I just got back from a job fair in Dallas, Texas the other day. I gave out some resumes and had 2 (screening) interviews on site. Because I had been planning and preparing for that I am so behind on my reviews and diatribes. I plan to catch up on that in the very near future. Still no new job but the place I’m at has found resources to move me back to full-time (still at a reduced salary). So that is semi-good news. I assume at some point I’ll get a real full-time job.
To make up for my lack of blog writing and reading, I put together a video of a couple things I saw at the Dallas World Aquarium. I like aquariums. I was very annoyed at all the kids running around interfering with my picture taking. This aquarium was decent. It was a zoo/aquarium so it had lots of birds (don’t like those) and a panther (big cats!).