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TV is going to pick up again soon so I thought I would let you know what I’ll be watching. Below is a list of shows and the ones with * next to them are ones that I reviewed in the past and probably will again if I have good access.
At the moment, I have nothing to review. So, I decided to do a summary of the 1st half of current season of Revenge. I’ll do posts for each main character leading up to the new episodes in Jan.
Jan. 1st

Little Women: LA (Lifetime), Big Women: Big Love (Lifetime, new show)

Jan. 2nd

Gold Rush (Discovery)

Jan. 4th

Revenge (ABC), Family Guy (FOX)

Jan. 5th

Love & Hip Hop (Vh1), Scorpion (CBS), Gotham* (FOX)

Jan. 6th

Forever (ABC), Dance Moms (Lifetime)

Jan. 7th

Mob Wives (Vh1), Empire (FOX, new show)

Jan. 8th

Archer (FX)

Jan. 20th
Friday Night Tykes* (Esquire)

Jan. 29th

How to Get Away with Murder* (ABC), Scandal (ABC)

Feb. 25th

Catfish: The TV Show (MTV)

Mar. 1st

Once Upon a Time* (ABC)

May 14th

Wayward Pines (FOX, new show)


Catfish Scariness

So I just watched Catfish The TV Show and was blown away by the amount of red flags ignored here.  Let’s go through it together shall we?


Jesse (a girl) lives in PA and Brian lives in Alabama.  They have been talking for 3 years. He won’t video chat. He was in the marines with her childhood friend, Fran (a boy) and was his roommate. She said she and Fran dated when they were 12.  I don’t know how old she is now.  After all this time, Brian wants to marry her and move to Alabama with him.

1.  They arranged to meet at least a year ago in North Carolina.  But he didn’t show up and he wouldn’t give details why.
Red flag:  They were going to meet at a truck stop off the highway.

2.  Nev and Max (the hosts) find on Facebook that he has had some legal trouble from being a juvenile to 2011.
Red flags:  Brian posted some kind of ID/mugshot from the juvenile corrections on his Facebook page.  They also found a mugshot from the date he was supposed to meet her (charged with possession of a weapon of mass destruction).  His birth year is 1983, so a combo of crime as a child to military to crime as an adult.

3.  The team meets with Fran to find out more about Brian.  Fran talks about the fact that Brian was his sergeant and suffers from PTSD and some brain injuries.  Also Fran doesn’t ask questions about the arrest because the guy is his superior or something.
Red flag: Oh Jesse didn’t know that Brian was divorced and that his real first name is Robert but people call him by his middle name.

4.  She decides to meet him anyway in Alabama.  So Nev, Max, and the crew take her there.
Red flag: He lives in a trailer in Alabama in the country. (That is scary enough for me really)

5.  When asked about the arrest he said he had a flashback at the gas station on the way to see her and thought he was in the war.
Red flag:  Sawed off shotgun in the car.  And since he thought he was in the war he put on some kind of bullet proof vest.  Is that what people carry with them on long trips? Someone called the cops and he was arrested.

6.  He has a series of confessions like only after that did he thinks to get help for his PTSD.  Oh and at the time he was separated not fully divorced.
Red flag: The fact Jesse didn’t run back to the car.  I thought she was a little silly but then I knew she must have issues as well.

7.  Nev and Max leave her at the trailer for the afternoon/night.  Next day she says that she screwed him.
Red flag:  She made a comment about having to test drive the car before you buy it.  Even after all that she was willing to buy him?

8.  That day he invited them all to go to a BBQ with his entire family and fishing.
Red flags:  His family was a little too happy to meet her.  And someone said Brian loves with all his heart.  What does that mean?  She’s been there for 1 day and they want them to be together forever?

9.  2 month update for video chat with the team.  She says they had a fight that day because she was going to just move down there today but he said she should have been there already.
Red flag: When video conferencing, Brian was all happy for her to come down there and no sign of him being mad.

10.  Further update that she left for Alabama right after the video chat to move in with him.
Red flag: After 2 days of living together they decided “they were not right for each other” and she left.  They had not spoken since.

The scariest Catfish show ever.

Catfish Craziness

It is Tuesday and I have been lured away from watching Dance Moms to watching Catfish on MTV.  I start out with an old episode from the first season I had not seen before.  The story:

Female stripper (Trina, in MD) finds a male stripper (Scorpio, in Atlanta) online.  They talked for a year, she has 3 pics from him, and he said he’s not good with technology so he can’t do Skype.  She said she wants to find a guy that is like her (i.e. a stripper) so she is not judged.  She said she is the type of girl that needs to be married.  The crew, Nev and Max, searches the social media world and find the pics but with a different name.  Uh oh.  Scorpio has 2 kids and she just told her friends.  They look shocked.  They contacted the guy he said he has 4 kids and that he recently moved to MD a month ago.  I bet she doesn’t know that.  Nope she didn’t any of that.  Trina is being taken to the house.  And of course, it wasn’t his pictures and he is not a stripper.  Oh and he’s 32 not 27.  She said she is 24.  Now is the sit down part where the catfisher tells the catfishee why they liked and how they want another chance.  One month later they are just friends and Trina is no longer stripping.  They arranged for her to be on the phone with the real Scorpio.  Isn’t that nice?

Last week’s episode:

Cassandra is engaged to Steve that she only met on the internet.  I don’t know how you get engaged (she proposed to him) to someone you never met in person.  Cassandra said when she met him she was drinking and being skanky after her father died and almost lost her college scholarship.  She thinks Steve is a rapper/producer and is too busy traveling to see her and not technically sound enough to video chat with her.  The crew meets up with Cassandra and her best friend, Gladys, to get their nails done to talk about how much Gladys was told about Steve.  Cassandra is upset that their preliminary research found the pics belong to a model not named Steve.  Next day of searching it turns out Steve music goes back to someone named Tony who happens to be Gladys’s cousin.  She is really upset now and wonders if Gladys knows.  So they go to Gladys’s house.  Gladys confesses that she made up Steve and got her cousin to talk to her for the phone parts.  I like how Cassandra walks off back to the car and gets in.  There is actually a camera in the passenger seat so you can see their facial reactions.  She actually calls her mom to tell her about it while in the car.  Gladys says made Steve up because she wanted Cassandra to stop being skanky.  She said she didn’t feel bad about it because Cassandra is better now but she is sorry for the way she did it.  Cassandra got to talk to Tony and later sat down with Gladys.  After two months, Gladys and Cassandra are still friends but not as close as they were before the incident.

New episode:

Anthony, wounded ex-military in TX, talked to Marq (Mississippi) for a 1yr and together for 7 mos.  When Anthony went to visit him he was stood up, but the guy said he was carjacked and run over by the car.  Wow, so Marq sends a pic with a person in it that Anthony knows.  That friend tells Anthony that the guy’s name in Josh.  Anthony has a whole lot of evidence on how this is a big mess.  I think he just wants confirmation.  Anthony is having a mini-meltdown.  Anthony said he cares but he is mad about all the lies.  Two profiles with the same picture, which is not good.  Oh goodness, Josh is video chatting saying he is not the guy and he didn’t know Anthony.  They look up the cell phone number and find a new name, which takes them back to Marq.  Uh oh they found pics and videos.  The guy is a large man lol.  Poor Anthony.  This guy should not be messing with military guys.  He killed people for a living.  Framel (the real name of Marq) has a nice little box hairdo.  What?! He was in the restaurant while Anthony was there.  Framel and Anthony argue Anthony storms off.  Oh no!  Anthony goes back in and apologies for being disrespectable.  Man, Framel was in an accident when he was young and he had to relearn how to function.  He was inactive and gained weight.  Of course you can imagine all the issues of being gay in MS.  Anthony doesn’t look happy.  Two months later, he is done with Framel aka Marq.  Framel has a new guy.  Everything worked out I guess.

Geeze, so for next week the guy gave his bank info to someone he has never met?!  I’m going to have to wait a whole week to find out what that is all about.

Oh my goodness, the TV show, Catfish, on MTV.  If you have access to this show you MUST watch.  I’m watching a marathon before the new season. This is the first time I’m seeing this today even though I heard of it previously.  It was a documentary to start and I guess it was popular they made it into a show.  Earlier today i saw 2 episodes:

1. A girl contacts the show to meet someone she has been talking to online for 10 years (since they were 14).  They set it up and he says he didn’t want to meet her because he was overweight.  At his biggest he was over 600 lbs, and he is continuing to lose weight.

 2. A teen mom (no idea how old she is) wants to meet a guy she has been talking to for 2 yrs.  He says he is a father of 2 kids and has an ex-fiancee.  She has only communicated with him online and through text.  She talked to him twice on the phone.  The craziest part is that they live 15 min away from each other.  The team does some digging on his facebook page.  They find another profile (under different name) with the same picture.  They contact one of his facebook “friends” and this girl says yes I know him and as far as I know he is still engaged.  This guy says he is a model as well (I guess if someone tells you they are a model just assume they are a liar).  She gets him to agree to meet.  They drive her over to his place which looks shady for a successful model to live there (I think it was in Georgia).  A woman comes out and says she is the guy.  She is dating teen mom’s ex-bf and she set this up to keep her away and occupied.  That is just great.  That means she had to get people to go along with this fraud.  I left out some details in case you want to see so you can be amazed as well.

I like how they do a little update a month later.  I’m watching this show from now on so we may have to add this to the things I discuss.  I’m watching a marathon now and they said in the season premiere, on in an hr or so, the couple in this new episode are engaged and never met.  Amazing.

The season premiere of Love & Hip Hop 3 was last night.  I was slightly bored by it.  They added many new “characters” that I just laughed at.  If you have never seen Love & Hip Hop, the show has 2 locations, New York and Atlanta.  This series was the New York one.  It features people in the hip hop lifestyle (rappers, singers, producers, and their relations) and how they are getting along in the world through a reality show.  Let’s go over the 3 stories that I remember.

1.  Yandy seems to be an agent/manager.  Last season, her main longtime client fired her because his gf didn’t like her and it caused too much conflict.  I liked her because she looked like she was just trying to work and be successful without being dragged down by stupidness.  However, the beginning of this season, Yandy is over 9 mos pregnant with a boyfriend that doesn’t seem too excited about preparing for it.  They had a baby shower and he left early to go party with his friends leaving Yandy to be taken home by her family.  I was so disappointed that she went that route.  Looks like this season will her dealing with the bf and the baby. Yawn.

2.  Olivia is a struggling artist who was one of my favorite ones on the show.  I think she has talent (and I’m not a fan of hip hop music) but I think she doesn’t fit the typical hip hop female artist stereotypes which makes it hard for record companies to market her.  This episode was more about her manager and his “gf”.  Olivia wanted to tell the girl that he likes girls and not to get too attached.  They all sat down for a meeting which he said was okay to do but turned out badly.  The “gf” stormed off leaving the manager angry at Olivia.  I don’t know what the focus of this is going to be but it didn’t make me want to find out.

3.  New people for this story.  Joe, a hip hop artist, and his ex-gf Tahiry (Ta-hear-ee) are trying to be friends after being apart for years it seems.  Tahiry was annoyed that Joe was disrespectful of her and possibly cheated on her.  He meets with her in a restaurant, she gets mad, and she flips the table over on him.  Funny but silly.  Joe tells his friend, Raqi (Rocky), about it and Raqi, a girl, says Tahiry stopped talking to her because she assumed they were sleeping together.  Raqi and Tahiry meet and they argue.  Joe thinks this is ridiculous (as it was) so he invites both girls to his birthday party to work it out.  How to do this as adults?  They play a game called Truth or Truth.  Yes, as in Truth or Dare without the Dare.  Let’s say there was a fight, drinks were thrown, and here is the video.  Their story was entertaining so that saved the show for me.

Next thing, I watched last night was Teen Mom 2.  I am new to this series but it’s surprisingly entertaining and annoying at the same time.  Part of me laughs at these girls and their situations and the other part of me can’t believe how well they are living.  I’m not rich, I don’t have kids, and I live in the very inexpensive Midwest.  These girls (they always focus on girls) have little to no education, one or more children, and worry about the fathers of their kids and what they are thinking.  They hardly ever struggle or talk much about how poor they are.  How are they doing better than me? They have places to live, cars, and money for college / GED courses. Generally, I watch it to feel great about my situation but every once in a while I think, am I really better off?

The title of this post is how girls make these shows boring. I just get annoyed with these girls/women that talk about how they are strong and they take care of themselves, however, they follow these men (boyfriends, baby daddies, etc.).  One of the teen moms married the guy that knocked her up (they had twins), they got divorced, and then he said I think it was a mistake. What does she do? She tells her new bf about it and questions what she should do. You know what you should do? Say to him you wanted the divorce and you live it. But no, she’s going to talk to him about it he said well I don’t want to rush into it. The girl considers it because she says she wants her kids to have a family. What craziness to put her life on hold again for a guy that divorced her. She did all the girly mess beforehand with wanting counseling and wanting to save money for house instead of a truck (which he bought after they got divorced). I’m just amazed at how the girls on these type of shows are like dogs performing tricks on the Dave Letterman show trying to get these guys to accept them and/or their children when all that energy could be spent on career, education, and better housing.


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