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I have been waiting forever it seems to watch Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. Thanks to Netflix having Beckett on Film I was able to. I did like it. I think I could write my own story/post mirrored after it about unemployment. I may do that since I have all the time in the world to do it. I watched some of the other plays on the disc and decided to put the rest of the set on my DVD queue.
I thought about in my spare time writing other things like reality or TV show ideas. Maybe even some stories but I’m really not a reader so I don’t know how that would work out. Not that I can’t read, I just don’t enjoy it.


It’s been a while since I did a “State of the Union” address about myself. I just decided now to do one with no real planning. See topics below:
I am still underemployed with my contract end date rapidly approaching. I decided not to do a website countdown this time. No real good prospects either. I briefly thought about starting a business but quickly realized that I don’t have any skills or talents that would sustain a good business. I even got a book from the library that talked about online business and eMagazines. I got through chapter 1. So it looks like I will have to wait for someone to employ me in some way.
Diet/Exercise/Weight Control
I was using MyFitnessPal to help myself lose weight and in total I lost 31 lbs. I am still in that weight range. I decided to stop using MyFitnessPal daily to track all my food. I had 539 day log-in streak by time I stopped. I thought I can do all this without the food logging. I think I have been without for a couple weeks now. Exercise has completely fallen off. I had hurt my knee a couple of times exercising so I don’t see the point of that anymore. The weather is getting warmer so I’ll probably use the pool nearby to swim for exercise. All my exercise experience has made me anti-exercise. I have enough to worry about with the job stuff than to deal with exercise and going out of my way to be healthy. I’ve completely changed my eating habits so I’m not concerned about gaining all the weight back.
I have started eating fruits or vegs with every meal to increase my potassium and fiber (along with vitamins and minerals). The thing I eat a lot now is avocado ranch dressing. I make it with whatever ranch dressing I have and an avocado. I have it basically every week. It is nice because my ranch dressing, which I used a ton of, lasts much longer. I even bought a pineapple corer (I think that is what it’s called) so I can eat fresh pineapple rings instead of buying dried ones so often. I haven’t been baking or trying as many new foods lately because of the general cost of that type of thing. The only thing I overspend on is food (and candy). But, I figure food is good for you and you have to eat anyway.
I am surprised how nice it is not to have cable. I don’t miss much since I found other ways to obtain video. I downloaded AdBlock Edge for Firefox and not only does it block ads on Facebook but also commercials on videos from YouTube and TV websites like FOX and VH1. It is amazing.
Netflix is always #1. At the moment, I’m looking for new shows to watch. Revenge has just gone away for their summer break. That show is just great and confusing. I have a few things I plan to check out in the next week or so: Scandal, Once Upon A Time, and Vikings. Everyone says Scandal is good so I need to at least see a few episodes. I am still completely connected to the Dan LeBatard Show on ESPN Radio/The Ticket (Miami). As I say, I care nothing about most organized sports. I rather play or be at a game than follow who is who. However, this show is so funny and is full of interesting topics (lots of racial discussions, which I love). It’s slightly annoying because they are all about basketball right now and I think that is one of the most boring sports. It is like NASCAR but with people. People going back and forth on what might as well be a track for who knows how long.
Anyway, I saw Jezebel this weekend and was disappointed. Even though, Bette Davis and Henry Fonda were in it, I just can’t watch Civil War era movies set in the South. It is too annoying for me to see all that mess.
I am slowly going through my stuff and throwing things away. I finished with my clothes and got 2.5 large (yard sized) bags full to give away to Goodwill (if they take them). I want to go through everything now just to downsize in case I move again.
Well I think that is everything. I am months behind on looking at other blogs but that is on my list to start doing that again. I’m surprisingly busy even though I feel like I don’t do much. As of now I have 129 followers and 15,505 hits. I’m still surprised people subscribe to my blog. With more promotion maybe I can have thousands of followers without being famous though. I don’t want people camped outside my apartment trying to take pictures of me. I don’t like having my picture taken so there would be a problem.

Weekly Diatribe: Matrix Effects

If you are a non-scientist you are probably thinking of the movie(s) when you read matrix effects. However, to me, it means how one thing is affected by its surroundings. For example, drug companies make drugs to do specific functions. You can imagine all the organic chemistry involved. But they have to also worry about things like matrix effects from all the filler ingredients in the pill you are taking. That’s the best example I can think of at moment.
Anyway, I’m annoyed by matrix effects so much so that I almost didn’t do a Weekly Diatribe this week. So, I decided to do a general one instead.
Effect 1: Weather
It’s cold here in Kansas, although not consistently cold. I believe the high yesterday was 19 degrees F and today it was 47 degrees F. Every day there is a dramatic change in temp. It not only affects me but also the buildings I have to be in. Is it good for me to be in a room that is 68 degrees F, one 78 degrees F, and then going outside at 3 degrees F? How many layers can I wear in a day? Surprisingly, I’m not sick yet but I’m sure it is coming at some point. Don’t forget snow randomly put in there.
Effect 2: People
I’m afraid I can’t control what other say or do. I wouldn’t care as much but sometimes it effects what I can and can’t do. There was a suggestion that I and others may plan an event for Black Month (aka African-American/Black History Month). My workplace does these things so people have something nice to put on their yearly reviews. For some reason companies/institutions like to give the appearance of promoting diversity and equality. So out of our suggestion came an announcement that this will occur meaning I have to do stuff now. I’m disappointed in all that.
Effect 3: TV Networks
People at the moment don’t have much money so that get rid of unimportant things like cable television. I being one of these people have been watching TV online since June, I think. I have found a way to watch most of the things I want one way or another. Recently, networks are putting their online content on a delay or require you to sign-in with cable sign-ins. I don’t mind it too much having the delay because waiting 8 days to watch something to me is not a big deal. I really prefer Netflix to watch several episodes in a row. There is one show I am obsessed with which I don’t think I have written about yet (mental note to do so) called Revenge on ABC. I started watching on Netflix that lead to 5+ hour viewing binges. Now, I am watching online from various sources including ABC. In January, ABC put their shows on an 8 day delay. I was just watching 2 to 3 episodes at a time (commercial free) on Netflix and now I have to wait. It was a difficult transition I was not prepared for. I mostly watch the show on other sites instead of going to ABC. All this searching makes me dislike TV even more. If it was easy maybe I would watch more things on that station’s website. They would allow them to sell me on some of their other programs. If I have the choice between watching the show with or without commercials what do you think I will choose?
Overall, these things determine my outlook on the day and what I feel like doing. There are several news things I could have talked about and had planned to do so but the energy had been removed from me. Being cold is probably the biggest one but there is nothing I can do about that. Adding in that I have to exercise, which can make you warm and takes away energy, I’m just too tired to do the real research my normal news posts require. Hopefully next week there will be something serious for you.

Revenge spinoff

I’m watching Boardwalk Empire from Netflix so I’m behind the current seasons. I just watched this last night and it must be the best scene on the show so far. The background you need to know if you are not familiar with the show is that it is a set in the 1920s (Prohibition era) filled with politicians and gangsters. One of these gangsters basically has a hit on him and he is found while with a waitress. In this scene there is nudity, sexual activity, blood, and gun violence. That last sentence alone probably makes you want to watch and looking at the video still shows you something crazy just happened. If you haven’t seen the show, it is worth watching. I like mobster type shows especially with portrayals of real gangsters. From this show, I discovered Arnold Rothstein who is my new favorite gangster.

The last few weeks have been good for watching new things.  I had recently run out of my normal shows to watch on Netflix so I have been searching for new series.  Here are a few that you should check out.


Boardwalk Empire

I’ve heard it was good but had not gotten around to seeing until now.  It is about a corrupt politician Enoch “Nucky” Thompson in the Prohibition era of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes; however, I already like it.  I personally love mobster type stories and they show heavyweights like Lucky Luciano and Al Capone.  Being anti-alcohol, I thought I would be annoyed about the Prohibition (outlawing alcohol) fight of the times, but it has all been very entertaining.  The show gave me ideas of so many opinion blog posts to do.



Star filled miniseries based on a series of books by Mervyn Peake.  The story focuses on Steerpike’s, played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, rise to prominence in a royal family’s household and lives.  I do like the acting abilities, Rhys-Meyers particularly in The Tudors.  Steerpike is basically a kitchen slave and makes connections with people to get better jobs and more influence in the kingdom.  I was awestruck by the lengths he went to in advancing.  It is a fantasy setting seemingly medieval in time period but it’s not clear.  I pretty much watching anything that shows political/royal infighting.  Other people that I knew of in this miniseries:  Stephen Fry, Ian Richardson, Neve McIntosh, John Sessions, and Celia Imrie.


Murdoch Mysteries

Amazing blend of TV mystery and science set in 1895 Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The focus is on Detective William Murdoch, who a police detective with an interest in science and morality.  They tie in several famous real-life people such as Jack the Ripper and Thomas Edison and new inventions such as lie detectors and AC electricity.  It is done so well and for me as a scientist the inventions are as interesting as the crimes.  Even with the serious crimes it discusses, it is not graphic at all.  I find brutal crime in TV and movies unnecessary.  I like in the old movie days that bad things are implied by shadows.  They show close ups of dead bodies but it won’t make you sick to see.  I also was intrigued that the pathologist was female especially in that time period.  I’m near the end of season 2 on Netflix.  I think it is an ongoing series.


The Perfect Host

There is not much I can explain about this movie that wouldn’t give away the many plot twists.  I’m using the Netflix blurb to focus my explanation here.  A man robs a bank and lies his way into a man’s house for help because he is injured.  A series of events happen to tell the fugitive that this was not the best place to go.  I was fully entertained by this movie and would recommend it for anyone who likes dark comedies.

I immediately watched Derek on Netflix when it was released.  I liked it much better than I thought I would (4.5 Gems).  It is the latest from Ricky Gervais (sans Stephen Merchant) so I had to see it.  Gervais shows are hit or miss for me really.  I absolutely loved Extras and An Idiot Abroad but not into The Office or Life’s Too Short.  Derek is the story of a guy, 50, that works in a nursing home.  He seems to be a bit slow mentally but I don’t see it in an offensive way which is what I heard were some people’s criticisms.  The premise centers around Derek’s relationships with the residents and employees of the home.  Basically all his friends are there and when someone dies, as elderly people do, he is emotionally hurt by it.  The manager of the nursing home, Hannah (played by Kerry Godliman), takes care of everyone and works selflessly to make their lives better.  I really liked Hannah’s character even though it was a typical type of character you would expect to see in a setting like that.  I’ve already made a mental note of this actress’s name and will look for other things she has done or will do.  Somehow Karl Pilkington, of An Idiot Abroad, is a maintenance man in this series.  I never saw him act before and he did a decent job of it.  Overall, it is worth watching if you are a fan of Ricky.  Like Extras, there is a good balance of funny and emotional parts as well as being believable.  If there is a season 2, I will definitely watch.  If you are interested check out the trailer below.


I’ve been waiting to see this for awhile and Derek should be up on Netflix on Sept. 12. I’m sharing the trailer below and even though Netflix says it is their series it really isn’t. I’m sure they just got the right to show it in America being that it has already been shown in the UK. I liked some of the other Ricky Gervais series but they had been with Stephen Merchant. Merchant is also coming out with his own show, Hello Ladies, through HBO I believe relating back to his stand-up tour of the same name. I hope to be able to see that as well. If you are a fan of the Gervais/Merchant creation, An Idiot Abroad, you may be pleased to know that Karl Pilkington is in this series as well but really acting this time.

I was looking for something interesting to watch last night and I found an old show streaming on Netflix call Private Secretary starring Ann Sothern. It is about a secretary named Susie that manages her talent agent boss just like you would expect an 1950s working woman to do. She somehow makes everything work out for him and everyone else in the office. I found it very amusing. Apparently it was on for years but Netflix only has the first season. Just like you people know the shows out there available for viewing.

I should be cleaning up or organizing but instead I’m looking for new blogs to follow (on and off WordPress).  I am also going through to see what blogs I follow that are inactive.  Maybe I’ll get some inspiration on what I see.  I have kind of pulled back on the news and political stories since I have looming unemployment over me.  I’m looking for happy or interesting themes lately.  The only murders I pay attention to now is Midsomer Murder (a detective show on Netflix) that I watch every weekend.

Employment status is the same since the last post.  I have some people trying to find some leads for me so that is good.  Just 34 days till unemployment now, almost a month.  I’m still liking Twitter.  Today, I’m going through to see what blogs I follow are on there too.  My plan is to build this blog while unemployed.  If you guys have any suggestions you think I should be talking about please let me know.  Just so you know pictures of me will probably be non-existent.  I’m trying to keep my personal self and professional self separated, in general.  I thought about doing a cartoon of myself (not drawn by me because I can’t draw) to represent me or maybe a stuffed animal.  Who knows.

I know some people wanted me to talk about science but since that is kind of my day job I can’t think of much that would be interesting to other people. Awhile ago I did a side project at work, trying to remove color compounds from foods for potential natural dyes. I took some pictures so I thought I will share them. I do like working with colors.



Beet, Carrots, and Red Apple


Black Sorghum and Blue Corn



Food samples in tubes: 1) Black Sorghum, 2) Blue Corn, 3) Carrot, 4) Red Apple, 5) Beet, 6) Beet Stem


Extracts from foods: 1) Black Sorghum, 2) Blue Corn, 3) Carrot, 4) Red Apple, 5) Beet, 6) Beet Stem


So I finally saw the show, Life’s Too Short by Merchant & Gervais.  It was not nearly as funny as I thought it would be.  It is a fake documentary about little person, Warwick Davis, and how he is trying to improve his career.  Now, I loved the show Extras that was written, directed, and starring Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais so I was excited to see this follow up.  However, the show was just a little bit better than The Office which I did not like.  Life’s Too Short had a guest star every week and some of them were also in Extras.  It turns out the best parts were the guest stars and most of them I saw on YouTube beforehand.  One part that I really liked was when Warwick was going grocery shopping and he used a sponge mop that he got from a bucket to knock things off high shelves.  I thought that was a great and practical idea.  I’m very short as well, not little person short, and I hate having to figure out how to get things off of high shelves.  Sadly in the show, a security guard told Warwick he had to put the mop back or buy it and the mop was taken away from him.  I thought that must be some sort of discrimination.  Besides that I only laughed at minor things.  They did kind of go overboard on the silliness.  The good thing about Extras was that everything that happened to the main character was believable even though they were unlikely.  The things that happened in this new show were too much to laugh it.  It just left you thinking yeah like that would happen.  Ricky and Steve were in this show a minor amount of time and they showed themselves as superstars that everyone wants a piece of and they were sick of it.  I don’t know if that’s what they wanted.  I think it went beyond parody to being holier than thou.  That disappointed me since I think they both have talent.  I know Ricky has another show that will be on Netflix called Derek and I am waiting to see that, but I’m not sure if Stephen is involved.  I still have to watch the extra features on the DVD which should be entertaining as per usual.


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