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The Case:
Annalise’s case involved a priest who killed another priest. He had originally pleaded guilty but when he saw the woman who works with him at the trial he wanted to fight the charge. They cared/loved each other but had not acted on it. Annalise blamed herself in court for him changing his plea. She blamed it on her lack of concentration to correctly inform him of his options. After talking to the priest again, he stated a teenaged boy he worked closely with told him he was being abused by another priest and the boy hung himself. Soon after, the priest confessed to him. At some point, he killed him in the church but because it was a confession he cannot testify about it. Annalise tried to get him to break that but he refused. To try to get him acquitted, she convinced the woman to lie that she was with him the night of the murder. He was outraged and confessed to 1st degree murder.
Frank knows about Bonnie and Asher. He told them he may tell Annalise. It looks like they are going towards a relationship. She is sure that the dirt she has on Frank will keep him quiet. Oliver asked Connor to get an STD test with him since he thinks Connor is a drug user. Connor came back clean but was really worried. I was so disappointed that Oliver came back positive. I bet Connor will stay with him for a while but not as long as if he was clean.
Michaela had lunch with Aiden’s mother who urged her to reach out to him. Michaela finally decided that this marriage would be a bad thing. She told her that her son is probably gay and doesn’t really love her but she must know that already the way that she is pushing him towards a girl she doesn’t like. With all the mess with Rebecca, Laurel implies that Frank would take care of it. Frank gets offended that she sees him as a hitman.
Sam’s Murder:
Nate was denied bail so Annalise and Frank arranged for him to be beat up in jail. Unfortunately, it didn’t get him out just put in solitary confinement. Their next step was to get photos of the judge talking to Asher with the instruction that he should work his charms on her. Asher didn’t know why of course and he’s the only one not involved with Sam’s death. Nate’s lawyer used the photos to get the judge off the case. The judge also knew Asher’s father who is also a judge. Later, Asher asked if it was a coincidence that she was the judge in Nate’s case. Once the judge was removed, Nate was released on bail and Annalise urged him to call the number she gave him for a better lawyer. He could barely walk up the steps of his house. He does decide to call that number but the prosecutor of the case is starting her investigations. Annalise agreed to testify for the prosecution. Now, her story is that Nate followed her home and had a physical altercation with Sam who had been drinking and preparing to leave. That explains the fingerprints on Sam’s ring. At the end of the last episode, the prosecutor arrives at Asher’s house to question him about Annalise.
Lila’s Murder:
In a flashback to 5 months ago, Rudy Walters, who lived in Wes’s apartment, overheard Lila arguing with Rebecca. Lila pretended to be innocent and confused just to mess with Rebecca for fun. Her life was boring and she used Rebecca whom she called something like a druggie whore. During the fight, Lila said she would go back to Griffin (her bf / football player later charged with her murder). Rebecca said he was a loser and not good for her. So like Griffin said in his meeting with Annalise, Rebecca arranged for Lila to come to Griffin’s room while she was having sex with him. Later, Rebecca went to the sorority house to talk to Lila.
Wes and Laurel have met with Rudy in the hospital. They were observed discussing it by Michaela who told Connor. All four of them confront Rebecca saying that she drugged Rudy to make him an unreliable witness to her coming home covered in water after putting Lila in the water tank. Rebecca’s response was that the campus cop who saw them at Annalise’s house had been fired for stalking female students and is now working in Delaware. She assumes Frank and Annalise had something to do with it. He may not know what is going on and she threatened to contact him. What do the students do? They tie her up and call Annalise.
Annalise decides to move Rebecca to her house. She tells all sorts of stories about the night Lila died. Annalise decides to let the students (minus Asher) present their case proving why they think Rebecca is the killer. No one gives a good answer. After Asher and Nate’s prosecutor comes to the door, Rebecca is moved to the basement. Annalise tries to get her to talk but nope. Wes had to be talked into speaking to Rebecca, which is when they find out the truth. While they discuss upstairs how truthful it is, Annalise says it is over. No one will talk and they need to let Rebecca go. However, Rebecca is gone and she asked who let her go. Little did they know that Rebecca was dead in the corner. I think Annalise asked Frank if he killed Lila and he said no I thought you did.
The last episode answers all the Lila questions with a series of flashbacks so I’ll give the rundown here.
Rebecca went to the roof of the sorority house to find Lila and didn’t see her. Then, a phone rings and it was Lila’s on the ground. She looked on top of the water tower, saw long hairs, and lifted the lid seeing Lila floating in there. Rebecca jumped in after hearing someone coming. When she got home, Rudy saw her and asked about her fight with Lila. He is invited into Rebecca’s apartment where she gave him a mixture of PCP and a power drug she had not taken but knew it was dangerous. Rudy freaked out and was scratching at his walls until his fingers were bleeding. She called the police and he was taken away.
We know that Lila went to Sam’s house to speak with Annalise but was intercepted by Bonnie. Lila had also called Sam when he was at Yale. She talked about going to his wife or killing herself so Sam came back to meet her. They talked on the roof of the sorority house. Sam told Lila that he loved her and was going to tell Annalise right now. He left and called someone to “take care of it” because they owed him. They showed a couple scenes of Lila being strangled and at the end the camera pans around and it was Frank. For a second, I thought it was going to be Bonnie because always acted nervous around Sam. Frank put her in the water tank but didn’t see the phone which disappoints me.
The Aftermath:
Michaela got drunk at a bar waiting for Laurel to arrive. Laurel actually had Michaela’s ring which was in Connor’s car. She told Michaela she kept it so she wouldn’t talk. It was a smart move. Wes was at Annalise’s house crying about Rebecca going missing and not knowing for sure if she killed Lila. Annalise told him that they both need to believe it was Sam and everything will work out.


Sam’s Murder:
Annalise’s mother came to take care of her. She has been in her room since Nate was arrested. Annalise’s real name is Anna Mae and that is what her mother calls her if she like it or not. It was mostly tough love with her mother trying to get her to pick herself up. Part of it was reminding her that she wasn’t always rich living in big fancy houses. This gave us more information about Annalise. She met Sam when she was his patient dealing with a sexual assault from an uncle. Her mother basically told her that Sam was no good from the start and she doesn’t care if she killed him or not. At one point, Annalise left her room for food. She yelled at her mother asking if she was aware of the abuse. It looks like she was and she told her about who similar things happened to her and others she knew from men in general. She said talking about it did nothing. Annalise told her it was time for her to leave her house. I think that confrontation prompted her mother to tell her how she set the fire at their home that killed the uncle that abused Annalise. They hugged.
After that Annalise was back with her wig on to worry about Nate’s case. She visited him in jail talking nonsense since they were being recorded. During it, she slipped him a piece of paper with a number on it and a note saying to fire his lawyer. She went to his hearing and found Michaela. Michaela said she gathering information for Annalise but the whole episode she was worried about an innocent black man going to prison. Annalise told her injustice happens all time and she’ll deal with it. Michaela was getting information from a lawyer in that case as well.
The Case:
This week’s case was tried in court by Bonnie. She made a huge early mistake when at that end of her opening statement she said the jury should find her client guilty.
Her client was a nurse being accused of sexually assaulting a male patient. The hospital lawyer was pushing for a settlement and it was looking like Bonnie would lose. A few secrets came out during the trial. First, the nurse wrote about the experience on a website about sexual fantasies. The nurse said the guy initiated it and it wasn’t forced. Then, Bonnie tells the court that the man is gay. That was stricken from the records. Later, they had proof of the man visiting the hospital legal department. It turns out that the guy is dating the hospital lawyer and they have a joint offshore account. They planned the whole thing.
Bonnie had a rough time. The students don’t respect her like they do Annalise and she yelled at them for it. Frank encouraged her to talk to Annalise for advice but he was snapped at for not telling her about Sam. By the end of the episode, Bonnie was making out with Asher on a car with Frank sitting inside. Oliver was doing hacking for the case and felt that Connor was hiding him from his friends and Annalise. Connor agreed to introduce him to Michaela, Laurel, and Wes. He had to tell them that he used drug abuse as an excuse for his behavior.
Rudy Walters
Wes found out where Rudy was staying. He was put in a mental health facility on the night Lila was murdered. Oh and he had a drug overdose not a mental break down like Rebecca (drug dealer) said. Wes told Laurel and she posed as Rudy’s relative to get them to see Rudy. He was sitting up, awake, but not very responsive. You could see the scratches on that wall above his bed just like in the apartment. Rebecca called Wes several times but he did not answer. When Rudy was shown Rebecca’s photo on Wes’s phone, Rudy just said “wet” softly. Laurel thought it might refer to the water tank that Lila’s body was found in. At the same time, Rebecca traced the location of Wes’s phone to that hospital. How can you be a law student and be so trusting of strange girls?

The lesson of the day was the 5th amendment. Annalise talked about it in her class. She suggested talking to police is a bad idea no matter what they tell you. All of the things she will do in the classroom will probably be a direct message to the kids (the Keating 5 minus Asher).
The Case:
With all of the drama around Annalise, her longtime client considers removing her from his case. Of course, Annalise has been retained by the mob for 15 years. She had to put the boss in his place. He even said since she is single now to give him a call if she gets lonely and that chocolate goes well with Italian wine. The boss’s business is importing & exporting (I know) but one of their crates was randomly weighed and found containing heroin. Annalise and the team found that the authorities seemed to respond before that crate was weighed. It turns out that the inspector disappeared after the incident. When found, this man admitted on the stand that the prosecutor promised him and his wife green cards if he chose that crate. The prosecutor had the nerve to threaten Annalise on her “upcoming” murder charge.
Sam’s Murder:
Sam’s charred remains (photos shown on that show) were found and identified. Hannah, his sister, is convinced Annalise did it and told that police to arrest her. Since they did not do that, Hannah tried to convince them to search that house. I didn’t realize that was Sam’s childhood home. Eventually they used a past public fight that Hannah and others witnessed, as reason to get a search warrant. Apparently 3 years ago, Annalise threatened to kill Sam and threw an object at his head. Bonnie was instructed to represent Annalise, who did not attend, in that hearing but she failed to get it dismissed. Hannah was happy to gloat to Annalise about the search but Annalise mentioned the unnatural obsession Hannah had with Sam actually using the word incest. All the police found was that scale from the trophy and Bonnie quickly explained what it was and put it back. The kids feel better with that search being over.
Annalise had Frank and Nate working for her. Bonnie could feel she was being left out. Frank found her picking up broken glass in the kitchen because of the shock of hearing about Sam’s body being discovered. Nate is telling Annalise about police findings. Frank is trying to keep Bonnie and Laurel calm. At the end of the episode, we find out that Annalise gave Frank Sam’s ring (the one Wes gave back to her like an idiot) which he put back in the woods with Nate’s stolen fingerprint on it. How clever to put it on Nate. Rebecca had a police informant tell her that a ring was found and that almost killed Michaela who lost her ring that night. Nate’s arrest showed the students that Annalise was working for them. Earlier, Annalise overheard Connor talking to the others about how cold Annalise was acting which didn’t help them. She brought him into that office saying how alike they are. Both of them are worriers and she knows he can’t trust her. But, he should stop worrying and realize she is their best option.
Annalise has her own worries. Bonnie confronted Annalise about that trophy. She figured out that connection between the head trauma that Sam had and the scales going missing. Adding that there were carpet fibers found and the carpet in the house disappeared. She warned Annalise that Hannah will not let this go and not to let the kids ruin her. Hannah is not backing away with Nate’s arrest. She told Annalise he did it for her so it is still her fault. Feeling upset at that end of that day, Annalise calls her mother. I think it would be fun to see what Annalise’s mother is like.
Rudy Walters
Rudy was the guy that lived in Wes’s apartment previously. Wes wondered what happened to him when a Christmas card came from his grandmother. Rebecca says she didn’t know him just that he was crazy. The landlord said he was taken away by that police when Rebecca called for them. It seems like this storyline could become a thing.

Christmas Vacation
With all this stress, everyone had a rough Christmas break. Annalise just stayed in a hotel drinking until New Year. Laurel basically told off her parent for having no interest in her career goals. This involved her telling them off in Spanish. I looked her up online previously and saw she was Mexican. She also had acting credits with Spanish titles so it wasn’t unexpected to hear her do that in this show. Wes continues to have nightmares. Connor’s sister got him a guy for Christmas but Connor says his is in a relationship. I’m not sure how it is going to work out since Oliver is reluctant to trust him. Who could blame him though? The best was Michaela and the dinner party she attended with her fiancé, Aidan. She was drinking heavily and saw Aidan getting close to a guy. Remember Aidan didn’t tell her he had a thing with Connor in boarding school. She walked over and asked if he was screwing him. Nope, it was just a coworker. That embarrassment plus her general odd behavior caused him to “postpone the wedding”.
The Case:
A woman comes to Annalise saying her husband has 2 girls locked in their basement with one of them being pregnant. She was taken by him when she was 16 too but he married her. After she was not able to conceive, he brought in a new girl that he kept locked up and soon after another one. She wanted to turn him in since one of the girls had a stillborn child and she feared for the safety of this new one. Being his victim also, Annalise wanted to get her the best deal possible even though no one else thought she deserved it. Unexpectedly, evidence came out that put that in jeopardy. First the girls testified that the woman gave them milk (drugged milk) before he abused them so they wouldn’t remember what happened. Then, that first child didn’t die. She raised it in the house until it was 4 when she was afraid the husband would start abusing it. She told the husband it died but she kept it in a cabin with a toy giraffe and she would visit the child. Annalise was horrified about the kid being left somewhere alone. The woman wouldn’t tell were the child was until she got a plea deal with no jail time so she could raise it. Annalise told her she got her a deal and the child was rescued. However, Annalise was lying and resigned as her attorney.
Sam’s Murder:
The arrival of Sam’s sister, Hannah, is putting everyone on edge. She is determined to find out the truth especially when it comes to what Annalise knows. To try to quiet her, Annalise gave Hannah a box of evidence against Sam. It gets to the point where Frank offers to “handle it”. We still don’t know what Frank is. Annalise handles it by inviting Hannah over for dinner to tell her the truth (partial truth really). Mostly, she admits to knowing about Sam and Lila earlier that she told the police and how she tried to cover up for him. It’s just enough to convince her that she tried to help Sam without saying she found him dead on the floor.
The students are starting a new semester of Annalise’s class but are having problems dealing with what happened previously. Laurel wants them to be open and talk so no one cracks under the pressure. Wes already admitted the nightmares are getting to him. Connor probably could have when he saw that his car had been stolen. It was just after he openly worried about trace evidence being in his car. We (and Laurel) believe that Frank took the car for that reason. Frank is also becoming buddies with Asher. Laurel suggested it’s to keep him close. Asher is the only one outside this mess but he still has a thing with Bonnie. He threatened her with a sexual harassment suit. She had to tell him to grow up and act professional. Asher told her she was mean to him all of a sudden and his feelings were hurt. But now he will start to treat her with respect again. Wes and Rebecca are doing well until Rebecca sees a news story that Sam’s remains have been found at a landfill.

I couldn’t wait to see how they would put together the suspect switch from Rebecca to Sam. This episode did not disappoint me. I knew that Annalise told Wes what to do to dispose of the body and evidence as soon as I saw her sitting in that room with Sam’s body. It had bothered me most of the season seeing Wes lie about the coin toss in the woods until I saw that scene.
Annalise does an amazing job lying to the police in her interview. Lots of what she said was true. She mostly lied about time frame on when she found out what. Annalise has Nate, a cop, as her alibi whether he is on her side truly or not. Her biggest problem is dealing with the student. She convinced Wes to keep their secret and she would protect all of them. Unfortunately Connor was the first to freak out over the stress. He managed to get Michaela to agree with him that turning themselves in, and pinning it on Wes and Rebecca, was the best for them and their careers. They knew they had to get Laurel to come with them. After Frank alluded to knowing her secret, Laurel told them she would confess with them. However, Laurel confronted Wes with the fact that Frank knew which means he found out from Annalise who must have heard from him. Wes, in turn, informed Annalise that the crew was about to crack unless she talk to them. Annalise and Wes stopped the others outside the police station just as they were about to go in. Now, everyone is united. I’m not sure how much Annalise is going to tell them after this. She did promise to protect them. The funny thing was for their exam, she used their situation as the question and the students had to determine possible defenses for all 4 people. Generally the question was that 4 people walk into a convince store and 1 person decides to rob it. The clerk fights back, the other 3 come to the robber’s aid, the clerk dies, and all help dispose of the body. How to get them all acquitted of all charges? That’s not just the test question but the premise of the rest of the show.
By the end of the episode, the students are trying get back to normal life. Michaela is getting a fitting for her wedding dress, Laurel and Connor are trying to win back their guys (Legal Aid guy and Oliver), and Asher is realizing Bonnie doesn’t want him.
Annalise has produced a lot of evidence against Sam. We now know the baby was his and even have video of him at the abortion clinic with Lila. Cellphone signals put him at the location that Lila’s body was found. With all that, Rebecca’s free and you would think the worst is over. However, Connor calls her from the police station that her sister-in-law is there and she tells the cops not to believe what Annalise says about her brother. I think we are finally going to learn about what happened to Sam’s first wife.

TV is going to pick up again soon so I thought I would let you know what I’ll be watching. Below is a list of shows and the ones with * next to them are ones that I reviewed in the past and probably will again if I have good access.
At the moment, I have nothing to review. So, I decided to do a summary of the 1st half of current season of Revenge. I’ll do posts for each main character leading up to the new episodes in Jan.
Jan. 1st

Little Women: LA (Lifetime), Big Women: Big Love (Lifetime, new show)

Jan. 2nd

Gold Rush (Discovery)

Jan. 4th

Revenge (ABC), Family Guy (FOX)

Jan. 5th

Love & Hip Hop (Vh1), Scorpion (CBS), Gotham* (FOX)

Jan. 6th

Forever (ABC), Dance Moms (Lifetime)

Jan. 7th

Mob Wives (Vh1), Empire (FOX, new show)

Jan. 8th

Archer (FX)

Jan. 20th
Friday Night Tykes* (Esquire)

Jan. 29th

How to Get Away with Murder* (ABC), Scandal (ABC)

Feb. 25th

Catfish: The TV Show (MTV)

Mar. 1st

Once Upon a Time* (ABC)

May 14th

Wayward Pines (FOX, new show)

Sadly, we will not get another episode until January 29th but at least we know how Sam’s murder happened. We still don’t know about Lila’s death. I’m guessing the second part of the season will be covering up Sam’s murder, picking apart his life, and uncovering his involvement in Lila’s murder. The show is called How to Get Away with Murder after all. This post will be more of a reaction than usual.
Sam’s Murder:
The big reveal has happened. I was disappointed at how wrong my previous conclusions had been. Let’s get to the general story now. Annalise tells Sam that Bonnie told on her about him knowing that Lila was pregnant. They yell and scream about who is to blame, who is really the slut, and whether Sam was capable of murder. Annalise threatens to call the police, but he throws away the phone. He pins her against the wall with his hands around her throat. Fitting visual since I think Lila was strangled and the irony was not lost on Annalise. She asks him if it reminded him of what he did to Lila implying it was sexual for him. He said he only started dealing with Annalise in the first place because she was easy. He did marry her. She said something about 20 years together. I hope we learn about wife number 1. I’m less convinced that it is Bonnie. Annalise eventually runs out of the house leaving Sam to get drunk.
Michaela shows up to turn in the trophy she stole from Asher to get out of the exam. Sam being drunk has no time for her and tries to get her to leave. Then, Rebecca walks in. She saw Annalise leave so maybe thought it was safe to just walk into someone’s house. Sam wants them both out. Rebecca runs upstairs telling Michaela to call Wes. Wes had just finished telling Laurel and Connor that Sam killed Lila so he got to tell Michaela and not to leave because they were on their way. Rebecca locks herself in the bedroom and then the bathroom trying to copy information from Sam’s computer on to a flash drive for Nate. Once they get there, Wes talks Sam into letting Rebecca leave. It worked for a few moments until Sam tackled Rebecca to get the drive. In the melee, Rebecca runs down the steps. In an attempt to follow, Sam runs out and Michaela knocks into him so he falls from the 2nd floor onto the ground floor. So, first one to kill Sam is Michaela. They argue about what to do when it turns out he’s not dead. Now his is on top of Rebecca trying to strangle her (he does like to strangle people). This time Wes hits him over the head with the trophy (killer 2). Why is it always the black people that have to kill someone on TV/movies)? I’m black so I can ask.
The deed is done and we have seen the methods to clean up the murder several times. A few new things happened. The most shocking was that when Wes went back to house to get the trophy/murder weapon, Annalise was just sitting there at her desk (see pic). Amazing stuff. Rebecca was willing to lie saying that she was defending herself in order to keep Wes out of trouble since her trial was coming up anyway. That’s the least she could do for him. How many times has he lied, cheated, and stole just to help her with little thanks from her? At the end of the night, they chopped up the charred body, put it in several bags, and chucked them in a dumpster even though Wes said they should go to an incinerator. Wes probably had the best idea. I guess we will see how it bites them later on.
Acts after the Murder:
Laurel took the trophy to Frank’s house since he was calling her constantly. She asked him to return the trophy to Asher because she stole it but didn’t want the embarrassment of being caught. Frank agrees although he thought she was overacting.
Wes stayed in the hotel with Rebecca and destroyed the flash drive. It would be proof that they were in his house and they don’t have time for that.
Michaela thinks about her future. She comes home to see her wedding dress hanging up. They never found her ring. She decided that signing the pre-nup was not such a bad idea and she personally delivers it to Aiden’s mother.
Connor flips out and goes crying to Oliver, the ex-boyfriend. He tells him he has screwed up and did something horrible. After spending the night there and showering, Connor tells Oliver that he has a drug addiction. He was so upset because he had a bad mix of alcohol and pills. Oliver seems to still care. It would be good for him not to but he doesn’t know that I guess.
Asher, who has nothing to do with the murder, had a drunk Bonnie call him and ask to go to his apartment. He tried to be noble and refuse her advances since she was drunk. I was surprised he did that. I thought he would quickly take advantage as most guys would. She said she is a grown woman and knows what she is doing. Later on, Bonnie gets a call from Annalise asking if she is with Sam. Annalise says Sam may have tried to flee after their fight. We know now this is just part of the plan. She asks Bonnie to come to the office.
After leaving Sam, Annalise winds up at Nate’s house telling him that she thinks Sam is guilty. His wife is in the hospital so he lets her stay the night. Of course they slept together. While he is sleeping, she leaves. Annalise summons all the Keating 5 to the office the next morning. Four of the Five think they are found out. Frank tells them the trophy was found on the door step and is now up for grabs again. The Five are told that Sam is missing after a fight with Annalise where she confronted him about having an affair with Lila. The police are on the way and she wants them to be honest with the police. She says the police may want to question them since they have been working on Rebecca’s case. She looks the longest at Wes and this is where we see the flash back of Annalise in the room with Sam dead on the floor. Again, Annalise and Wes have secrets. I can’t wait to hear what that conversation was like. She probably told him what to do with the body. She would know what to do since she is a defense attorney. We know she had to leave before the rest of them came back for the body and then come back at some point to call Bonnie. Maybe I’m wrong and that was the time she was at Nate’s but I’m not sure. She definitely needs a strong alibi. I don’t think saying you were with a married ex-cop will do it for you.
It was a really great way to end it. Even if the show wasn’t renewed, they still would have a good ending. Annalise is a mess. Now that she slept with Nate again, I wonder how that will help things. Maybe, Nate is using her as well. I wonder about Nate’s pay off at the end of this. Does he just want to see Annalise’s life ruined? Too bad we have to wait so long for the next part.

Bonnie confessing
This episode tells us more about Lila’s thoughts about Sam and Griffin right before her murder. Other minor things happen. The best was Michaela being visited by Aiden’s mother about the pre-nup. His mother told her that they build their business from a single store to a multi-national company which she would not trust to her. Michaela is to sign the papers or the mother would cancel the wedding. Michaela first talked about love and then got angry saying she wasn’t going to sign anything. The mother insulted her in a few ways. Michaela tried to slap the mother but her hand was caught (like a pro). She said Michaela was exactly what she thought she was. Frank and Laurel aree still screwing everywhere and on the night of the murder, they see his girlfriend is at his apartment. That is why Frank was frantically calling her the night of the murder.
The Case:
Gretchen Thomas has a high stress life from her high powered job. She takes sleeping pills at night that make her do things while unconscious like cook or have sex with her husband. Annalise shows video of Gretchen dragging her dead nanny outside and hosing her off. Of course, she has no memory of killing the nanny.
Working the Case:
The first step is for Annalise and the Keating 5 (as they are called) to talk to Gretchen and her family. When they get there, Gretchen barely has time for them. Her family are definitely upset/disturbed by the whole situation but she is not concerned. She said if they want to send her to prison for the sin she committed then fine. The husband said she needs to fight but the son said if she wants to go to jail then let her. Annalise assigns family members to each of her people to practice with them since they all my need to go on the stand. At the moment, Gretchen refuses to testify. The son gets on the stand saying how his mother did sleepwalk at times and the only way they could wake her that night was for his father to put her in the shower under cold water. The prosecution asked him the typical things like wouldn’t he lie to protect his mother. The kid answered that they all loved the nanny, especially him because he was sleeping with her. The son looks to be high school age and there is a younger sister that probably could use a nanny. Annalise was angry at Connor because he was supposed to interview him. I believe Annalise said something like he is only good at getting information if sex was involved. It seems to be true. Bonnie got it the worst of it and was humiliated in front of the Keating 5. Asher tried to tell her she wasn’t worthless, etc. She took it as kissing up.
Connor had to go back to redeem himself. He lied about having screwed one of his sister’s older friends. The son said I know you’re gay. What information Connor got was that the nanny gave the son an STD. Connor told the other students and the specific STD is one that Michaela learned about in her Pre-Med undergrad days. She told Annalise immediately but would not share with the others. In court, Annalise asked the father if he was told on the day of the murder about his son’s burning. He said did but then Annalise brought up that he had the medication already because he had the same affliction months earlier. Looks like the father and the son were sleeping with the nanny. No one was more shocked than Gretchen. Annalise suggested that he was angry that the nanny was sleeping with someone else. He gave his wife alcohol knowing it would put her in a deep sleep, he would kill the nanny, and blame on his sleepwalking wife. It’s a good plan. He eventually admitted it. The son was crying. Gretchen yelled at Annalise for tearing apart her family. Annalise said she is hurt because of her husband’s betrayal and that she would thank her later. Boy does she know about an untrustworthy husband. But, we have to remember that Annalise is wife #2 who was screwing him when he was with wife #1.
Lila Stangard’s Murder:
We get to see the timeline of the Lila-Sam (Mr. Darcy) relationship. Last week, we learn that Lila was 6 weeks pregnant. Sam denied it. Annalise had Bonnie come and with her to see if Sam was lying. I think we all know he was. What else could he say? Him knowing she was pregnant is a perfect motive for killing her and Sam knows it.
Flash to 6 months earlier in June 2014, Lila tells Rebecca about “Mr. Darcy”. It looks like Rebecca was closer to Lila than she said previously. They were hanging and doing drugs together. Lila would tell Rebecca about her relationship with Griffin. They did have a virginity pact and Rebecca thought he was pushing his religion on her as a way to control Lila. In July, Lila tells Rebecca that she slept with Mr. Darcy. By August, Lila is upset because he wanted to end it. She said she had the urge to go to his house and tell his wife all about it. Rebecca tried to tell her it was a bad idea. Lila said Griffin told her bad things can happen from sex and it’s true, but she would not elaborate. I think we all know now that she is talking about the pregnancy.
The only person Annalise tells about the pregnancy is Wes but tells him not to tell Rebecca. You know he ran to tell her. Then, Rebecca told Officer Nate. He wanted her to get a hair from Sam to do a DNA test with. Rebecca thought she could go in the house with Sam there to get a sample. He told her not to come to his home when Annalise was not here. Sounds like a warning. She didn’t get the hair, but since he would send Lila text messages could they get information there? Nate told her there is a new plan. She was to get information from Sam’s phone so they could trace text message on Lila’s phone. She was going to but Wes saw her get out of his car. He informed her that Nate was Annalise’s boyfriend and it could be a set up. We know that Frank’s guy removed all that information from the phone and that Nate and Annalise are no longer an item.
Another bombshell, Bonnie tells Sam that Lila came to the office on the night of the murder when she thought Sam was at Yale. Lila told her she had to tell Annalise she had a secret about her husband. Bonnie scared her away. Sam tries to sweet talk Bonnie, kisses her, and says there is no reason to tell Annalise. However, Bonnie tells Annalise everything even about the kiss. Bonnie is crying at Annalise’s feet. Annalise fires her. Honestly, she had to at that point. I like Bonnie. I hope that her being fired doesn’t remove her from the rest of the series. I bet right after that whipping from Annalise is when she decides to jump in bed with Asher.
Annalise fixes Sam by arranging with the DA for every man in Lila’s life, including her teachers, to be tested for paternity of her child. Lucky for Sam he gets murdered. If Annalise is lucky, she can just report him missing, give DNA from his hairbrush, and say he must have disappeared because he thought he was going to get caught for murder.
The Murder:
Not much information on Sam’s murder this week except we did see more of what happened on the day of the murder. Michaela went to Asher’s apartment for a study group type thing just to steal the trophy when he was in another room. Connor and Laurel arrive at Wes’s apartment to study as Wes and Rebecca were arguing about her working with Nate. Wes later wants to talk to Rebecca but she is blasting music. Connor said it could be a cover for her not being there. He notices the flash drive he took from Rebecca was gone. Now things are starting to come together. Rebecca probably was caught taking things from his phone.


This episode focuses on Rebecca and we are 2 weeks before the murder. There was no extra case this week since the hearings for the Lila Stangard murder are starting. Other unrelated things did happen though. Laurel’s boyfriend offered her a job at Legal Aid which she said she would consider. At the same time, her and Frank are on again. Michaela was called to a law firm for what she thought was a job interview but it turned out her fiancé’s parents want her to sign a pre-nup. Connor decided to bring Oliver flowers to apologize for cheating on him. Unfortunately, Oliver has a new boyfriend that told Connor if he really cares about Oliver he won’t come back. Rebecca and Wes finally screwed and he told her that his mother killed herself when he was 12.
Annalise reached out to Nate for help, but told her he knew she planted that phone on Griffin. He definitely thinks Sam is guilt and thinks she agrees. He said he offered her an out before but now she is on her own. At some point, Rebecca was in a convenience store and was approached by Nate. After identifying himself, he told her he knew she was innocent and asked her to help. I was unsure where this fell in the timeline of all that has happened. I know it was before Sam’s murder.
Lila Stangard’s Murder:
Pre-trial hearings are starting so Rebecca has to give her account to the team. She made a joke saying she strangled the girl. Annalise obviously got angry and said to Sam that she was happy about the miscarriages because she couldn’t imagine having a child like Rebecca. I agree kids are so bad; you can watch the news to see that. Anyway, lots of political maneuvering occurred. Someone went to the newspapers to give a story about how Rebecca and Griffin had a sexual relationship even though he and Lila promised to wait until marriage to sleep together. That resulted in a gag order in the case. Griffin’s lawyer wanted Lila’s body to be dug up to show that the marks on her neck were from female fingernails. Annalise’s team got the mother to speak out against it. Then, we find out that the DA made a side deal with Griffin’s lawyer so he will testify against Rebecca. To counter that, Rebecca, not knowing what a gag order was (right), told a newspaper that Griffin raped her that night that Lila was killed. The DA backed off from the deal.
Most of the detective work by Annalise and her team were finding a way to discredit expert testimony. The DA dropped off some sealed internal reports that Annalise could use. One of the experts saying the marks were from fingernails has previously been discredited him as a prosecution witness. Annalise had her own expert say that the marks looked like bug bites after she had already died. It all seemed to be going their way. However, the DA had new expert information saying that the marks were fingernail marks and asked for the body to be exhumed. The judge granted it. Bonnie delivered preliminary results she had from a source. The marks on Lila’s neck were bug bites but she was also 6 weeks pregnant. Geeze Sam, all they need to do is DNA on the fetus to see it is not Griffin’s and they will be looking for a new male suspect. Annalise just gave him a look. Now, I know why they mentioned miscarriages earlier. If Annalise can get that information removed from the reports she would be a real pro or make it so the DNA came back to Griffin.
The Murder:
Rebecca actually said to Wes that she had no choice but to kill Sam because he wanted her dead. She said he deserved it. Wes cleaned her up in the bathroom and took her to a hotel to wait while they took care of things. While in the hotel, Rebecca called 911, said it was a prank call, and hung up. Why would she do that? Seconds later, Wes called with that phone call we saw in the convenience store with the new cellphone. This is almost like Clue; Sam was killed in the office with the trophy by Rebecca, the drug dealer bartender. Now, I still wonder why Laurel said she was a murderer a couple episodes back. I wonder what drove Sam to want to kill her all of a sudden. Maybe it has something to do with Nate.

Asher and his father

Asher and his father

It’s Asher’s episode and it is 5 weeks before the murder. Can I just say that I am still surprised the Asher, played by Matt McGorry, was the young guard in Orange is the New Black? I didn’t like that show so I only saw a few episodes but I did not even recognize him. Maybe it is the uniform that threw me off? Also, why are all the titles from things that Connor says?
The Case:
Annalise and her team have the opportunity to work on an appeal. David Allen was convicted of killing his girlfriend 21 years ago, but Annalise feels he was framed. She is not sure if it is for political or racial biases. David is scheduled to die in less than 2 weeks and their emergency hearing is in 3 days. No pressure though.
Working the Case:
The main witness against them puts Allen coming out of the girlfriend’s apartment with a gun in his hand. Allen’s alibi is a drug addict that his original lawyer never brought up because he didn’t want his client associated with that type of person. The judge in the case just happens to be Asher’s father. Annalise sends out the students and associates to talk to the original lawyers, find the druggie, and learn about Asher’s father. Asher goes through his father’s notes and found discrepancies after he spent all this time defending him. Not to mention that his father was made a federal judge after that case. When confronted, Asher’s father admits nothing, calls Asher ungrateful, and tells him to leave his house. Asher strikes a deal with Annalise, in the presence of Bonnie. He doesn’t want his father’s name involved and he wants the trophy. She agrees. The original prosecutor heard that one of the witnesses was paid off but he didn’t know who. He felt pressure to convict no matter what. With the high pressure situation, all the students are picking on each other. Asher lunges at Connor, trips over some boxes, and finds a paper with a logo he recognized. It turns out the victim was petitioning to stop a development from being raised. The development was headed by a now senator. The same company owns the apartments the main witness lives in.
At the trial, the main witness was confronted by Annalise. She was 3 months behind in rent, a case was filed against her, and all of a sudden it is dropped. Not really of a sudden but after she testifies in the case. Rent was never paid. Annalise asks for the senator to be brought in. She does everything to upset him. She accuses him of witness tampering, murder, and general racism. It was great. The judges were on the edge of locking her up, but they saw through her delivery and to the facts of the case. Allen was set free and they ordered an investigation into the senator and the police practices.
There was more Laurel-Frank drama. Bonnie took it upon herself to tell Laurel that rich girls like her never end up with guys like Frank so stop leading him on. Laurel tells Frank she is not into him and if he doesn’t stop whatever she thinks he is doing, she will tell Annalise. Bonnie saw her do that. Why is Bonnie everywhere? She is always watching the students and Sam. It’s funny. She is Big Brother.
The Murder:
We still don’t know who took the trophy from Asher’s apartment. The start of the show is Asher dancing and throwing money around until he realizes the trophy is gone. We do know that Michaela sent him a text message saying she would be in the library but somehow he ends up at the office where Sam is dead on the floor and the rest of them are hiding trying not to be seen by Asher. They briefly talk about letting him in to be part of “this” but decide not to. When they were driving with the body in the car, Asher crosses the street right in front of them. He gets a call from someone (I’m thinking Bonnie) saying they want to meet with him. He is so excited he doesn’t see the car or who is in the car. Later, we see Asher in bed looking at his phone seeing the photos the rest of the students took at the bonfire that they said there were not going to. He looks over and Bonnie is with him saying he can’t tell anyone what went on between them. All of a sudden, Bonnie gets a call and it is Annalise asking if she is with Sam. She’s not. It looks like Sam is missing and Annalise says something terrible has happened. I had been wondering where she was the whole time they are sitting there with Sam’s body on the floor.
Lila Stangard’s Murder:
Wes was so disgusted by Annalise’s deception that he left the trophy in his seat during class. I’m guessing there are no other classes in that room before theirs. Everyone one noticed it sitting there, without Wes. Even Annalise saw it after asking a question to the class and it made her lose her train of thought. At this point, Wes is a loose end so she sends Frank to locate him. She shows up at Wes’s apartment. He demands that they find Rebecca or he will give the police his evidence. I think it was overdramatic for him to say he had a copy in a safe deposit box ready to be sent to the authorities. Annalise agreed and again sent Frank to locate but not approach her. Frank was given Lila’s cellphone and told to use “his guy” to remove anything that would tell where the pictures came from. It turns out that Frank planted the phone in Griffin’s car. Griffin was the boyfriend, remember? The news stated that new evidence pointed to Lila having another man which could have fueled Griffin’s anger leading him to kill her. Detective Nate has photographs of Frank in Griffin’s car. I’m not sure what his goal is with Annalise. Is he trying to ruin her life for ruining his (i.e. getting him fired from his job)? Wes and Rebecca are shocked that Annalise would turn over the phone knowing her husband is in the pictures. Sam found out by watching the news and Annalise was disappointed she wasn’t the one to tell him. Oh, the wallpaper was changed. She is helping him because she needs and loves him. See that seems to be a huge mistake. I need to know more about how she started seeing him while he was married to the first wife. At the end of the episode, Rebecca and Wes meet at the office with Annalise (and Sam I suppose) to discuss the next steps in the case now that Griffin is the main suspect.


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