In my underemployment, I spend my days listening to ESPN Radio.  I’m not really an organized sports fan but I enjoy the debate and humor in these shows.  I was listening to SVP & Russillo and they played this sound.  It is an Alabama fan calling into another show to respond to Danny Kanell’s take on her team at the moment.  Today, they had Danny on their show to talk about it so I thought I should find the audio and share it on the blog.  I’m lukewarm on Danny Kanell.  He has a jock type attitude but be did play football so it fits.  If you are not from the United States let me take a second to explain to you the stereotypes about the state of Alabama which is in the southern part of the country.

1. The South is seen as not as educated or rich as the rest of  the USA.

2.  They are referred to has hillbillies or rednecks which is generally seen as being racist, close-minded, and violent.

3.  If you ever saw films like Deliverance, you know the setting.  People sitting on their porches in the middle of the woods wearing overalls, no shoes, and questionable family trees with little branches.

I know every country has their own group of people who have an accent that is thought of as not sophisticated.  Well, the southern accent is ours.  Think about all this as you listen to the audio.