking to himself as if he were 2 different people. He blamed the other for leaving that clue. The other said she would like him better if she was a little scared of him and that she treating him like crap anyway. I think the Riddler is coming out.
Bruce is still obsessed with finding out his father’s secret. He tears apart his father’s study looking for clues after remembering his father’s past habits. Bruce remembered that his father would lock himself in his study with classical music playing. Bruce was about to give up when Alfred said part of a proverb (There are none so blind…) and he thought of Marcus Aurelius, a famous Stoic.  Lucious Fox told him his father was a true Stoic so he found a book about it in the study. It had a remote control hidden inside it. When Bruce pressed it, classical music started to play and then the fireplace moved to reveal a secret tunnel. It looks like we have found the Bat Cave.

Bruce received the copied safe key from Cat by messenger. He arranged some kind of tour of Wayne Enterprises, pulled the fire alarm, and snuck into the office with the safe. Of course he got caught. The guy knew that they lifted his key and so he was waiting for Bruce to show up. He offered Bruce a cookie. I know I wouldn’t eat it. It was probably poisoned or something. The man told Bruce that all the Wayne men found out sooner or later how the company really worked. His father and grandfather learned to let the company run that way it does in exchange for the lifestyles they had. He encouraged Bruce to do the same. Lucious Fox, junior executive, was asked to escort Bruce back to his tour. At the elevator, Lucious secretly told Bruce that his father kept his best self hidden and was not what the company thought he was. Bruce didn’t understand but took it as his father having secrets that he needed to find out. He told Alfred how Reggie Payne died after Alfred had to identify him. Alfred was also informed of Bruce’s encounter in the office.
Penguin was going through with is plan to kill Maroni in that restaurant. He had Butch hide 2 guns in the place for the hitmen to access. The main hitman was told when to go because a Maroni man was getting out of prison and Penguin knew that is where they always went for their first meals. The hitman arrived at the restaurant and said what Penguin told him to say before pulling the trigger. He made it seem as though Falcone arranged the hit and the guns were sabotaged by Penguin himself. This is setting up a war between Maroni and Falcone and Penguin just gets to sit and watch. The GCPD is preparing for the worst. Penguin is a genius at all this.
Since Nygma killed the abusive cop, he needs to get rid of the body. He brought it into work in pieces in a couple of trunks. I guess no one pays attention to him enough to wonder why he had them. I believe he was going to use acid to dissolve as much as he could. I was annoyed because he was interrupted by Kristin Kringle and had the open container of “acid” right next to his face. I don’t know what acid he was using but if it’s dissolving bodies you are going to get strong fumes coming out of that bottle. She walked in to ask for a file and was appalled to see body parts in the sink. Kristin also asked if he saw the cop that day. Later, with just a very clean skull remaining, Nygma decided to write a note to Kristin as the cop so she didn’t keep thinking about him. Out of anger and/or frustration, he put the skull in a bag and beat it with a hammer like thing. His note to Kristin said the cop was leaving town and may call her when he gets back. Nygma was there to see how angry she was. He told her sometimes with men you have to read between the lines. The first letters on the left hand side of the note spelled out NYGMA.
Barbara & The Ogre
The Ogre, Jason, comes clean with Barbara about planning to kill her the first time they met. Barbara was surprised and tried to run out the apartment like he just has open doors. Jason thinks Barbara is the woman for him. He was even nervous when unfastening her from some chains. She spit in his face and said Jim will find her. He didn’t like that and said he would kill her if she mentioned Jim again. At one point, he gave her what looked like a glass of water to drink. She could have hit him over the head with the glass and got one of the axes off the wall to kill him. He actually told her that he would kill whoever she wanted. Barbara refused several times. Eventually, she said her parents. I’m not surprised the way they treated her in that 1 episode like they were annoyed she came to see them. She seemed like she was in shock about everything or maybe on some kind of drug.
Gordon & The Ogre
Gordon blames himself for not protecting Barbara. He didn’t even think of her as being in danger. Bullock found a pimp that was boasting about knowing who the Ogre was so they interrogated him. They found out that man worked in roaming brothel but you need an invitation to get in. Gordon had no choice but to go to Penguin. Things got out of hand where Gordon pulled a gun on them. Penguin agreed to help but reminded him that the favors he is owed are piling up. Bullock went to the place undercover but was disturbed by the show and identified himself as a police officer. It wasn’t shown so we don’t know what was happening on stage. There were 2 people introduced and I think I heard a chainsaw type noise. Police show up and they threaten the owner with press if she didn’t say what she knew about the man in their sketch. She directed them to the hostess/front desk woman. She had a cut on her face from Jason months before he started killing women. As a hooker, she didn’t think to go to the police to say a rich man cut her which is understandable. She had been to his apartment and told them about a sign she saw out the window. Gordon and Bullock figured out the building but arrived to find it empty.
While in the dungeon, Gordon smelled Barbara’s perfume and the phone rang. Jason called them to say he knew they were there. Bullock heard sounds on the call that gave them the idea that he was driving on a bridge near a train. Gordon remembered that Barbara’s parents lived in the area he was traveling. By time they got there, the butler and Barbara’s parents were dead. Barbara found Gordon in the room with her parents and was surprised to see him. Gordon asked where Jason was and at the same time Jason his Bullock over the head in another area of the house. Jason found them and put a knife to Barbara’s throat. He said he would protect and love Barbara more than Jim had. Bullock showed up and shot Jason in the head. Barbara is saved and will be even richer now that her parents are dead.

Bruce & Cat
Bruce is still shaken up about the killing of Reggie Payne. Cat makes him promise to tell no one even Alfred. She is not sorry for what happened. Bruce knows executives that work for his company have safes in their offices. He plans to take Cat to their charity ball to get the key from the main guy Payne told them about and get an imprint. Alfred wanted to go for Bruce’s protection but Bruce told him about Cat going. Alfred agreed to just wait in the car. They sent over dresses and accessories for Cat to Barbara’s house. Barbara being a socialite was going to the ball as well. At the ball, Bruce and Cat danced and got the key imprint. At the end of the night, Cat saw Barbara leaving with a man.
Gordon & The Ogre
The Ogre tracked down Barbara and got himself invited to her apartment with intentions of killing her. He was surprised when she said she didn’t have a boyfriend. She told him off and said once people so who she really was they drop her anyway. No one would care if she died tomorrow. Barbara told him to let himself out, which he did.
In the meantime, Gordon is worried about protecting Dr. Leigh since she is his real “loved one”. She refuses to leave Gotham and told him to catch the guy to make her safe. Gordon and Bullock brought in the first detective to investigate The Ogre. His wife was killed by him. He gave them the name of where he thought the first victim worked that may be a connection. The place was a cosmetic surgery clinic. She was a nurse there, but they needed a warrant to get any information from them. Once they left the clinic, a car was parked in the alley and tried to run them over. Gordon recognized it from outside the precinct. Soon, Gordon got a call from The Ogre at the police station threatening him to drop the case or else someone he loves could be hurt. Gordon responded with a press conference telling the city about this serial killer. When the warrant came though, they found out the nurse came to them through a rich old woman from an old shipping family. They think it could be her son.
When they arrive at the house, they find the butler hanging from a rope but not dead and the old woman long dead in her bed. The Ogre is the butler’s son, Jason, who was disfigured from birth. His mother had left after he was born and he thought of the old woman as his mother. He imagined that he was her illegitimate son and when he confronted her about it she laughed at him. He killed her and his father kept it a secret but has not seen him since. He only tried to kill himself because his son called to say the police were coming to the house. Jason had gotten plastic surgery at the clinic.
Now, Jason was focused on Barbara. Even though she isn’t with Gordon now, he was intrigued by her. He showed up at the charity ball. He told her he can help her be what she really wanted to be. He knew what it was like to not be seen for the person he really was. He took her back to his place. She asked about a room in the house and he told her to look. It was his dungeon and Barbara did not seem scared (see photo).
Gordon realized that Jason had quoted to him something from an old article about him. He remembered the photo of him in that article was from a charity ball that he went to with Barbara. At Barbara’s apartment, Gordon found Cat who confirmed she left the party with The Ogre.
Penguin spoke to a hitman about killing Maroni. Next think he knows Maroni is in his club talking to Oswald’s mother. After getting cozy with her, Maroni asks her if she knows all the horrible things her son has done including stabbing his friend several times. Penguin threatened him and called him a liar. Later, his mother wants to know the truth. Penguin said he is just a nightclub owner. I’m not sure if she believes that or not. She goes to bed and a flower delivery man comes to the door with flowers from Maroni. Penguin drops the vase, picks up a piece of glass, and stabs the man in the neck. He drags the man away with a blood trail behind him.
Ed Nygma walked in on Kristin Kringle kissing her newest cop boyfriend. When he spoke to her he saw bruises on her arm that she said was nothing. He confronted the cop who said that’s how you have to handle women. Nygma told him not to hurt her again or else. That meant that he watched outside Kristin’s house until the cop arrived. Nygma suggested he leave Gotham but the cop attacked him. The cop didn’t know that Nygma had a knife in his hand and stabbed him several times. At first Nygma seemed shocked at what he did but then I think there was some laughing. The Riddler may be coming out.

Penguin was trying to buy a little bar/restaurant from an Italian woman who was not interested. He offered her money or anything she wanted. She said her granddaughter was being seduced by a guitar player so if he brought her home, she would consider his offer. Soon, Penguin found the guy but he was talking about true love and such. Penguin had his guy start cutting of his fingers. The girl comes home to the grandmother. Penguin’s plan is to kill Maroni there.
Bruce is now determined to find Reggie Payne, the man that stabbed Alfred. Alfred wants to deal with it himself but when he tried to go his stitches opened. Gordon came by to urge Bruce not to get involved if he and Alfred won’t talk to the police. Bruce used Cat to help him find Payne. Alfred told him Payne was probably in a shooting gallery so Bruce looked at shooting ranges. Cat had to tell him what that really meant. They found Payne and took away his “medicine” until he told who sent him to Bruce’s house. Payne told him the names of the Wayne Industries employees and warned them not to fight them. Cat dropped his “medicine” out the window onto a ledge. After threatening both of them and reaching out the window, Cat pushed him out. Bruce moved that way but stopped himself so Cat had to do it.
Fish had a new plan to get off of The Dollmaker’s island. It involved several steps. First, she had to get 2 groups of people in the basement to follow her plan, the weak and strong groups. She tested the alarm system by walking outside and waiting for security to come out. Her plan to weaker people, that we did not hear, was to the first guy she used as her sidekick. I think his name was Kelly. The strong people were told they would use a boat to escape the island. She needed them because she had to have killers on her side in case something went wrong. Her job was to steal the keys to the boat and open the gates before they escaped. The Dollmaker caught her in his office and threatened to shoot her in the stomach if she lied about trying to escape. Fish lied saying she wanted to steal a knife to kill herself over the nightmares she had after seeing the ex-manager stitched up with limbs that were not his. Plus, she didn’t want that to happen to her. He told her if she did something like this again he would do the same thing to her but worse. He didn’t know that she did actually take a set of keys.
Fish’s plan was going along. She told the strong group to go to the boat and that she has unlocked the gate the night before. She would go back to get Kelly and said they better not leave without her. When Fish got to the basement, The Dollmaker was waiting for her. He didn’t know that the gate to the basement was unlocked and he was beaten up. The weak group and Fish went to the helicopter, which Fish lied about to the strong people saying she didn’t know how to fly it. The strong group realized when they got to the locked gate that Fish set them up as a decoy. Security shot the strong group and heard the helicopter. The head guard was able to shoot Fish (probably in the stomach) inside the helicopter but she still managed to fly away.
Jim Gordon was approached by a young GCPD officer named Glenn Moore. Moore asked Gordon to reopen a case involving a young woman who was murdered but no one was working on at the moment. He said he was inspired by Gordon’s cleaning up the city and department. Flattery worked and Gordon agreed to look into it. Dr. Leigh (Gordon’s girlfriend / GCPD ME) was familiar with the area the girl, Grace Fairchild, was last seen in and told Gordon of various speakeasies there. Gordon had to convince Bullock to come along and they found the place that Grace was in. The bartender said she remembered the girl with a good looking man with her.
We see a flashback to Grace and her date, Jason, in the speakeasy. Jason said he wants unconditional love which many women he dates can’t deal with. Grace somehow though it was sweet when I think that is super creepy. She went home with him and the next morning he would not let her leave. He has her go through tests to see her abilities to do what he asks. Basically, Jason wants a 1950s housewife. Grace overcooked his lamb and was near tears at the dinner table wearing shackles on her hands. He informed her it wasn’t working out. Next thing we see her in a dungeon. Jason has knives and tools in a box lined with 12 other photos of women that probably didn’t make the grade either.
In Dr. Leigh’s examination of Grace’s body she noticed that the body was not abused just cut. She had been missing for months. Nygma came back with some forensic evidence that Gordon asked for. There was a missing piece that Nygma found a photo of a broken heart (art not an actual heart). Bullock recognized the heart as a calling card for a serial killer that only top level detectives know about. Apparently, the young detective was told by Commissioner Loeb to give this case to Gordon. Jason (aka The Ogre) not only kills these women but also goes after family and friends of any cop that investigates him. Obviously, Loeb wants to get rid of Gordon. Gordon was predictably angry and threatened Loeb. He said after he takes down The Ogre he will come after Loeb next


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