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I have all sorts of things I need to accomplish this year. My big item is (re)learning French. I took it in school but never got to the point where I would be comfortable using it in the real world. I plan to get Rosetta Stone. As a reward for finishing it, I will take a trip to some French speaking country (probably Quebec). During this time, I will do French Fridays for myself. I’ll change my computer setting to French and watch French language programs.
For the less interesting goals, I will need to organize myself more (cleaning, free time, etc.). I need to finally find doctors to go to now that I moved (5.5 months ago). I’ve been putting it off. That is my goal for January. I want to have a new goal each month. Other things I am considering are take martial arts and shooting classes. Not that they are the same thing. I will finally get my large puzzle framed. I thought about a vacation to Australia but I’m not sure if I should wait on that.
As far as the blog, I always say I need to spend more time promoting it. I’ve done well in 2015. Twitter is helping me get more traffic. I do need to start looking at other blogs that I follow again. The number of shows I will blog about will be lower than last year since I was unemployed then. I postponed my recipes from different countries every month for the holidays. I don’t think I will do that monthly. Buying ingredients that I don’t use several times a month is expensive. I will do it on a less regular schedule. Also the food I was making wasn’t great.
Speaking of food, I had more normal food for the holidays. Christmas I had family over and we went to a couple interesting places: Ave Maria Grotto and the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  Ave Maria Grotto was a little walking trail with religious sculptures made by a monk. It was supposed to be made of odd materials. The Unclaimed Baggage Center houses items that people left at airports. Goods ranged from expensive handbags to costume jewelry to paintings. It’s an interesting store.
An ongoing goal is to stay on top of the weight. I’m hoping finding a regular activity to do will help with that. The holidays have caused me to gain a bit of weight in the last couple months. Before that I was doing really well with maintaining my weight just from eating the right foods.
In general, I’m still adjusting to a new job and new location. I don’t know how long I’ll be here. I work in the chemistry area and so many companies (DuPont, Pfizer, etc.) are forever changing. Lots of those jobs are leaving the US really.


My blog has gotten over 100,000 views now.  Twitter has helped with that and the range of TV shows I have reviewed.  At some point, I will get back in to the cooking and politics more.  I’m just not in the mood to deal with all the silliness of talking heads plus I’m not in the position to spend extra money on random food ingredients.
I have been putting more time into doing jigsaw puzzles.  I did this one in 12 days.  I like to keep track of how long it takes me to do these.  It’s only a 1000 piece puzzle so it is pretty easy.  I have a couple more 1000s to do still.  The only reason I have them is because the photos in the puzzle make it a little more difficult.
Forces of Time

I got my Ph.D. today in 2008, which seems like a long time ago. I’m only 75% convinced it was a good idea. I think things would have better if I didn’t graduate right before a recession. For the majority of the time since then I have been employed at the level I should be. Today, I had a phone interview and an on-site interview scheduled for next week so things are still progressing. It would be great if one of those turns into a real job but who knows.
On an unrelated note, I watched this week’s episode of Catfish last night. It was all about a girl, Sammie, who was semi-stalking barely famous actresses/singers on Twitter. She was making up other profiles, promoting their independent movies, and speaking with the women directly online. The main woman, Tracie, said Sammie was so good at promoting of her work that she considered hiring her. That all went downhill when Sammie introduced Tracie to her best friend. Reese. They all talked online. One day Sammie said Reese was in the hospital (Tracie knew Reese had cancer) and later died. A funny thing happened when Reese favorited an RIP tweet. Yep, after she died she still had access to a Twitter account. That was removed and soon after all the past tweets from Reese and Sammie disappeared from Twitter. Other things occurred like funeral videos and creepy poems. With some checking, Tracie confirmed that Reese did not exist. Tracie contacted the show to find out what happened to Sammie and if she was still around under a new name. It was a complex episode. I suggest you watch it.
I was thinking about how I need fans. People should be writing poems and such for me just because. I’m not famous so I don’t know how I can accomplish this. Maybe when I get my next real job I will have time to seek semi-fame.

Future Fame

General Website Etiquette Question

Is it odd/good/creepy to create a page on my website where famous people respond to one of my tweets (on Twitter)? I think it’s cool when it randomly happens and I tell certain people. It’s not like an endorsement of my website but generally interesting.

What do the people think?

Blog Milestone – 100+ Followers

Now this may be due to me ditching my personal Facebook page and combining it with my blog Facebook page, but it still counts.  With Facebook, Twitter, and the blog followers I have 101 followers.  I just need to find a way to double that.

Getting rid of TV will make me miss Nancy Grace and her show on HLN. So I follow Nancy Grace’s show on Twitter. As I was posting there about my blog posts, I saw this headline, Alleged shoplifter threw baby at deputy?. How could I not click on that and share it with the blog followers? Surprise surprise it happened in Florida. I used to think that would be a decent place to live but it is becoming a mess really. And the best quote in this is what the woman may have said to the cops: You will have to shoot through the baby to get to me. I don’t like kids but even that is a little much.

As I do a lot of pictures of the things I am cooking, I thought why not do a video to go on my new YouTube Channel. Now the video is not as bright as it should be (although YouTube is going to “edit the lighting”), but it’s a decent first attempt. You won’t see me in the video really. Just my hands and my voice. I’ll welcome all feedback on whether it is worth doing again with improvements or not. The recipe I chose is Shrimp in Butter & Veggie Sauce. It includes shrimp, butter, ketchup, cayenne, and bell peppers mostly. I used the Magic Bullet to puree the bell peppers as something different than what I normally do.

This is my 100th blog post which is great. I think I have the hang of this now but I’m constantly trying new things to make it interesting. I’m surprised to have 30 followers (or any really). My goal by the next 100 posts is to have a more interactive blog, so it is not just me speaking but lots of people joining in the conversation (here and on Twitter).

I should be cleaning up or organizing but instead I’m looking for new blogs to follow (on and off WordPress).  I am also going through to see what blogs I follow that are inactive.  Maybe I’ll get some inspiration on what I see.  I have kind of pulled back on the news and political stories since I have looming unemployment over me.  I’m looking for happy or interesting themes lately.  The only murders I pay attention to now is Midsomer Murder (a detective show on Netflix) that I watch every weekend.

Employment status is the same since the last post.  I have some people trying to find some leads for me so that is good.  Just 34 days till unemployment now, almost a month.  I’m still liking Twitter.  Today, I’m going through to see what blogs I follow are on there too.  My plan is to build this blog while unemployed.  If you guys have any suggestions you think I should be talking about please let me know.  Just so you know pictures of me will probably be non-existent.  I’m trying to keep my personal self and professional self separated, in general.  I thought about doing a cartoon of myself (not drawn by me because I can’t draw) to represent me or maybe a stuffed animal.  Who knows.

I know some people wanted me to talk about science but since that is kind of my day job I can’t think of much that would be interesting to other people. Awhile ago I did a side project at work, trying to remove color compounds from foods for potential natural dyes. I took some pictures so I thought I will share them. I do like working with colors.



Beet, Carrots, and Red Apple


Black Sorghum and Blue Corn



Food samples in tubes: 1) Black Sorghum, 2) Blue Corn, 3) Carrot, 4) Red Apple, 5) Beet, 6) Beet Stem


Extracts from foods: 1) Black Sorghum, 2) Blue Corn, 3) Carrot, 4) Red Apple, 5) Beet, 6) Beet Stem


Twitter Struck

So since joining twitter a week or so ago I have 2 followers. \o/ (if you don’t know that depicts someone with their arms up in a “yay” type motion.) I’ve just been following all these comedians that I like. I’m going to actually try to comment on some of them. It’s almost too scary. A lot of them are QI regulars who I only know from that show. I’ll need to get more. Can I just take a sec to mention Dara Ó Briain? I saw him on QI and thought this guy is funny, I like him. Then, found out from Wikipedia that he studied math and theoretical physics?! if that is really true I don’t know if I can stand it. Theoretical physics is way over my head so it’s just an extra level of respect.

Gemma Joins Twitter

I have now joined Twitter. Still looking for good social media sites to join for blog promotion.  I’m definitely getting rid of Pinterest because I just don’t get it.  If anyone is on twitter feel free to join/subscribe/follow (whatever the right word is) me.  It will take me a bit to figure the site out.

It’s still weird to see that Stephen Merchant or David Mitchell have posted something 10 min ago. It’s almost too close to the famous people I like.


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