President Obama just spoke to basically say to the congress:  Do your job just like everyone else is expected to do!  It’s so true.  My boss says you need to do this by this date, and then I do it.   The fiscal cliff isn’t even something that needed to be done.  Congress made this up so they could be forced to do their job in the future.  Now, they don’t want to act and make a decision.  It’s the House’s job to initiate budget bills and such so that’s why Rep. John Boehner, Speaker of the House and Leader in the Republican Party, had all the pressure on him to do something.  But, of course, he has no real power to do anything that all of his people will agree with and support.  Then, this week he said why doesn’t the senate do something about it?  You know why Boehner?  Because it’s your job!

On CSPAN, the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to say the same thing.  Why doesn’t the Senate Majority Leader put together a bill that the House can pass?  That’s the question he asked.   Harry Reid, the Senate Leader and Democrat, says we have things ready but you won’t deal with us.  It’s almost a joke all this back and forth.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the budget mess to come.  Once the House and Senate fail to agree and they fail to put the bill on the floor that the President just mentioned in his mini-speech, they still need to deal with the debt ceiling which is another battle over money.  After that, there is the federal budget to negotiate in March.  Each one is just another cage for the politicians to get into to fight over.  Maybe the UFC can do a pay-per-view to settle these things or even American Idol could to a text in vote to decide how their congressmen cast their votes.