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This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Emily. I have posted 6 previous ones for other main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in tonight. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
It’s funny that Emily bought Grayson Manor. It’s like she is the conqueror over a land and claiming it as her own. To celebrate her victory she throws a Memorial Day party with Nolan. On the side, she tried to help someone else get revenge. It turns out no one wants to take revenge on people like Emily does. A woman whose car she hit on purpose lost her fiancé in a yacht accident. It was all covered up because her fiancé was just in the crew and the owner was with his mistress at the time. Emily arrange for his new yacht christening to be at her party as well as getting the mistress’s name on the yacht instead of the wife’s. You can imagine the reaction from the wife who admitted to giving him an alibi to protect his reputation. The woman Emily invited was not grateful because she knows the guy is rich enough to get out of punishment plus it wouldn’t bring her fiancé back. Emily is upset it didn’t work out and confessed to Nolan that she’s not sure if she can live life without revenge. Luckily for Emily, Victoria escaped from the mental health facility ready for her own revenge against Emily.
Aside from worrying about Victoria, Charlotte is quickly self-destructing. She is back on drugs and after finding out that Gideon was cheating on her decides to jump off the roof of a hotel. Emily is there to try to talk her down and I assume she called Jack. Jack’s partner, Ben Hunter, pulls Charlotte from the ledge. Ben likes Emily so he takes the time to question her. Once Charlotte is out of the hospital, Jack brings her to Emily to be with “family”. For some reason Emily thought it would be a good idea to tell Charlotte that she is really Amanda Clarke. How is she repaid? Charlotte lured her to Jack’s bar, knocking her out, and setting the place on fire. You know she is going to get away with it the moment she leaves the bar. Emily tells Jack she is not going to implicate Charlotte. She still wants to talk to her to make things better. She tracks her down to the hideout of Victoria and David. David is gone of course but Victoria is there with a shotgun. Emily just wants to talk to Charlotte and dares Victoria to shoot her. Victoria says she doesn’t deserve such a quick death. She knows what we know that David is alive. When Emily heads back to the car she meets Ben again who saw her abandoned car on the side of the road. That night, Nolan is fixing her security system and sees David sneaking into her house and shoots at him in her bedroom while she slept. Emily is lucky David hesitated.
Against her wishes, Nolan calls Jack about the break-in. Emily doesn’t know if Victoria or Charlotte is responsible but either way she wants to deal with it on her own. She is called to the station when a suspect is picked up. Jack wasn’t able to warn her that David Clarke, her father, is in the lineup. Of course she is not allowed to see him since the Feds have been called in. She tells Nolan the news and they wait to hear details. They go to see the live press conference. Emily is just livid when David calls for his “family” to join him meaning Charlotte and Victoria. Victoria found a way to speak and kept smiling at Emily in the crowd. Emily’s line, “She got to him first”, was perfect for the situation.
Emily is having a hard time with all this. Her emotions are getting the better of her giving Victoria the edge. She even tries to appeal to Charlotte to get her in a room with David. All Charlotte did was trick her into a meeting alone with Victoria. Victoria wants Emily to feel guilty about what she did to avenge her “dead” father. Now that she is calmer she has a plan to jog David’s memories. She uses Margaux to give David the deed to his old beach house. She doesn’t know that Daniel will be involved but it’s a minor issue. Emily, Jack, and Nolan have a little party to celebrate. They can hear David playing his favorite song in the beach house which gives Emily hope that he will recover soon. She is still waiting to tell him who she really is when he is ready.
For some reason, Emily came to Charlotte’s rescue when she killed the man that tried to hold her hostage. I would say kidnapped but she was drunk when she went home with him. If I was Emily, I would let Charlotte face some consequences. Even while Emily is cleaning up the crime scene, she is still being harassed by Charlotte. But, it was good to know that someone out there is really after David. It prompted her to visit the silo David was being kept in but she realized that there was evidence that it had been staged. At the same time, Nolan is being verbally attacked on live TV by David and Nolan blames Emily for not telling the truth. Emily shares what she learned from the silo and now both of them wonder what other lies David is telling.
Emily uses her B&E skills to sneak around the beach house in the middle of the night and finds a few things stored in her old hiding place: a knife and a key.
She gets a phone call from Jack with a photo with the double infinity sign he found carved on the wall at a newly dead prison guard’s house. It just adds to her suspicions of David’s story. To further throw her off, David knocks on her door wanting to ask question about Amanda since Jack told him she was her best friend. It’s ridiculous he didn’t recognize her. Emily told him about the time fake Amanda fell at her baby shower while arguing with Victoria. Nolan was able to track the key to a safety deposit box and disable the security cams so Emily can have access. Unfortunately, Daniel tracks her down and traps her in an elevator to taunt about her real identity. Emily just doesn’t have the time. He whines about her using him and wonders if anything was real between them. Emily is just trying to get out since she is in a strict time window. In the box, there is a flash drive containing pictures of fake Amanda. Of course that upsets Emily and she goes busting into the beach house to confront David. How could he have been around and not come looking for her? He sees her double infinity tattoo and knows she is the real Amanda. Before things could get too happy, Victoria leaves and doesn’t see the downed power line on her car when she tries to get in during the storm. David and Emily run outside hearing the noise. David wants Emily to call for help but she stands there. She’s not going to help a dying Victoria for anyone not even her father.
Emily is confronted by David on why she didn’t help Victoria. She told him with everything she has done to them Victoria doesn’t deserve to live. If that wasn’t enough, David had chosen to ride with Victoria to the hospital instead of telling her what she wants to know like where he has been the last 20 years. At the hospital, they find a couple chances to talk. Once, Victoria actually found the strength to unplug one of her tubes so David would come running. Later, David told Emily that he didn’t ask for her to help him and it’s not her job to protect him. Lucky for him she is super ninja Emily Thorne, she was hiding under Victoria’ bed when he was attacked by 2 men dressed as hospital stuff. Emily was told by Jack earlier that the FBI was looking into the connection between Conrad’s murder and the recent attacks on David. An FBI agent named Kate Taylor had already questioned David. After the hospital room attack, Emily goes out the window so she is not seen. David asks to meet with her later. He tells her that his stabbing in prison was a way to get him out to work for someone “worse than Conrad”. He only agreed when they showed him pictures of fake Amanda and threatened her. Once he found out she was dead, David escaped but not before getting even with this man. Now, he wants her to stay out of this because he doesn’t want to lose her again. How annoying for Emily. He did say he was proud of her. She acted to him and Nolan that she was going to let this all go and do what David asked. But, Emily caught one of the men that attacked David and is torturing him in some secret place. I missed the Emily that beats up and tortures people.
Ben showed up at Emily’s house straight from the bar after midnight to ask her out. She had to be polite and say she’s not dating right now. Sadly the partner of the man she kidnapped hung himself in the limited access interrogation room. Another blow to the cause, Nolan let the prisoner go saying she has gone too far. Her only option to get information about the Conrad case is through Ben. So she asks him out to grill him on the trustworthiness of his police chief. Ben reached for her at one point and she grabbed his arm like he had tried to punch her. It was funny to me but not to him; Ben left. Emily goes looking for Nolan and in comes Daniel again. Emily has been running into Daniel so much lately and he wants to talk about their relationship and how they are the same. Afterwards, Emily finds Ben drinking and playing basketball. He agrees to have an interview with her about the case and she says she still owes him a date. He assures her the police chief was with him and not involved in the death of the suspect but the only other people with access to the room was the FBI. Light bulb goes on.
After finding out that Jack maybe “seeing” Kate, she runs to warn him. She told him she may find a reason to stay longer, which she did, so Jack has doubts about Kate now. Things are looking bad for Kate; she has a secret phone not registered with her employer. Nolan and Louise host a party that Jack is supposed to bring Kate to. David shows up in the shadows to tell Emily not to come running when she hears about what will happen next and then disappears. Nolan spills his drink on Kate to separate her from her purse. Emily expertly removes Kate’s phone and passes it to Nolan for a quick once over. Kate confronts Emily about her phone being gone and sets up a meeting between them at Emily’s house. Her story is that Malcolm is forcing her to work for him by holding her mother. At the house, Emily disarms Kate and reveals she doesn’t believe her story. It turns out that not only is Kate working for Malcolm but he is also her father. Now, that her cover is blown and she is on Emily’s security cameras, she tries to kill Emily. Emily did remove the bullets from her gun when she took it from Kate the first time so a physical fight goes all over the house. Kate has Emily incapacitated for a moment and loads her gun just as Daniel runs into the house seeing Emily on the ground. Kate shoots Daniel and is soon shot by Jack. As Daniel dies, Emily asks him what he was doing and tries to comfort him saying not everything between them was a lie.
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This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to David. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in Sunday. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
Since killing Conrad, David has been hiding out with the guard that let Conrad go free. He says he has business in Southampton. First, we see him hiding out in his old beach house and nearly caught by Emily. Next, he is outside Grayson Manor knocking out Victoria with chloroform. He takes her to the place he says he has been held captive and wants to start a new life with her and Charlotte. All he needed was for her to tell him she had nothing to do with what happened to him. Of course, she says that. He also tells her that he has killed Conrad for her. Victoria brings Charlotte to meet David, her father. She tells him that Charlotte is the one that cleared his name. He goes off to get some firewood and comes back to hear that Emily had been there. Previously, Victoria painted Emily as an enemy that will stop at nothing to destroy her and her family, which is true. Victoria says Emily is good at finding people so they have to find a new place. She goes to the city to get more money. Against Victoria wishes, at the moment, David goes to see Emily in the middle of the night. He breaks into her house and sees her asleep in her bed. He looks at her puzzled. He may recognize her but who knows. He is chased away by Nolan and jumps out the window.
When David gets back to their hide out, Victoria has just gotten back. He tells her that he was about to kill Emily but didn’t. She asks him to let her take care of things and leaves again. David scars himself up by hitting his back with some chains. He goes to a convenience store and gets himself arrested. Because of his limp, he is put in a lineup relating to Emily’s break-in. Through fingerprints the police identify him as David Clarke. The Department of Justice comes in asking questions. David puts on an act for them pretending he doesn’t know he was pardoned. He said Conrad Grayson (Victoria’s ex-husband) kept him hostage for 10 years and tortured him. They believe him. Victoria was brought in by the police chief to tell her about David’s reappearance. She hires a lawyer to help David. When alone with Victoria, David says he won’t be a prisoner to anyone again not even her. He holds a press conference talking about his fake story with Charlotte and Victoria by his side.
David didn’t realize the media would be following him everywhere. He is still confused about Amanda’s life. He goes to her grave with Victoria where he was followed by the press. When going back to the hotel, he is almost run over by a car clearly targeting him. He has talked to the FBI in DC so now Victoria wants them to leave town for a while but he wants answers about Amanda. Charlotte takes him to meet Carl, his fake grandson, and is surprised to find out that his daughter had been living above a bar. Even looking at wedding pictures he believes it is Amanda. Concerned about Amanda’s lifestyle, David visits Nolan asking if he gave her the money and objects he left for her. David helped to fund Nolan’s first tech company, Nolcorp, which made million if not billions. This is why Emily (the real Amanda Clarke) is so rich because she did get David’s share of the profits after he “died”. Nolan warns him not to trust the wrong people. Later, David swears to get revenge on the person that wronged Amanda. Who knew he was thinking about Nolan at the time? This live TV interview, suggested by Margaux and eventually agreed upon by Victoria, was David’s big plan to humiliate poor Nolan. He thinks that Nolan stole his daughter’s money leaving her to live in poverty. He points to the fact that she was a stripper and lived with her husband, Jack, above Jack’s bar as evidence that the millions and millions he asked Nolan to give her was stolen. He doesn’t know that he is talking about fake Amanda’s life. I’m sure David was so proud of himself making Nolan run off the set in disgrace. To add injury to insult, David goes to Nolan’s home afterwards and punches him in the face.
David visits Jack at the police station to apologize for not mentioning him and Carl (his & fake Amanda’s son) in the interview. Jack told him he is way off on Nolan betraying Amanda because she loved her friends. David was told Emily was her best friend so he just shows up at her door. He didn’t even recognize her and luckily she was on her way out so it wasn’t a long meeting. She did warn him about trusting what Victoria says about Amanda and that Amanda fell off the 2nd floor while arguing with Victoria inside the house during her baby shower. He goes to confront Victoria and question her relationship with Amanda. She tells him Conrad prevented her from giving Amanda any financial support. David decided to go to the strip club that Amanda worked in to get more details about the baby shower. The girl said Victoria tried to give Amanda money and support but Amanda refused to see her. After he left, the girl went in the back and told Victoria that he bought it. Later, David and Victoria have a quiet evening in when Emily walking in the door yelling at him and showing him photos of fake Amanda. He asked where she got them not know Emily is a pro at finding things. David sees the double infinity tattoo on her wrists and sees she is the real Amanda. The moment is spoiled by Victoria getting shocked by the live power line that fell on her car.
David gives Victoria CPR to try to save her while asking Emily to call 911 but had to make the call himself. He told her it was fine that she was scared. He really doesn’t know the grown up Amanda Clarke (aka Emily Thorne). I think he is confused somehow about her anger towards Victoria and him. The first mistake was to choose to get in the ambulance with Victoria instead of talking with his new found daughter. He continues to struggle with the pull from Victoria sick in her bed and Emily wanting answers. I’m sure that will be a big theme in the next part of the season. Even with Victoria admitting that she knew Emily was his daughter and still presented her to him as an enemy, David is still staying close to Victoria. I think he is questioning her part in all this though. He didn’t expect FBI agent Kate Taylor to show up asking him questions or the 2 men trying to kidnap him. It’s a good thing Emily was hiding under the bed to prevent that. David is determined to handle all this on his own and not endanger Emily now that he has her back. We know now that the man Charlotte killed was the man who gave him the pictures of fake Amanda and tried to run him over because of the crescent moon tattoo on his hand.
Finally, David knows the truth about Nolan and apologized to him at his club. David is slowly showing his distrust of Victoria. We got to see a flashback of David and Victoria planning to run away together. She stole $5 million from Conrad and they put it in a safe that she was going to make the code and David was going to hide the safe. Now, David has just opened the safe and put something in there. I guess when you are rich it is easy to get $5million in cash. He plans to go out of town but stops by Nolan’s house to give him the location and combination to the safe if he doesn’t return. Malcolm Black is the guy after David who lives in Canada. He was using David to launder money but David stole incriminating information just before his escape. Nolan is tracking the movements of Emily’s prisoner, heading to the airport, and offers his helicopter to David. David finds the guy that tried to attack him, gives him something to take to Black, and was home in time to tell Victoria a little about what happened to him.
David went to an old cellmate for some substance that can kill someone and look like a stroke. You would think it’s for Malcolm but he actually put some of it in a drink for Victoria. David pops into Nolan and Louise’s party to warn Emily to stay out of what is to come next in his plans. In the beach house, David wants to drink to the future. With Victoria about to drink the poisoned glass of wine, she stops and admits to stealing his computer all those years ago and giving it to Conrad. While they talk they hear gunshots and go to find out what is going on.
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This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Victoria. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in Sunday. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
After 6 months, Victoria is still in the mental health facility. But she has a plan to escape using some of the other residents. First, she tried to call her house for help and was surprised that Emily picked up the phone. Emily was able to send a text message to let the place know she had a phone. With the arrival of Louise, a rich girl who blames her mother for tricking her to going there, Victoria is able to put one of her friends in Louise’s large trunk. The trunk was taken to a room where the person had access to the fire alarm. All of a sudden sprinklers go off and doors open. Victoria is handed an umbrella and walks out the door. Louise is at the now locked door wanting to go with her, but it is too late. Victoria makes it to Emily’s party as the staff is cleaning up. She wanted to tell Emily of what is to come. As she leaves, David comes up from the behind and grabs her. You can see the shock on her face as he puts a cloth over her mouth. Listening to what David tells her about his devotion to her and Charlotte, she plays the victim. He knows that his daughter, Amanda, is dead and wanted to find them once his name had been cleared. It’s the perfect opportunity for Victoria to tell David about the hardships she has endured at the hands of Emily Thorne.
This is the time when Victoria decides it is a good idea to reach out to her children that she hasn’t seen in 6 months. Daniel tells her he has no secret bank accounts and that Charlotte just tried to jump off a roof. She runs to Charlotte who confesses to trying to kill her newly discovered sister, Emily Thorne. She is still on a mission to get money so she contacts her almost step daughter, Margaux, to explain her family’s financial problems and accepts a family loan. Another problem pops up named Louise. She stops Victoria on the street asking for her help. Victoria has no time or money to help out Louise and Louise feels rejected again. Her plan to be happy and use David is just beginning. She introduces Charlotte to him as the devoted daughter who cleared his name (Emily did that). Emily Thorne is painted as trying to hurt all of them making her a threat to David’s happiness. Victoria had the opportunity to shoot Emily but knew that turning her father, whom she thinks is dead, against her would be much more painful. Victoria goes out to find more money and deal with Daniel. When she returns she finds out David went to see Emily but she was relieved she did not see him. Soon she is brought to the police station to be told that David was alive. She knows this of course but she had to act surprised. To help, she gets an expensive lawyer and is surprised how well David lied to the authorities. She told David that he still needs her no matter what his plans are. I think it was an added bonus for her to see Emily in the crowd during the press conference. You know she was just waiting to see her face knowing that her father was with her.
Victoria is so pleased with herself for keeping David away from Emily. But, David almost being run over outside their hotel makes her worry that something else is coming. She has complete control over silly Charlotte and even takes the time to gloat to Emily. Although Daniel giving David the deed to the beach house did throw her off and soon followed by Margaux showing up with a video camera, she quickly made a deal with Margaux for the exclusive rights to David’s story. Margaux tried to bring up how much Victoria cared for her father, Pascal, so she wouldn’t damage his name. Victoria said feel free to call my bluff. Poor Margaux has no idea who she is dealing with in Victoria. Leading up to the interview, Victoria is nervous about what David will say since he is acting so strangely. She had to admit to Daniel that she was in the mental health facility, even though she doesn’t say Emily put her there, when she finds out Louise is working with him. Louise was nice enough to tell the papers that she hired him to look after her finances. I bet Louise was so excited that Victoria wanted to meet with her. She even had a fantasy on how Victoria would embrace her and want to spend more time with her. Soon in the real world, Victoria arrives very cold towards her. Victoria warns her not to hurt her son and has no intention of seeing her again. I think it sums it up when Louise says Victoria was like a mother to her and Victoria responds with they were only roommates for a day. Oops. Victoria feels much better after the interview seeing that Nolan is going to be David’s enemy. She couldn’t take the risk of Nolan introducing David to Emily. A couple issues did pop up for her though. Charlotte told Daniel about Emily’s real identity and David went to talk to Emily. Then, David asks her all these questions about her dealings with Amanda. She had to step up her game.
Victoria’s possessions had been auctioned off in that 6 months she was away and purchased by someone she knows. She visits the woman knowing she had jewelry David gave her hidden in one of the statues. All she needed to do now is pay off (with some jewelry) one of the strippers to tell David a story and wear the remaining jewelry to win him over. Sadly, they were interrupted when Emily bursts in the door telling Victoria to leave. David asked Victoria nicely to leave them. Victoria knows what’s coming there but didn’t foresee being electrocuted by the live power line on her car. David gave her CPR and called 911. Emily would have let her die. Soon after waking up, Victoria sees David talking to Emily outside her hospital room. You know she can’t have that. She unplugs one of her tubes so hospital staff comes rushing in. Before they can zap her, she plugs it back in. Now, David is back by her side. When confronted about her knowing Emily’s true identity, Victoria tries to spin it in her favor. I’m not sure if he is convinced. At the end of the day, Daniel walks in to talk to her. He’s blaming her for his inability to truly love Margaux. She tells him again that all she did in the past was for her children.
Victoria is willing to play nice with Emily if that insures she can keep David although she is still waiting for the fallout from all the secrets being revealed. The police chief, a friend of Victoria, told her she may need to stay away from David for a while. Victoria got the name of Conrad supposed killer and called her minion to find out who hired him. He told her it was Malcolm Black that wants David alive because he owes him money. Victoria gives him a picture of Emily saying if he wants money she is the answer. And who ends up with the picture? It’s FBI agent Kate Taylor. After learning about Black, David tells her a little bit about his life the past few years with Malcolm Black. Soon Kate pays Victoria a visit and shows her the picture of Emily that she traced back to her. Victoria urges her to get her money from Emily and leave her and David alone for good. Kate asks why Emily would help David and Victoria tells her to figure it out.
Victoria found out that Margaux is pregnant and she quickly meets with Daniel. Daniel tells her that his family has always ignored the truth and he doesn’t want to be like their family with Margaux. For some reason, Victoria tells David that she stole his computer to give to Conrad. She says she found out about Kara, his wife/Emily’s mother, being alive in a mental health facility. It made her wonder if she could trust him and she was angry. Victoria couldn’t risk running away with him, Amanda, and Daniel. Can you imagine? If all had worked out, Emily and Daniel would be step-siblings instead of ex-spouses but still have a half-sibling (Charlotte) in common. While they talk they hear gunshots and go to find out what is going on.
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This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Jack. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in January. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
I didn’t expect Jack to go from bar owner to rookie cop in the show break. We last saw him being taken into custody for questioning about Charlotte’s kidnapping. But, Jack has been the conscience of Emily as long as he has known her secret. I guess it is only fitting for him to be a police officer. He was still being harassed by Charlotte since she thought he kidnapped her but she learned the truth eventually. There is still a cloud of suspicion around him in the police department especially with his new partner, Ben. Ben starts asking question involving Conrad’s murder. Ben knows that Conrad was responsible for the death of Jack’s wife (fake Amanda Clarke) and brother (Declan). It definitely makes sense. That was the least of his problems. Now, David Clarke is alive and back in town. A man brought in for a line-up as a suspect on who broke into Emily’s house just happens to be David Clarke. Emily wasn’t able to be warned in time before going into the room for the line-up. All of a sudden Emily’s father and Jack’s supposed father-in-law was alive. Jack tried to stay out of the way even though Ben wanted him to talk to David. Jack’s concern for Emily as his dead wife’s best friend caught the attention of Ben. He wanted to know more about Emily plus he already liked her. Ben learned about her criminal past and kept a watch on her.
Part of Charlotte’s harassment of Jack was bringing David to see Carl (his supposed grandson). David asked some questions about Amanda and looked at pictures saying it has been so long his memories of her get confused. Charlotte should be happy Jack didn’t arrest her for burning down his bar and trying to kill Emily. As David’s story became public, Jack tries to stay close to Emily. He is one of the people, who know her secret, that wants her to come clean to David. At the same time, he keeps her up to date on Ben’s obsession with using the Conrad case to get him promoted to detective. While at a previous officer’s funeral, Ben is questioning the dead man’s family and friends. It turns out that guy was a prison guard while Conrad was imprisoned. The man has just come into some money that no one knew real details about. Ben searches around the house and finds evidence that someone had been living in a backroom. Neighbors said someone had been coming in and out of the property that was not the owner. Jack catches him and sees a “double infinity” sign carved on a beam. Of course, Jack has to tell Emily about it. This is not part of David’s story.
Ben further looks into the case when they are called to check out an apartment. A man is dead with photos of David and Conrad related articles. A knife is found that is consistent with what killed Conrad. The car connected to this man was the one that almost ran David over. They don’t know that this is the guy that Charlotte killed and Emily cleaned up the crime scene. Emily assures Jack nothing will be traced back to her. Since this is a big case, the FBI is brought in. Agent Kate comes in and requests Jack to help her. This greatly annoys Ben since he had been working on this. Jack had to put him in his place by reminding him that he wanted nothing to do with this case, but he is being forced. Meanwhile, 2 men attacked David at the hospital while he was with Victoria. One man gets away and the other is kept in an interrogation room. Somehow the caught man is found hanging in the room. As the investigation continues, a relationship starts between Kate and Jack. With the death of their perpetrator and lack of evidence there, Kate is ready to move on. All of sudden, Kate mentions she has some vacation time to stay a bit longer. Jack was happy but that ends quickly when Emily tells him of her suspicions that Kate was involved in the death of the suspect. She told him not to be surprised if she finds a reason to stay longer. Remembering what Kate said, Jack later tells Emily he is with her on her mission to find out about Kate. Jack takes Kate as his date to Nolan and Louise’s party so they have access to her phone. Jack and Nolan wait as Kate and Emily met at Emily’s home. Nolan gets proof that Kate is not who she says she is. Jack rushes to the house. Jack walks into Emily’s home, sees Kate is about to shoot Emily, and shoots Kate.
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This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Nolan. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in January. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
Nolan is worried at that Emily can’t move on from her revenge tendencies. She used his car to “accidently” hit a woman’s car that she wanted to help in her own revenge. That didn’t work out. All of a sudden, a man breaks into her home in the middle of the night. Nolan just happened to be fixing her security system at the time and got there in time to scare him off. Against her wishes, Nolan reports the break-in to Jack. Nolan is there to comfort her when Emily finds out that the intruder is her father, David Clarke. He also encourages her to tell David who she is. The last straw was when Nolan and Emily are in the crowd during David’s press conference with his “family”, Charlotte and Victoria. It angers Emily but she still waits to tell David. In the meantime, she works on getting Victoria away from him. A TV interview was orchestrated in the beach house Emily grew up in. Unfortunately, David, who had been randomly visiting Nolan, invited Nolan for moral support. He further asked Nolan to join him in part of the interview where he accused him of stealing money that was meant for Amanda. David revealed what he learned about Amanda’s past, which was really fake Amanda’s past, including working in a strip club and living above a bar with Jack. Nolan was humiliated and walked off the set. He ultimately blamed Emily for not telling David the truth. David punctuated his feelings later by going to Nolan’s house and punching him in the face. Since Nolan is a public figure, his reputation took a hit. That didn’t stop him from helping Emily though. She brought to him a key she found in the beach house for him to trace. Nolan delivered. With all this new information, Emily thinks David is lying about his disappearance.
Finally, Emily tells David who she is which forces him to apologize to Nolan. It wasn’t in public so Nolan’s reputation is still tainted. He finds solace at his country club where he meets Louise. She tells him he has the money to make himself happy. Nolan decides the club makes him happy so he buys it. Before purchasing the club, Margaux is almost killed by Louise at said club. Nolan’s employees walk out because they think he stole money from Amanda Clarke. Nolan is not fan of Margaux since she organized the David Clarke interview. She asks him to do her a favor in exchange for helping to rebuild his image. She wants dirt on Louise and her family. Nolan agrees finding out that there are questions surrounding her father’s death. Louise’s family gets a call from Margaux’s company asking questions. She knows it was Nolan digging into her past. He tells her his situation but she accuses him of not being a true friend. Nolan calls Margaux refusing to help any further. To make it up to Louise, he asks her to cohost his party to mess with the press. On the side, he is looking up FBI Agent Kate’s background. He finds that she has an unauthorized gun and phone. Emily lifted fingerprints from her hotel room to try to positively identify her. Just in time, Nolan finds out that she is really Kate Black, daughter of Malcom Black, who is trying to kill David.
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This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Charlotte. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in January. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
I think she is the least interesting character in the show. The season starts off with Charlotte still believing that Jack kidnapped her. She went as far as picking up Carl from daycare without his knowledge to worry him. We know from her past she has been involved with drugs. She’s right back into that and her supplier/boyfriend is Gideon. I get annoyed with her typical troubled rich girl life. Jack catches her doing drugs but gives her a pass. To try to help her out, Emily decides to tell her that she kidnapped her and is really Amanda Clarke, her sister. All it did was send her over the edge. First, Charlotte tricks Emily into meeting her at Jack’s bar where she hit Emily on the back of the head and set the place on fire. Emily lets it go since she was upset about all the things Emily has done to her. Next, Charlotte tries to jump off the roof of a hotel after finding Gideon with another girl and him saying he was just using her. Emily stalled her long enough for the police to rescue her.
Continuing with her party girl ways, Charlotte goes to a club, gets intoxicated, and goes home with a stranger. The next morning the stranger wants to use her as bait to get to David Clarke. Charlotte fought back and he died from hitting his head on the floor. Who do you call when you accidentally kill someone? Emily of course. The whole time Emily is organizing things and telling her what to do, Charlotte is calling her names. She is lucky Emily takes the time to help her. They find photos and newspaper clipping relating to David and Conrad. Emily sets it up to look like he killed Conrad and was after David. Emily informs Charlotte that she never murdered anyone unlike Victoria who killed Aidan. Charlotte confronts her mother about it which she doesn’t deny. All this happened along with Charlotte meeting David (her real father). She struggled watching her mother keep the fact that Emily is his daughter from him. Ultimately, she plays along with her mother. She decides to check herself into rehab to clean up her life away from the family. Before she leaves, Charlotte tells Daniel the truth about Emily really being Amanda Clarke.
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This is my recap of the early episodes of Revenge that relate to Daniel. I will be doing other recaps for the main characters leading up to the return of Revenge in January. Some of my friends keep up with the show through my updates so I am including a chart to let you know who the character is connected or related to. This show can get confusing if you don’t know the history.
With Victoria’s 6 month disappearance and Conrad’s death, his family’s accounts have been frozen. Daniel is quickly going broke. It isn’t helped by his sister, Charlotte, asking him for money to pay for her bills and drug habit. Daniel was blackmailed by Gideon for him to leave Gideon’s family company. If you remember it was photos of Daniel in bed with a dead woman. We assume it was a drug overdose but still the scandal would be bad. Gideon plans to oust his sister, Margaux, out of the company as well. She just happens to be dating Daniel. Margaux is tipped off by Nolan about the blackmail. She and Daniel conspire to publicly out Gideon as a drug dealer in the press by setting up an encounter in a restaurant in front of a reporter. It doesn’t work to the extant they hoped and Gideon comes back to threaten Margaux. She tells him she knew nothing and leads him to believe he needs to attend a meeting in France to smooth things over with investors. What she was really doing was putting a large amount of drugs in his bag so he would be arrested in the airport with her watching. It was a good idea and that helped out Daniel.
Now, Daniel’s focus is on his reputation. He takes a break to confront Emily, in an elevator, about her real identity. Daniel promises not to expose her if she promises not to involve him in the fallout from her schemes. He asks her if she had any real feelings for him. She ignores him and goes about her plans. As a money manager, companies will not touch him. He meets Louise, a rich Southern socialite. She is more than willing to hire Daniel. What he doesn’t know is that Louise was in the mental health facility that Victoria was in and she is obsessed with her. Getting closer to Daniel is just one of the ways she thinks will get her closer to Victoria. Louise gets Daniel to sleep with her once but he realizes he loves Margaux and ends the personal portion of their relationship. Angered by rejection, Louise befriends Margaux to find out what she does and how she gets along with Victoria. Victoria was engaged to Margaux’s father at the time of his death. Also, Margaux, Gideon, and Daniel grew up together in boarding schools and their families were friends. Louise knew all she could do was to get rid of Margaux. With advice from her mother’s voice inside her head, Louise locked Margaux in the steam room at the country club. Margaux had to break the glass to get out. She was told there was no way to lock that door unless you had a small pin. She immediately went to Daniel to tell him what Louise did. He didn’t want to confront her in case she did something worse. Margaux asked if he slept with her and he finally admitted it. She told him she was done with him and his lies.
Louise tried a few times to win Daniel back until he quit as her advisor. Daniel also tried to convince Margaux to take him back. Margaux said he is as unreliable as his father and she is pregnant. She wants to deal with the baby on her own. That news made Daniel think about his life and what he could do to change. He thought about the time his father convinced him not to testify in a rape case that involved a fraternity brother from a rich and powerful family. He wanted to help the girl but Conrad told him there are gods and there are insects. His family was lucky to have money and influence so don’t concern himself with the insects. Margaux told Victoria about the pregnancy which made Victoria contact Daniel. Afterwards, Daniel goes to the beach to think about his father and becoming a father. Margaux calls to him to say she wants him to come home to talk about their future together. Daniel hears glass breaking and runs to his old house. He sees Emily on the ground and runs to her. Kate, corrupt FBI agent, shoots him. As he lay dying, Emily tells him not all of what she had with him was fake. Daniel appears to die being held by Emily. It looks as though Margaux is going to be raising that kid alone after all.
Daniel chart

TV is going to pick up again soon so I thought I would let you know what I’ll be watching. Below is a list of shows and the ones with * next to them are ones that I reviewed in the past and probably will again if I have good access.
At the moment, I have nothing to review. So, I decided to do a summary of the 1st half of current season of Revenge. I’ll do posts for each main character leading up to the new episodes in Jan.
Jan. 1st

Little Women: LA (Lifetime), Big Women: Big Love (Lifetime, new show)

Jan. 2nd

Gold Rush (Discovery)

Jan. 4th

Revenge (ABC), Family Guy (FOX)

Jan. 5th

Love & Hip Hop (Vh1), Scorpion (CBS), Gotham* (FOX)

Jan. 6th

Forever (ABC), Dance Moms (Lifetime)

Jan. 7th

Mob Wives (Vh1), Empire (FOX, new show)

Jan. 8th

Archer (FX)

Jan. 20th
Friday Night Tykes* (Esquire)

Jan. 29th

How to Get Away with Murder* (ABC), Scandal (ABC)

Feb. 25th

Catfish: The TV Show (MTV)

Mar. 1st

Once Upon a Time* (ABC)

May 14th

Wayward Pines (FOX, new show)

Victoria Goes Home
It is 6 months later and much has changed. I forgot how this show is basically set in the summer time since everyone summers in The Hamptons. At the end of the last series, Victoria was committed by Emily. This episode started with a voice over by Victoria saying Conrad has been dead for 6 months and now she is out for Revenge. It’s interesting. The only one who is a match for Emily is Victoria.
Jack was being taken away for questioning since we last saw him. Now, he is a rookie cop. He is still seen as connected to Charlotte’s kidnapping but obviously cleared legally. Charlotte is convinced he was the kidnapper. She even picked up Carl, Jack and Amanda’s son, from day care after not speaking to Jack for 6 months just to scare him. She is determined to make him pay for what he did. But, she is back on drugs again being supplied by Gideon (Margaux’s half-brother). Jack took his partner to Emily’s Memorial Day celebration and they caught her doing cocaine on the porch. Jack asked for her to be let go as a favor and she didn’t even appreciate it. Charlotte is also broke and has her brother, Daniel, paying her rent. She asked for $7,000. I’m sure that is rent/expenses/drug money. Daniel has been selling things left and right to pay his bills. He left Margaux’s company because Gideon blackmailed him about the dead redhead in his bed (that rhymed). He did tell Margaux when she asked him about “the redhead”. She was tipped off by Nolan. After Daniel gave Margaux the whole story, they are on a mission against Gideon especially if he is trying to mess with Charlotte.
Nolan is worried about Emily. He wants her to tell everyone who she is but is afraid she is addicted to the Revenge game. She actually backed into a woman’s car “accidently” while driving Nolan’s car with Nolan. It turns out the woman, Nancy, was the fiancée of a crewmember on a yacht that was killed in an accident. The owner of the yacht was not charged because he’s rich and his wife lied about his whereabouts. She said he was with her but he was really with his mistress, Valerie. I mention her name because Emily’s party involved the naming of a new yacht. The man said he named it after the love of his life, his wife Jennifer, but when the yacht was revealed it said Valerie. Jennifer flipped out and confessed to lying for him. Nancy just happened to be at the party because Emily gave her a check to cover the damages to her car and asked her to stay. Emily thought it would help to give Revenge for someone else but it didn’t. Nancy knows he’s rich and he will hire a good lawyer to get him off so she is still upset. Emily sees that not everyone is like her. After the party ended, Victoria shows up to the Grayson house, which Emily has purchased. Victoria declares war on Emily.
Victoria had just escaped from the hospital using her new friends. It was a great plan. First, she had her friend Phyllis, played by Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa Simpson); pretend to attack Victoria so she could steal a cellphone from one of the workers. Victoria called “home” and was surprised that Emily would answer. Next, a new girl, Louise, was committed by her mother and she had a large trunk full of her stuff. Her mother told her it was a resort type place. Victoria knew the staff would remove the trunk from the room so she had Phyllis hide in the trunk until it was put in another room. Phyllis set off the sprinklers and it seems the emergency doors unlocked. Victoria walked out with an umbrella. Louise pleaded for Victoria to take her with her just after the doors closed. Somehow Victoria ends up back in The Hamptons. After threatening Emily at her new home (Victoria’s old home), Victoria is grabbed by a man who turns out to be David. He put something over her mouth and she passed out. There were a few previous scenes with David. He was with that prison guard and told him he was going to take care of things. He was also inside Emily’s beach house but when Emily came in he hid. Not sure what that will be like when Emily sees him. It should be interesting though.

I decided the best way to see how much I like doing these video + written reviews is to do them for all 3 of the shows I’m waiting for. I will use this first week as the trial run that way I can see how difficult it will be week to week. Plus, I can see what the feedback will be and where the interest lies. Scientifically, it just makes sense to do that. And if you didn’t know, I am a scientist. I don’t have access to TV so I won’t be able to watch the shows until the day after. So you can expect reviews the day after airing at the earliest. I know there are lots of people who watch TV the same way so I don’t feel like my review will be too late.
Premiere are going on this next week on ABC: Scandal (tonight, Thursday), Once Upon A Time (Sunday), and Revenge (Sunday).


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