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UnREAL is a new scripted show from Lifetime (Mondays 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central).  The show takes you backstage in making a dating (The Bachelor type) show.  Below is the first 9 min of the first episode.  After 1.5 min, I was completely hooked on the show.  In general, Rachel, is coming back to work on this show after leaving under scandal in a previous season.  We see how good Rachel is in handling her bosses, coworkers, and participants.  Her ability to get reactions out of the participants are more than entertaining.  If all the shows are like this first episode, I will definitely keep watching.  I need to find a way to get a job doing that.  It reminds me of the old Jerry Springer reality show, The Springer Hustle, where we saw how The Jerry Springer Show was produced.


This is a new show on Lifetime. I think it could be good, but I’m still deciding. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes so far. We have been introduced to 5 large women going through their dating lives.

    Jenn (26 from LA) is new to dating and still trying to figure out what she is looking for.
    Mar (Clifton, NJ) has just broken up with her on/off boyfriend, Richie, and looking for someone who treats her better.
    Kristi (34 from Fort Worth, TX) is a single mother living with her parents. I think she is the party girl of the group. She thinks being loud and forward is the way to get attention and for people to see past her size.
    Sabrina (31 from Brooklyn, NY) calls herself the queen of first dates. She is a black girl that likes skinny white nerds.
    Jessica (29 from Atlanta, GA) has recently lost 110 lbs. after a boyfriend told her she was too fat to sleep with and finding out he cheated on her with 2 skinny unattractive women. She feels better about herself now that she is smaller. But, she is still a large woman.

The first episode was getting an introduction to all the women except Jessica (hers was early in the 2nd). We saw them go out on a date and/or them out partying with their friends. I already know that Sabrina is my favorite one. She seems fun but responsible and the one I’d probably get along with the best. All of them were going to a dating seminar called Supersize your Love Life for 3 days in LA. Most of the women met at the meet and greet but also were watching Kristi jumping all over the place. The f word (fat) was mentioned (by Jessica) which offended Jenn and she walked out crying. I think the show will have drama between the women plus the seminar will have touchy feely moments. As long as there are more arguments than emotional moments I should like that show.

TV is going to pick up again soon so I thought I would let you know what I’ll be watching. Below is a list of shows and the ones with * next to them are ones that I reviewed in the past and probably will again if I have good access.
At the moment, I have nothing to review. So, I decided to do a summary of the 1st half of current season of Revenge. I’ll do posts for each main character leading up to the new episodes in Jan.
Jan. 1st

Little Women: LA (Lifetime), Big Women: Big Love (Lifetime, new show)

Jan. 2nd

Gold Rush (Discovery)

Jan. 4th

Revenge (ABC), Family Guy (FOX)

Jan. 5th

Love & Hip Hop (Vh1), Scorpion (CBS), Gotham* (FOX)

Jan. 6th

Forever (ABC), Dance Moms (Lifetime)

Jan. 7th

Mob Wives (Vh1), Empire (FOX, new show)

Jan. 8th

Archer (FX)

Jan. 20th
Friday Night Tykes* (Esquire)

Jan. 29th

How to Get Away with Murder* (ABC), Scandal (ABC)

Feb. 25th

Catfish: The TV Show (MTV)

Mar. 1st

Once Upon a Time* (ABC)

May 14th

Wayward Pines (FOX, new show)

Prison Wives Club Canceled?

The show is not listed as a current show on Lifetime’s website and I saw a few tweets from stars of the show.



That is disappointing. I liked the show. It may be like what they did with Abby Lee Miller’s Studio help show where they put it on the shelf and later unload remaining episodes. I’ll be watching for it.

Ana – 29 years old
Husband (Michael): 1st degree murder, sentenced to Life in Prison (served 27 years)
Ana invited Kate and Jhemini over to discuss the PWC website. Jhemini had no interest in putting any of her information or photos on the site. Kate took exception to it and confronted her about her desire to be part of the club. Jhemini just wants to be supportive by talking to people about the prison rules and such. She said she would talk to people on the phone using a blocked number. I’m surprised she is on this show.
Later, Ana met with Quisha to tell her about the meeting. Quisha was annoyed that a meeting concerning the PWC took place without her knowledge. Ana also shared that she visited her husband and was able to see more parts of his body. It was a plot by her and her husband to be left alone for a few minutes. She was very happy with what she saw and remember they don’t have alone visits usually.
LaQuisha (as in La-Keisha) – 33 years old
Husband (Philip): felony murder, sentenced to 75 years (served 14 years)
Quisha wanted to tell Kate she was unhappy with the PWC meeting being kept from her and the conflict around it. The PWC is supposed to be about them all helping each other not fighting. Of course, Kate felt like Quisha was trying to tell her what to do about something unrelated to the club.
Philip was made into an instructor at the prison. Not sure how that works. Quisha said something about helping people adjust to work outside of prison. I don’t know if it is like being a life coach or teaching technical skills.
Kate – 28 years old
Husband (Carlo): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 3 years)
Since not being invited to the Jhemini dinner, Kate went out with Rome. They were in the club partying when she saw an old friend. It was some girl that she hangs out with and ended up going home with. When she told Carlo about going out with Rome he was annoyed. He doesn’t want her spending time with other men even those that he knows. She got angry and hung up on him.
Jhemini (as in Gemini) – 25 years old
Husband (Michael): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 5 years)
Jhemini told her husband about her fight with Kate. Even he thinks she is ashamed of being married to him. She said she is just a private person. I would love to know their history. It doesn’t make sense to me that she agreed to stay with him. She said you can’t help who you fall in love with so why not tell your family about it.
She met with Luis, the photographer, to discuss updating her portfolio. I still don’t understand why she had to put her modeling career on hold when Michael had his legal troubles. Wouldn’t you want to keep making money? Maybe it was too much travel. Her friend from the beauty school was there to do her make up. Jhemini told her a little about the other women in the PWC and how she was not getting along with Kate. The friend suggested that she meet with the other women alone so they could get to know each other. Jhemini decided to invite Ana and Quisha out for dinner, without Kate.
Preparing for Drea’s Prison Visit
Kate and LaQuisha met with Drea to give her advice on her first prison visit to see her twin brother. He has been sentenced to 10 years for assault and has served 3 years. They told her about bringing money for a food card and what type of clothing was acceptable. On the day, they drove her to the prison and waited the four hours to drive her home. LaQuisha informed Kate about the dinner that Jhemini was hosting. Kate didn’t care about not being invited since she had her who plans to go out with Rome. Drea was so happy to have seen her brother and definitely plans to visit again.
Jhemini’s Dinner
Jhemini invited Ana, LaQuisha, and her friend from earlier to a “Get to Know You” dinner. Ana didn’t really want to go. Both Ana and LaQuisha were surprised that Jhemini would want to hang out with them after all the other get togethers. Jhemini said in an interview that she wanted to have it at a restaurant because she didn’t want them in home since they had husbands convicted of murder. The whole time Jhemini talked about herself. Ana was not amused about the situation so she asked about her fight with Kate. Jhemini went immediate back to saying very little. She asked when the next PWC meeting would be but it seems Kate is planning that. She told them to feel free to invite her. Quisha said she is invited to all of them. At that point, the dinner ended.

LaQuisha (as in La-Keisha) – 33 years old
Husband (Philip): felony murder, sentenced to 75 years (served 14 years)
LaQuisha wants to have another meeting for the Prison Wives Club (PWC). She meets up with Kate and they agree it should be at the strip club. Quisha constantly talks about how she was not able to consummate her marriage 2 years ago. They need to wait 3 years to do so since they got married while he was locked up. She is excited to go.
Kate – 28 years old
Husband (Carlo): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 3 years)
Kate married Carlo before he went to prison so they only needed to wait a year for their conjugal visits. One of Carlo’s friends is having a baby so he asks Kate to get some old clothes from another of their friends. She is disappointed that she has to wait until he gets out to start their family. Neither of them wants Kate to have to go through pregnancy and raising the kid without Carlo being there.
Ana – 29 years old
Husband (Michael): 1st degree murder, sentenced to Life in Prison (served 27 years)
Ana’s friend, Lucais convinces her to go shopping for a wedding dress. She thought she would never have the opportunity being married to someone with life in prison. She and Michael discussed having a honeymoon and such like normal married couples. The “perfect dress” they find is near $1000 so she has to let it go. In a call to her husband, she asks if she can just buy it and he said no. Of course he said no. That is crazy expensive for what is ahead of them. She mentioned she would have to support him for a year and she makes minimum wage. Also, the woman showing her dresses asked about her husband. Ana told her he was incarcerated. Why is that her business? Michael also was not happy about her going to the strip club. Ana did say she wasn’t very interested in going because she belongs to Michael.
Jhemini (as in Gemini) – 25 years old
Husband (Michael): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 5 years)
Jhemini received her headshots back at a restaurant from the photographer. She asked him about himself and if he was single. Not sure that was relevant when you are a married woman. Later, she was hesitant to go to the PWC meeting at the strip club but after talking to LaQuisha decided to try to go have a good time. Michael was concerned what would happen at the club if she was drinking beforehand. He walked off of their JPay (prison skype type program) conversation when she asked him to just trust her.
PWC Meeting – Strip Club
Prior to the strip club, the PWC meets for drinks. A new girl, Drea, attends. She has a twin brother in prison with an assault charge. He has been in for 3 years and she has not felt comfortable enough to visit him. Kate volunteers to go with her for support. Jhemini is still annoyed with Kate from last week and wonders why Kate is acting as if the PWC was hers. It was funny that, in her interview, Jhemini also said she wouldn’t let a stranger in her car especially one with a family member in prison. I laughed because I was thinking the exact same thing but it’s ok for me to say. With Jhemini, she has a husband in prison so people probably judge her the same way. I’m an outsider so it makes sense for me to say it but not her.
At the strip club, Quisha had several men all over her. Kate got a semi-private lap dance from a woman. Jhemini thought what Kate was doing was wrong and to be considered cheating. Most of the night, Ana and Jhemini were on their phones not even looking at the strippers. Towards the end of the night, Kate pulls Jhemini outside to talk about their problems. They conclude that Jhemini needs to say when she is offended/upset and Kate needs to be less aggressive/bossy. After that, everyone was having fun. Kate even gave Ana a lap dance. The next day Quisha’s husband asks if she took pictures from the club and she showed him some G-rated ones. She would not tell him how much money she spent in the club.

Jhemini (as in Gemini) – 25 years old
Husband(Michael): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 5 years)
Jhemini wants to work on her modeling again. She called Rome who she knew from a beauty school she worked at to do her hair for her new headshots. Apparently, Rome went to the school with Carlo, Kate’s husband, so Jhemini felt comfortable telling him that her husband was in prison as well. At the photo shoot, Jhemini was complimenting the features of the guy taking her pictures. She didn’t act like someone that was married. When Michael called she ignored it because she wanted to do her shoot without remembering her husband is in prison. Several times in the episode she said people wouldn’t think she had a man in prison by the way she looks. I wonder why she decided to stay with this guy because she does seem like she is ashamed of him being there. Why else would she take off her wedding ring when she visits her family?
Kate – 28 years old
Husband (Carlo): 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 3 years)
Carlo’s facility is on lockdown so she is unable to contact him. I guess I thought all these women had husbands in the same prison but I guess not.
Laquisha (as in La-keisha) – 33 years old
Husband(Philip): felony murder, sentenced to 75 years (served 13 years)
Laquisha is have all sorts of issues from her husband and ex-husband. The ex-husband is about to finish his associates degree and asked for a reduction in child support for a couple months. Philip thinks the guy already pays too little. In addition, she and Ana drove together to visit their husbands. There was an argument between Philip and Laquisha about them have a threesome and what the rules would be. He still has lots of years to go on that so it is kind of funny that they argue about that.
Ana – 29 years old
Husband (Michael): 1st degree murder, sentenced to Life in Prison (served 27 years)
Ana lives with her 2 best friends, Lucas and Brandon. They decide to have a house warming party and they are inviting all the girls on the show. Ana is not too keen on Jhemini and Kate yet but is fine with them coming. Michael doesn’t like Ana getting drunk and wants Laquisha to monitor Ana’s drinking. Laquisha doesn’t drink at all. It just seems odd to me if you are trying to save money, having a party and supplying all the alcohol would be an unnecessary expense. Maybe if the guys are paying or guests are bringing food/drink then it would be ok. She mentioned that she is saving because she knows that when her husband gets out she will have to support them both for a while. I’m pretty sure she said she works at a convenience store. That sounds almost impossible to support a 40 year old man that just got out of prison after 27 years on that kind of salary. You would think when you get out you would want all different types of food, eating out, and other activities. He’s not going to want to stay in the house all day.
Ana’s House Warming Party
I believe the party is 2 hour drive for Kate and Jhemini. That seems really far to go party with people you barely know. Both of them said that Tacoma is not the nicest area so they rarely go there. Jhemini doesn’t like to drive in new places and Kate is giving her instructions that she doesn’t like. Kate wanted to go to a coffee shop in Tacoma so they were not too early for the party. They argued over parking. By time they get to the party, Ana and her friends are already into the drinking. It looked like a frat party with much less people. Carlo called so Kate had to step out. While she was talking, Rome showed up. He was invited by Jhemini as a surprise for Kate although Ana was not told this stranger was coming to her house. Ana starts to have fun with Kate and feels she misjudged her. The majority of the time Jhemini sat messing with her phone, eventually she goes outside to talk to her husband.
Rome sits with Ana and asks her questions about how she met her husband. If you don’t remember, she met him through a website where you can write prisoners. He asked her if it was a thrill for her, was she scared, etc. All types of questions viewers of the show would ask. Ana having been drinking got very annoyed. He said he would stop asking if he was uncomfortable but she said no go ahead. Ultimately, she walks away and complains to Lucas in some back room. She mentioned in an interview that she has had abusive and manipulative boyfriends in the past but Michael is the love of her life. Rome notices the tension around him so he asks Ana and Lucas what the problem was. Rome and Lucas exchange words about hairdressing. Lucas does Ana’s hair but isn’t formally trained. I think Rome laughed at him and he said something about while doing hair he gets all gay as well. At that point, Ana wanted him to leave. As far as what was shown, that was when people started to leave. When home, Kate told her husband that Rome upset people and he wasn’t surprised.

New Show: Prison Wives Club

Prison Wives Club premiered on Tuesday on Lifetime. I suppose since all these housewives type shows are popular we need new twists on it. The show focuses on 4 women whose husbands are currently incarcerated in the Seattle area. One of the women is starting support group for women in her situation so they can share stories on how to cope. I’m just giving you the basic stories but I will not be reviewing it weekly. I will probably watch a few more episodes to see if it is worth following.
Jhemini (as in Gemini)
Husband: 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 5 years)
First can I say that names get more and more ridiculous every day? She is 25 years old. Her husband got into a fight with and “a weapon was involved”. She gets to visit him overnight once a month. They have a hut to live in so she can bring sealed food, but no metal or glass.
Husband: 1st degree assault, sentenced to 10 years (served 3 years)
She is 28 years old and “hangs out” with lesbians while her husband is away, but he doesn’t care what she does with women. Just like Jhemini, Kate also has once a month visits. She has a tattoo of the car club name they were in but now that he went to prison they stopped talking to him. So today, she is getting a dream catcher as a cover up.
Laquisha (as in La-keisha)
Husband: felony murder, sentenced to 75 years (served 13 years)
Laquisha is a 33 year old that was previously married for 8 years with a daughter. She and her new husband of about 1 year met when she was 18 and he was 19 and they just screwed then. After not speaking for 11 years, he contacted her via Facebook. He told her he was in prison and asked if she would come see him. They married but have not had any private overnight visits. She is still waiting to consummate their marriage. She speaks to him on a prison type Skype service that is expensive. Her friends and family do not understand her commitment to her husband so she is starting a support group for prisoners’ wives.
Husband: 1st degree murder, sentenced to Life in Prison (served 27 years)
Ana (29 years old) met him through a website called write a prisoner dot com (I didn’t want to create a link to this website in my post). She was nervous to write him but she figured he is in jail for life so he won’t come out and kill her. Isn’t that a great way of looking at it? They have been married for a little over year and have not screwed. She works at a convenience store at night and her husband is afraid for her safety. Get this. He is in prison for killing someone during the robbery of a convenience store when he was 15 and his accomplice was 13. I know. There was a new law passed that people sentenced harshly while under the age of 18 can apply for resentencing at a max of 25 years. He has already served 27 years so he may actually get out. He was arrested in 1987 so he isn’t good with technology. I found it odd he has been locked up almost as long as she has been alive. She seems to be living with 2 gay guys to help save money. I think they are all friends and not that she is only a lodger. Ana has yet to tell her parents the truth about her husband. They think he is a prison guard, but since she is not close to her parents she doesn’t feel bad about lying.
Kate and Jhemini are already friends so they are going to the support group together to see what it is like. Jhemini took off her ring to visit family because not everyone knows she’s married and she has a judge and lawyers in her family. Now, she lost the ring. Kate said she pawned hers and her husband’s ring, plus it’s good for her not to have to explain where her husband is all the time. Ana and Laquisha are friends because their husbands are and they got married on the same day. Jhemini was annoyed at the support group meeting because they were talking about how unfair the prison system was and that most of them had loved ones (husbands, sons, uncles) in for murder. So she and Kate left for a few minutes to discuss. Kate doesn’t see why Jhemini thinks they are different from the other women. Kate said if their husbands had better aim that could be them. Kate seemed to think Jhemini was not facing the reality of her situation. After the meeting, Kate wanted to get Laquisha’s number to talk more. Jhemini was not as impressed and her husband calls while she is there. She tells him she lost her wedding ring. He was very disappointed for some reason. She said she had been crying all day about it but I didn’t think she was that bothered. It could be an interesting show depending on how much detail they show.

I got a chance to find Dance Moms: Miami online the last couple weeks.  I think it is so much better than the original Dance Moms.  The Miami moms there are more angry/emotional.  This show features Stars Dance Studio in Miami, Florida.  Owners, Victor Smalley and Angel Armas, are so entertaining and know how to control the dance moms that attend their establishment.  The kids on this show actually have life to them and are not just pawns in the parent’s games.  Sometimes they are brats but kids are that way.  On the original Dance Moms the kids are like props in Abby Lee’s Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  You barely notice them until they are dancing or being pointed at by their mothers.  I don’t have a favorite mother or child on Abby Lee’s show.  I do like Abby of course but that is about it.  In Miami, there is one kid that i actually like is Hannah.  Let’s get Hannah her own show somehow.  I sort of like Jessi because she’s semi-mean.  I don’t know why this was canceled.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t know about it before.  I think it was on before I started watching Dance Moms in general.  Episodes of Dance Moms: Miami are available on Lifetime.com.


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