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I had only seen clips of this British show before but by the magic of YouTube, I have full episodes. The show is called, Supersize vs Superskinny. A very skinny person is paired up with a very large person and they swap eating habits for a week. It is genius. The large person has to sit and watch the skinny person try to eat all the food they normally eat and at the times they usually eat it. I just finished watching season 1 episode 1 and below is a part of that episode.

The grossest part was when the doctor showed them how much they eat in a week by someone sending it down a see-through tube and it just piled on top of each other. Along with that, there are also 2 other stories/segments going on. First, a woman is trying out these fad diets for a week to see if they work in losing weight (under doctor supervision) and in this episode she was going on an apple diet. All she was eating was apples. The other segment is a woman getting women from different areas of Britain to measure how big their butts are. In the intro, it says that Britain has the biggest butts in Europe. This episode she had women to use this exercise machine that is suppose to simulate riding a horse. These women were measured before and after using this for some length of time (I’m assuming a week) to see if it made a difference. I should mention that this show is graphic. Lots of people in underwear, topless, and curse words. It is Britain so they are allowed to do that on TV. Weights are typically given in stone instead of pounds (1 stone = 14 pounds) so once you know that it all makes sense. I think this will be my watching schedule for today. It seems there are several seasons available on YouTube.


I was watching my typical ESPN Radio Line up the last couple of days and you always get athletes plugging some event in which they are involved. Those people are already rich and so do they really need an extra $1 million a year? Why can’t companies sponsor me as a normal person? Isn’t the way that YouTube videos go viral enough for them to put a million or maybe even $500k on me to circulate information? Since I have reduced working hours, I could even travel around for them. They don’t need to give me a first class ticket.


There are several products that I use daily that I could promote. Not sure if I should name names but if you have a big company and will to pay normal people feel free to contact me. FYI billion dollar alcohol companies, I’m not a drinker so I can’t be an endorser. Unless you want to hire me as a chemist, then I can do it because I can analyze anything. Really, I can.

As I do a lot of pictures of the things I am cooking, I thought why not do a video to go on my new YouTube Channel. Now the video is not as bright as it should be (although YouTube is going to “edit the lighting”), but it’s a decent first attempt. You won’t see me in the video really. Just my hands and my voice. I’ll welcome all feedback on whether it is worth doing again with improvements or not. The recipe I chose is Shrimp in Butter & Veggie Sauce. It includes shrimp, butter, ketchup, cayenne, and bell peppers mostly. I used the Magic Bullet to puree the bell peppers as something different than what I normally do.

This is my 100th blog post which is great. I think I have the hang of this now but I’m constantly trying new things to make it interesting. I’m surprised to have 30 followers (or any really). My goal by the next 100 posts is to have a more interactive blog, so it is not just me speaking but lots of people joining in the conversation (here and on Twitter).

Since I watch all these things online, especially now that I’ve given up cable, I wanted to find a good way to share funny things I see.  Therefore, I got a youTube channel.  I know no one is going to sit through whole episodes to see the 2 min I’m describing. So you should expect many more video clips.  This is the first of 2 videos I will share.  This is a clip from the show QI about the puzzle jug I went crazy for awhile ago.  One day, I will have some of these.


Also, an update on my trials and tribulations.  Still no real job yet.  I’m going to have a phone interview next week so that is good.  Still no word on how much I’ll get in unemployment that applied for probably 3 weeks ago.  I did get info on what I could get but that isn’t official yet.  So just waiting.  Still trying to cut down on electricity but I’ll need to wait to see if it pays off when I get the next bill.  Since I’m driving less, I will save on gas and that apparently is going up in cost.  I know I should be talking about the political nonsense goings on but I’m still busy with all this job stuff.  Eventually when I know what is going on we will return to that.


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