So, the “fiscal cliff” was averted.  Who knows if it has really solved anything?  On to the next thing which is the debt ceiling.  I just happen to know people that work for the federal government.  When congress starts arguing over this, they will completely ignore the fact that real people work for the government.  Republicans say the government is too big but who is going to employ all those people when they shrink it?  It is like they are saying:   we know no one is finding jobs right now so let’s fire all the government workers anyway.  Last time this debt ceiling debate was going on (only a year ago), federal employees were preparing to shut down all machines just in case congress didn’t make a deal and they couldn’t go back in the building for an unknown amount of time.  How are people supposed to plan, budget, or put real effort into their jobs if they don’t know if they will be allowed in their office tomorrow?  The best part about it is the people making the decision aren’t part of those federal employees.  Not one senator or congressman will have to worry about losing their job until they are voted out.  They have the best job in the world it seems.  They can do nothing, get paid, and make the laws to keep them rich.  I saw on the news that this outgoing congress was the least productive in forever.  If anyone else had that kind of moniker then they would be fired, but that is not the case for congress.

However, two stories made me laugh this week.  First, the story that the re-elected Speaker of the House, John Boehner, said to the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was “Go F yourself”.  I only hope that it was true.  How professional of people who control the country to act towards each other.  The second one was Governor Chris Christie (Republican from New Jersey) blasting Boehner for delaying the vote in the House on the Hurricane Sandy aid.  Like Boehner didn’t have enough problems with looking completely ineffective in the “Cliff” talks, but now he has one of his own people attack him for ignoring suffering Americans.  I even heard on TV that people are concerned that the Republican Party doesn’t care about people in the northeast because they are basically Democrats.  So what does Boehner do?  He schedules a vote right away.  You know he had to schedule it before the vote to re-elect him as Speaker.

It is all just really annoying.  I wish that I could ignore it but it is important since they are running the country. I’m sure most people feel the same way.