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Land of Untold Stories
The land of untold stories is where the mini crew is. It was all a trick to see what the Jekyll was doing. The helper to Hyde made him drink the potion to get Hyde back. The mini crew know who they are dealing with now. Hyde injected himself with some of Jekyll’s potion in order to separate them. Just as he was about to kill Jekyll, the crew saves him.
New York
Rumple wants sterling silver to make some weird table top. A storm cloud is forming above the hotel that Rumple is staying in. Regina goes to Rumple acting like she wants to be the Evil Queen to help him. He knew it was a trick to get Emma in to steal the crystal. They all know that the mini crew is trapped and that the magic wand has been taken. Henry came in with the grail and sucked up all the magic saying he has now destroyed it.
Rumple and Regina go to see The Dragon. He was the guy that I think August was looking for. He said because Regina is fighting to be good he will do all he can to help her. She needs to win for all of us he said.
Henry got up on a statue and asked people of “New York” to give him wishes to save his family. They all threw pennies in a fountain and the pennies started to fall on the mini crew until a portal opened. They ended up in the fountain. People clapped thinking it was a magic trick. Rumple went back to get Hyde and Belle. Hyde said he can help him wake Belle.
What Violet said is father isn’t from Camelot, he’s from Connecticut. They will probably stay in Storybrooke because her father never felt at home in Camelot but he was happy Violet grew up there.
Regina wants to separate from the Evil Queen so she has the potion to try it. Emma and Snow are there to inject Regina. Regina ripped out the Evil Queen’s heart out and crushed it. Oh, no. Regina destroyed the crystal. Hyde is there saying that Rumple gave him Storybrooke. The Evil Queen is alive and took the heart out of the Dragon.



Hook is back and Regina is not happy. Emma doesn’t want her to become evil again so asks her to sit out. All of sudden, Rumple tethered all the magic to the crystal he got from Hades. Henry seeing what magic has done takes it and Violet on a journey to NY City to destroy magic. As the Author, he was able to make the crystal appear to him just by writing in the book.
The people are worried that magic is gone. Zelena was able to open a portal to let people like Merida return home. While trying to close it, she, Snow, David, and Hook were sucked into the portal. They need to figure out where they are and what they need to get back. They see a man who says magic is dangerous and that he can’t help them. A guy comes from nowhere and blasts them with some kind of magic.
Regina and Emma look for Henry in Boston using GPS on his phone. He left his phone on a bus going to Boston but they are actually in New York. Henry went to New York because Neil, his father, was working on a way to destroy magic incase Rumple found him. He only told Henry of his plans. Henry believes he was close. Even Emma doesn’t know about Neil’s work.
Emma and Regina go to Neil’s old place. I’m guessing Neil owned that place because it would have been rented out by now. Regina finds an old letter from Robin. She realizes it is her fate to be trapped in between good and evil suffering. Emma uses the computer to find out Henry was headed to the library. Rumple is hiding at the door listening.
The mini crew are in a dungeon being held by a man who hates Rumple. He thinks they are working for him. The guy they first saw is now offering to help them by taking their magic wand to fix it in the place where magic is held. They have no choice but to trust him. He used to be a doctor before he was kept prisoner by the man. He asks that if he succeeds that they take him with them.
Henry finds a load of story books that have stories and characters that he never heard of before. The pictures look like the place that the mini crew is in. Violet notices a cup that looks like the holy grail. They think it will help end magic like the other one started magic. As they try to leave with it, Rumple appears. He knocks them out with magic and takes the crystal but doesn’t know that the new grail is in Henry’s backpack.
Oh my goodness, it’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is the guy who threatened the mini crew. Dr. Jekyll tried to help them. Mr. Hyde wants to get to Storybrooke too. When Jekyll awoke he got the key to the cage but “the new warden” took the magic wand. Hyde was able to use the wand to summon Pandora’s box (which contains Belle). Rumple saved the crystal before he went for the box. Hyde thinks he can get Rumple to do what he wants now that he has Belle.

Zelena went off to find Regina and left her kid with Hades. Arthur runs out of the woods handcuff looking for help. Hades says he understands being falsely imprisoned. He thinks he was destined to rule this new world. Oh, and he kills Arthur.
Regina tells Zelena not to trust Hades and Zelena said they shouldn’t mess with a god. Hades “offers” to give himself up to protect Zelena and the baby. She vows to help fight if needed. Hades has Olympian crystal that he wants to use as a weapon. Robin is pissed at Regina for putting his child in the hands of Hades and Zelena. They are sneaking into her office by an underground tunnel.
Emma and David inform Snow about Hades coming to the real world. Merida, Emma, David, and Henry find dead Arthur. Emma is ready to fight Hades but David tells her she needs to grieve the loss of Hook.
Rumple found Belle’s father but it is not willing to wake her if it means Rumple will still have control over her. He was threatened by Rumple when Emma arrives asked for help. Rumple won’t help because it is her problem. Rumple calls Hades to offer him a deal. He knows about the crystal. And he reminds Hades that he is in his kingdom now.
Hades tried to attack Regina with the crystal but Robin jumped in front. Zelena got the crystal and realized that Hades was not being truthful. She killed him with the crystal. Now Regina and Zelena are friends again. Later, Rumple showed up and fished the remaining crystal out of Hades’s ashes.
Robin’s funeral had Regina looking like the grieving widow which I guess she is. People left arrows with a flower on it on the coffin. His son was there and I bet it is the last time we will see him. Zelena was there with the baby who is unsurprisingly named Robin now.
King Arthur ends up in the Underworld. Hook invites him on a quest to find out the secrets of Hades now that Hades isn’t around to protect it. They find the Story book pages hidden in the throne. Hook needs to find a way to get the information to Emma. They go to Cruella to find out that she destroyed the phone booth that could talk to the real world. She also got rid of the Story book in the river of souls. They went to find it underground and lost souls tried to attack them. By returning the pages to the book, Emma was able to see the new pages.
Hook gets a sense that Emma defeated Hades. He is able to move on now. Zeus meets him personally to thank him for dealing with Hades and will escort him back to where he belongs. Who knew he would end up back in Storybrooke with Emma.


Flashback – Maine 2009
Emma is looking for her family by asking questions at a local restaurant. A woman talks to her and reveals she is looking for her since she skipped bail. The woman put a boot on Emma’s car before approaching her so she couldn’t get away. That is the same trick Emma did in series 1 episode 1. I think this is the woman that got her into being a bounty hunter. Emma picked the lock of the handcuffs while the woman was in the shower. But she stayed when she found that a county office website has information on her and she wants to be taken there. No real information was there. Emma can’t let go but is agreeing to go back with the woman.
Emma went back to the county office. The woman followed and they jumped out the window to escape the police. Why can’t she just show her bounty hunter badge? It seems shady. Oops, a piece of glass got the woman. She’s dying and tells Emma that she gave up a child in the past. Emma finds the girl to give her information about her mother. This is where Emma finds her leather jacket. It looks like the one the bounty hunter wore and called her armor.
Hades goes to the crew for help in getting Zelena back. A meeting takes places where Rumple and Peter Pan want the contract ripped up for the return of her. Immediately, Hades rips it. Emma comes in just as they were going to take out her heart. Emma wondered why Rumple was staying so long. He left to go wake Belle. Of course his kiss didn’t work. Pan found him and said he has Pandora’s box. Rumple put the heart inside Pan so he could leave the Underworld. Uh oh, it’s not a real heart. It is filled with water from the river. You know that means Pan is destined to spend eternity in the river. People never learn not to mess with Rumple.
With the return of Zelena, Hades does as he promised, to wipe the names off the tombstones. The kiss from Zelena made is heart start beating again. Now he is able to leave the Underworld with the crew. A portal will open and they have a limited amount of time to go through. However, the plan to share Emma’s heart with Hook didn’t work. He has been dead too long. Hades told them the story of someone whose soul escaped the Underworld. They need ambrosia. Emma’s heart has to go up for review to see if she is worthy. Even Hades has not been there. The only way to do it is to take an elevator. Hook and Emma hope to be back in time to get to the portal, but Regina promised to take everyone home if they don’t.
Robin comes with the baby but doesn’t trust Zelena. Regina says the baby will be safe with her while Robin helps them. He walks away to clear his head and Rumple appears to steal his heart. Henry, as the author, tells the people what their unfinished business is. Cruella interrupts telling of her plans to take over the Underworld. The Hansel and Gretel witch uses her magic to trap the crew in a building. Regina can’t use her magic to get out.
Emma put her heart on a scale and it does nothing. All of a sudden she falls to her knees and Hook is engulfed in flames. She has to choose whether to get her heart or same him. You know she tried to save him. That is all that was needed to open the door. She had to prove her love for Hook. The ambrosia has been cut and the crew is stuck. People are starting to think it was Hades. It was all for nothing. Time is running out and Hades convinces Zelena that they should go through the portal with the baby. Hook is staying behind and staying dead. Poor Emma had to help Regina open the door with magic. They make it to the portal. She talks about how her armor (her jacket) was supposed to keep her from getting hurt. Now she can’t save the people she loves. David had to make her go through the portal.


Regina gets a hold of Cora’s magic wand. She tried to turn her doll into a sister to play with. The magic comes back at her and she is injured. Cora said only someone close to her that has not hurt her will be able to help her. Henry says she has no other relatives. We know Zelena is out there. Cora went to Oz to find Zelena who has powers. She wants to use her magic to help her Regina. Of course Cora doesn’t tell Zelena who she is. Zelena knew how to heal Regina. Now they are playmates but they find out they may be related. Zelena was able to open the box with the wand in it. It was protected by blood magic. Cora overhears them as the run off to find her to ask. Cora tells them it is true that they are sisters. But, Cora told Regina it would ruin her plans for her if people found out about Zelena. She has the guards take Zelena away. Regina swears that she will find her again. Cora says neither of them will remember.
David and James finally meet. James incapacitates David and plans to posed as him for a while. He blames David for taking what was rightfully his. David and James fought and James went into the river. David is sad because James was still his brother. Everyone on this show is related; he just has to get over it.
Hades wants to give the real Storybrooke to Zelena. It means that Regina and the crew will have to stay in the Underworld. Regina knows they met and told the crew about Hades’s plan. She thinks the only way to stop Zelena is go get Cora involved. Oh no, Cora is stuck working in the mill. She finds Hook’s magic hook and is able to free herself. Cora and Regina go to a river where the water makes people forget once they drink it. Cora decided it is time for Zelena to meet Cora and drink this water.
Cora says that she knows now that both her daughters are the reason she is there. She apologizes to Zelena and says she regrets leaving her. During the hug, Regina sneaks in. Zelena knows it is a set up and throws the water Cora gave her in the fire. Cora gives them back their memories of when they played together and were separated. She wants them to be a family now. Since Regina and Zelena are reunited as sisters, Cora has completed her unfinished business. I don’t see how she can go on to a presumably better place when she has done so much evil. Remember how black Regina’s heart was? Can you imagine how dark Cora’s heart must be? It’s probably like Rumple’s.
Regina told Zelena to go be with Hades because she may be able to change him. He set up this nice dinner for her at the diner. Just as Zelena gets to the door, Rumple and Peter Pan show up and kidnap her. They are probably going to use her soul so that Peter Pan can go back to the living world again.

Flashback – Oz
Looking for Ruby’s pack, she and Milan run into Dorothy. All of a sudden a green cloud approaches. We all know what (or who) that is. This was when Regina banished Zelena to Oz. She wants her shoes and in exchange Dorothy gets Toto back. Dorothy and Ruby go to find poppies for a potion, Milan is cooking up. Ruby tells her story about no know where she belongs to Dorothy. Dorothy explains that Auntie Em is the only one that believed in her when she got back from Oz. They are playing it that Auntie Em gave her Toto. I think Ruby has a crush on Dorothy. Ruby had to turn into a wolf to escape one of the flying monkeys. Dorothy looked at Ruby funny after they got back to Milan. As if she was uncomfortable with Ruby being a wolf. Milan told Ruby not to wait to tell Dorothy what she feels like she did. When she went to tell her, Dorothy was gone.
Hades warns Zelena that Ruby is in the Underworld. She wants to leave before she has to face her. Apparently she did something to one of the friends of the crew that she doesn’t want Regina to find out about. Since Zelena is not dead, she thinks it will be easy to leave but Hades says it isn’t. Hades is looking to deal with Ruby.
Regina and crew confront Zelena. Dorothy was put under a sleeping curse. They think a kiss from Auntie Em will break the curse. But they are in the Underworld and Auntie wouldn’t be able to leave. They plan to send the kiss to her somehow. Auntie Em is running a diner in the Underworld. Just when she was going to blow a kiss in the bottle, she turns to liquid courtesy of Hades. He threatened anyone that deals with the crew with the same fate. Snow reassures Ruby that she has the power to awaken Dorothy.
Cruella is mayor of the town and she is doing Hades’s bidding by getting rid of the phone booth. Now David and Snow can’t talk to Neil. David may use the silver shoes to get back to Oz and then to Storybrooke. David doesn’t want Snow to miss out on time with Neil. He convinced Hook to carve his name on the tombstone to replace Snow’s. Now Snow and Ruby are going to Oz. They arrive to see people surrounding Dorothy. Ruby is ready to save the day. Dorothy left before because she didn’t want to take the chance of losing Ruby to Zelena’s wrath. Their kiss ends up in the pages of the story book
Zelena goes to Hades. He said he is doing all this for her. Auntie Em is now in the river of souls. I think Zelena is ready to trust Hades more.
Belle decided to put herself under a sleeping curse until Rumple can find a way out of the contract. Also, Belle thinks her father can break the curse. After talking to Zelena, Belle was afraid her baby could be made to be born early like Emma did to Zelena. If she is asleep, Hades can’t take the baby.

Ogres are threatening the outskirts of Belle’s kingdom. Her father wants to align themselves with a partner with a powerful army. He wants Belle to marry Gaston. She has heard about his vanity and when meeting him he seems to accept that she isn’t interested because of that. She decides to give him a slight chance. They find a young ogre and she convinces him to let her deal with it. She finds a book that tells of a mirror to show evil in one’s eyes. She is going to get it and Gaston will stay behind. Belle brings her father and the mirror to the woods. Gaston appears to be injured after being attacked by the ogre. Belle’s father arranges for their army to track it down with Gaston leading the way. Belle wants to join to use the mirror. When they find it, Belle notices the bruising on its back. Gaston had tortured it. She saw the glowing in the eyes of Gaston when she looked in the mirror. Even with him being evil, Belle is forced to be engaged to Gaston with the Ogre Wars starting. War with the Ogres caused Rumple to try to find a way to keep Baelfire from being drafted.
Gaston is approached by Hades. Hades gives him arrows with the power to kill Rumple, the man who murdered him and stole Belle. Flowers are starting to grow in Underbrooke powered by hope.
Emma had a dream giving her an idea on how to erase their names from the gravestones. In the dream, Snow is attacked by some kind of fast monster. You can’t tell what it was. Now the dream is coming true and they are running away. Finally, Emma tells Snow that she dies in her dream. Regina had to call Emma out on her silliness of running from this monster. Snow agrees and they go out looking for it. By “they” I mean Regina, Snow, Robin, and Emma. Guess what? It’s a wolf aka Ruby aka Little Red Riding Hood.
Belle wants Rumple to use good to help their child. All of a sudden, Gaston shows up to kill Rumple. The arrows have water from the river that will make him unable to leave. Belle wants to help Gaston as a way to defeat Hades. They look for clues about him in his locker. He still has the book that she gave him that she said was her favorite. She thinks she is his unfinished business. While waiting for him, Hades shows up offering to give up the mark on her baby if one of the guys, Gaston or Rumple, falls in the river. She said no but he is letting her think about it. It turns out Gaston blames Belle’s love for making him weak. Her wanting to help monsters is why he is not surprised she is married to Rumple. Belle tricked Rumple and stole his dagger making him stop his plan with Gaston. But, Gaston almost attacked Rumple with the arrow so Belle pushed him. He fell in the river. Problem solved. Oops, there was no deal. A flower that was growing started to die. He sent the flower to Zelena. Zelena tells Regina that she thinks she is his only weakness and that he loves her.

Oz Flashback
Poor Zelena has a mini-cake for herself on the anniversary of Cora leaving her. She doesn’t know her real birthday. Dorothy came back to Oz after hearing that Zelena, the Wicked Witch, is alive and wreaking havoc. They made Dorothy a wannabe bandit Snow White. Zelena has a plan to steal various things towards her spell to time travel. She kidnapped the scarecrow in order to get his brain. But, Dorothy saved him saying she was more powerful because she had the love of the people. Hades visited Zelena and offered to help her. He also wants revenge on his sibling, Zeus, for making him ruler of the Underworld and stealing his ability to love. He needs true love’s kiss to make his heart work again. Hades takes Zelena to find Dorothy on Dorothy’s bike. Hades is starting to feel something for Zelena. She enchants the bike and will use it to find Dorothy (locator spell). They find Dorothy and Zelena is able to freeze her and take the Scarecrow’s brain. When Zelena turned around Hades was gone. He was at her castle waiting to celebrate. He loves her and felt his heart flutter. She thinks he is using her so he can escape the Underworld and deny her the revenge she wants. He said she will regret it.
Hades makes Rumple open a portal to get Zelena’s baby. It ended up taking the baby, Belle, and Zelena. Rumple finds Belle and tells her about her pregnancy and him being the Dark One again. He tells her, what I think is true, that she fell in love with him as both the man and the Dark One. He’s not changing and she needs to make a choice. She won’t consider making a choice until the deal with Hades for their future baby is solved. Zelena found Robin and Regina. They all look for the baby. Belle runs into them with the baby. Zelena uses a little magic to get away with the baby. The magic seems to injure the baby. It upset her. Now she is willing to give the baby to Regina to keep her safe. She thinks Hades needs the baby as an ingredient in that spell for time travel. She said he can’t love because of her.
Snow and David are worried about their son, Neil, back in Storybrooke. At the diner, they are told about a phone booth that people use to talk to the living through haunting. Snow told Emma their plan to try to talk to Neil. She is afraid that he will grow up without them like Emma did. She hopes hearing their voices will show him he is loved. Henry is waking up with storybook pages already written. One was the story about Neil hearing his parents sing to him.
Zelena and Hades meet in the town square. He says he still loves her and wanted to save her baby. She still doesn’t believe him but she is closer to it. He tortured Cora to find out Zelena’s birthday (April 15th). He wanted her to know. Zelena wants to find her baby alone. I’m not sure about how sincere Hades is about Zelena. He said he made the Underworld look like Storybrooke so she could have everything that Regina had.


After being sold into service by their father, Liam and Killian Jones are working on a boat. Liam has arranged for them to join the Navy and use the money, plus what they have, to buy their freedom. Killian is a drunk and while Liam was gone gambled his money away. Liam still had the money to buy his own freedom but decided to stay with Killian.
Their captain was looking for something that was supposed to be in the eye of a storm. Yep, it’s called The Eye of The Storm. Liam and Killian led a mutiny against the captain and succeeded. On the ship, Hades appears offering Liam the Eye of The Storm that the captain was looking for. All Liam has to do is sink the ship so he can have the souls. Killian and Liam will be safe and the jewel will get them whatever they want from the king. Killian is definitely Liam’s hype man. He is trying to convince the crew, during a hurricane, that Liam knows what he is doing. They, Liam and Killian, are found on the beach by a captain willing to give them a place on their ship. He did that because Liam shows him The Eye of The Storm.
Cruella and Henry are driving around trying to find the quill. He spots something flashing in the woods. He follows it and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice appears. Henry requests his help. Apparently, Henry is the reason the Apprentice hasn’t moved on yet. He doesn’t want Henry to use the quill to make things happen but he must help him for his own sake.
Hook is upset with himself for the weakness he showed as the Dark One. His brother, Liam, magically comes to the door. I think it is Hades (it wasn’t but I left this in anyway). He also told Emma she is not good enough for his brother. And that it’s her fault Hook was there in the first place. He tells them about a book that is supposed to have the power to defeat Hades. Of course it is the storybook and now they have to find it. Underbrooke has to have its own Once Upon a Time book. Henry comes in saying the Apprentice knows that the Sorcerer’s house is protected by magic and James has the key. They assume that is where the book is. I just started to wonder, why the Sorcerer would need a house in Storybrooke.
Hades went to Liam, who runs the bar, and asks him to get the book for him otherwise he will tell why he is really in the Underworld. Cruella goes to see James but David is there pretending to be James after they found the key to the house. In the house, Henry is left behind and it annoys him because he wants to be a hero. Liam finds the book and tears out the pages about Hades. Ha, Cruella knew that it was David the whole time. She was all over him. James blames David for being the favorite and getting to be raised by their mother.
Emma confronts Liam about the missing pages. He said he doesn’t have them when Killian comes in. She tells Liam to show his hands but Killian said he doesn’t have to. Emma leaves and Killian sees the book’s ink on his hands. The members of the ship come up from behind to expose Liam. The ex-captain is outing Liam. Now the men are going to make Killian and Liam walk the plank into the fire. Hades shows up and knocks down the ex-captain. Liam tries to stand up for Killian. Hades blows him away and Killian tries to keep him from falling. Liam lets go and there is a white light. A boat shows up and everything is serene. All the men get on the boat. Liam says he was wrong about Emma. I don’t get how Liam gets a happy ending just because now he sacrifices himself now. He killed all the men on that boat. Hook doesn’t go with them and now thinks he could have a future with Emma.
Shouldn’t the quill call to Henry like the Dagger called to the Dark Ones? He finds it. He is in his room not talking about it. David is talking about his issues with James to tell Henry some people would wish have the family he has. Henry decides to tell the crew about the quill, Cruella, and his want to be a real hero.
Wow, so Hades has the pages and it shows his relationship with Zelena. That’s great. I can’t wait for that.

Rumple and Baelfire were out catching dragonflies while his wife, Milah, worked. He told her she should have waiting for him but she basically said he wasn’t strong enough. While they were arguing, Baelfire is bitten by a snake. They go to a healer for help who says he has 24 hours to live. They could not afford the anecdote, so Milah wants to steal it. She sends Rumple off with a dagger, not The Dagger. That is when she meets Captain Killian Jones who invites her to sail with him but she tells him she is married with an ailing child. He said he’s in port often if that changes. Rumple got to the healer and tried to kill him but, at the time, Rumple was not a killer. The healer offered him a deal that he could have the cure if he promised him something. Rumple went home to Milah and told her all he needed to do is promise him their 2nd child. He figured they just won’t have any more kids. That upset Milah because he gave away their future. With that, she left to hang out at the tavern. This is probably when she started seeing Hook.
While the Dark One, Rumple went back to find the healer and killed him to void the contract he made.
Hades is punishing Hook for not doing what he asked. Hook is now hanging over the river of lost souls.
Rumple saw Belle in a crystal ball and knew he had to help find Hook to get back to her. He told Emma that they need a soul to help break through barriers to keep live people out. Of course, he chose Milah. Milah was not happy to meet Emma who slept with her ex, Hook, and her son, Baelfire aka Neil. Rumple found her as a crossing guard for children. He told her he needed her help to help Killian her past love. The 3 of them were able to pass through the barrier and now Milah wants to come with them for personal reasons. Emma finds Hook and is able to take him off the chain. Hades finds Rumple and Milah. He takes Rumple to make a deal. He wants him to prevent the crew from leaving so he can go home to his wife. He likes Rumple because of his evilness and all the souls he has sent to him. Rumple acted like Hades attacked him and made Milah fall in the river of lost souls. Hook and Emma arrive too late. They seem to believe him. Hook is surprised that Milah was there. Milah believed she was there because of the way she abandoned Baelfire. She thought helping to free Hook was the good deed she needed to move on.
Regina went to find the witch that runs the diner but found Cruella instead. She wants information about the graveyard. She and Snow White found Daniel’s grave. The way his stone was laying shows he is in a better place.
The plan was for Regina to take out Emma’s heart, split it, and give part of it to Hook. Hook was willing to consider himself even with Rumple for his help rescuing him. Unfortunately, someone put Regina, Snow, and Emma’s names on headstones so they cannot leave the Underworld aka Underbrooke.
Rumple sees Hades and the healer that he did the deal with for his 2nd child is there. Hades bought the contract so now Rumple owes him his 2nd child. Oh by the way, Belle is pregnant. When he used the crystal ball, he apparently asked to see his child. It showed him Belle. We didn’t see that part but Hades knew.


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